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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh127 - Little Bro Lodged a Complaint

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Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu
Edited by: Atsam


Lin Xuanzhi thought about it, and it was indeed true. It was fortunate that Yan Tianhen had the alchemist fire within him that was necessary for the path of an alchemist. Otherwise, not only would it be impossible for him to become an alchemist, but the fact that he was cultivating the devil’s path was also very likely to be exposed.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and said, “Ah Hen used to be a skilled wife who couldn’t cook a meal without rice.”

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Yan Tianhen smiled in embarrassment, “The rice I cook isn’t that nice.”

Lin Xuanzhi, “…….” oyfsVF

He felt that Yan Tianhen needed to read more books.

The Duan Residence.

Duan Yuyang lay in bed, frowning as he recalled Lin Xuanzhi’s warning.

He always had a feeling that Lin Xuanzhi probably knew something, and from what he could see, uttering words that would drive a wedge between people wasn’t something that Lin Xuanzhi would do without any evidence to back it up. Cnbofw

Lin Xuanzhi was a very cautious person — anyone who came into contact with him would know this. He never said anything without basis.

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Duan Yuyang turned over, his heart filled with tons of conflicting feelings.

In his heart, he has already respected that stepmother of his quite a bit. Although it wasn’t comfortable to think about how quickly his father remarried after the death of his mother, he could force himself to understand his father.

Also, the Duan family today treated him quite well. They had never mistreated him when it came to giving him food to eat and clothes to wear, and his Young Master position was extremely stable — even though he knew very clearly that in terms of cultivation, it would be very likely for Duan Yuhao to rob him of his position in the future. ytWENq

Nevertheless, Duan Yuyang never cared about all these. Becoming the Young Master came with a lot of responsibilities.

Duan Yuyang pondered over it for a bit, and still couldn’t make up his mind to suspect that Madam Duan was the kind of person who would use underhanded means behind people’s backs.

Duan Yuyang was about to get up from bed when he heard his servant, Yuan Bao, calling him from outside, “Young Master, Yound Master, Master and Madam are coming, and they asked you to make a trip down to the Discussion Pavillion!”

Duan Yuyang got out of bed and his eyes lit up, “I’ll go over right now.” qAfZlk

The Duan Family’s Discussion Pavillion.

Duan Zhengde, the Master of the Duan family, was currently reprimanding Duan Yuhao.

“Can’t you change that temperament of yours a little? Three months ago, I just helped you get rid of the youngster you forced and spent a lot of money to pacify that family, and now you’re going to a place like that demonic beast arena these days.”

Duan Zhengde’s stern face was obviously filled with anger. He smacked the table vigorously as he glared at the indifferent Duan Yuhao who was kneeling in front of him, and became even more infuriated. jkN4 z

“You actually let that Hunting Blood Eagle to eat your younger brother’s kitten demon! Are you itching for a beating?”

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Duan Yuhao’s cold gaze swept over Duan Yufei, who was sniffling in Madam Duan’s embrace and didn’t dare look at him. He thought, that kid’s so weak. It was just one kitten demon, yet he actually learnt how to lodge a complaint against him?

Gejc Tetjb rjlv klatbea wemt mbcmfgc, “Prc’a la pera rbwf wfvlbmgf xlaafc vfwbc? Vb ktja lo la vlfr? P mbeiv pera mbwqfcrjaf tlw klat j ofk wbgf jwjhlcu mja vfwbcr.”

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Gejc Teofl qegrfv tlr ilqr jcv rjlv, “P kjca Ct Lej.” onXKI3

Gejc Tetjb jrxfv, “Qtb’r Ct Lej?”

Gejc Teofl’r fsfr gfvvfcfv, “Ct Lej lr ws xlaafc vfwbc! Lf kjr fjafc ys sbeg Lecalcu Dibbv Sjuif, kjjjjttttt!

Madam Duan revealed a kind expression on her face and hugged Duan Yufei as she comforted, “Feifei, don’t cry. Once you cry, mother’s heart aches terribly.”

Duan Yufei buried his head in Madam Duan’s embrace, “I want Ah Hua, I want Ah Hua!” s4zkFZ

Duan Yuhao rolled his eyes, “No ambition.”

Madam Duan looked at Duan Yuhao and let out an imperceptible sigh, then she asked coldly, “Feifei, you never liked talking to Daddy about such things. Who did you see after your Erge left?”

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Hidden in the dark, the cultivators in charge of protecting Duan Yufei immediately felt their hearts clutch.

As soon as Madam Duan came back, Duan Yufei ran over to lodge a complaint, so they didn’t even have the time to report the situation to her. zUdAfy

You must know, if Madam Duan knew that Duan Yuyang had approached Duan Yufei, then they wouldn’t be escape a scolding as well.

Duan Yufei said without the slightest hesitation, “After Erge left, Dage came to look for me.”

Madam Duan’s expression froze, “Duan Yuyang?”

Duan Yufei nodded and continued saying, “Yeah, Dage even comforted me and wanted to bring me out to shop. Mother, why do I think that Dage isn’t as bad as you guys say? He even gave me candy, it was really good.” CA08Hu

Madam Duan almost jumped straight up. She raised her voice, “What did you say? Duan Yuyang gave you something to eat, and you actually ate it?!”

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Duan Yufei was startled by her, and stared at Madam Duan — whose facial features suddenly twisted — in fear. He whispered, “B, but it’s just a piece of candy, it’s nothing much.”

Madam Duan’s face turned blue and her chest couldn’t stop heaving. She said to Duan Zhengde, “Zhengde, hurry and find someone to give Feifei a checkup.”

Duan Zhengde frowned and said with slight discontent, “Madam, don’t you think you’re making too much of a fuss? Yuyang has never been hostile to Feifei.” nuhDzE

“How am I making too much of a fuss?” Madam Duan said angrily, “Don’t tell me you forgot my true identity? I’m a prophet. My dreams, my prophecies and the divine secrets I’ve seen have never been wrong!”

When Duan Zhengde heard that, he fell silent.

A prophet is a cultivator who was even rarer than a craftsman.

Such a person becomes someone who would peep into the Tao of Heaven from birth. O3RpBG

They can use their own methods to spy upon divine secrets using the stars, the path of the mountains and the rivers, and other such natural phenomena.

At the same time, it naturally included the future that someone was heading towards.

Duan Zhengde had  always been in awe of Madam Duan, and even he could not deny this. After all, for all these years, the Duan family was able to win several times during struggles with other great families — which was beneficial for obtaining an invincible position — and both averted and avoided disaster due to Madam Duan’s divinations.

However, Madam Duan seldom divined the fate of those close to her. For a prophet, the closer someone you’re trying to divine for is to you, the easier it was to damage the cultivation and lifespan of the prophet. Also, similar to how prophets couldn’t see their own destinies, their divination of their closest relatives were also limited. DVArGx

But for some reason, when Duan Yufei was born, Madam Duan didn’t care about her own health and forcibly divined Duan Yufei’s destiny.

And the results of the divination made Madam Duan uneasy all night一

She vaguely saw a blurry figure carry a knife engraved with the Duan family’s mark, and killed the grown Duan Yufei in an instant.

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Duan Yufei’s mutilated appearance almost made Madam Duan suffer from mental problems. Not long after she recovered, she carried out a second divination. 7FE4Vo

This time, Madam Duan tried her best to see that person’s face, but all she saw was an exquisite jade storage bag hanging on his waist.

And that jade storage bag was one of the items that Duan Yuyang’s mother — the previous mistress of the Duan family — left behind for him.

Madam Duan had always bore a grudge against Duan Yuyang because of this.

When Duan Zhengde, the one who has always pampered Duan Yuyang, found out about this, he couldn’t help but be more on guard against Duan Yuyang. While Madam Duan treated Duan Yuyang coldly and kept him at a distance, he did want to talk her out of it, but when he carefully considered the future that Madam Duan saw, he could only turn a blind eye to it. PI2FR1

Madam Duan hugged Duan Yufei, her eyes drooped with tears that welled up in them, clearly looking as if she had been aggrieved.

Duan Yuhao was a bit puzzled at Madam Duan’s reaction as well.

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He doesn’t like that Duan Yuyang who knew nothing but was still able to sit on the Young Master position, but he wasn’t like Madam Duan who was always on guard against a trash who had no capability.

Duan Yuhao frowned, “Mother, Duan Yuyang probably wouldn’t dare harm Feifei, what exactly are you worried about?” EzpIVg

Duan Zhengde said discontentedly, “He’s your Dage, why are you calling him by his name?”

Duan Yuhao turned his head away in disdain.

Madam Duan calmed herself down and said to Duan Yuhao, “You need not know why.”

Duan Yuhao shrugged indifferently, “Then forget it ba.” nmMlhA

And right at this moment, Duan Yuyang walked in.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Within the Discussion Hall, several pairs of eyes fell upon him.

Madam Duan’s face cooled in an instant, and a murderous glint even flashed through her eyes.

Yo, which young master did you bully or which young girl did you force again this time?” When he saw Duan Yuhao who was kneeling on the ground, Duan Yuyang took the lead in saying. 6airmV

Duan Yuhao was so angry he stood straight up and said through clenched teeth, “Duan Yuyang you scoundrel, how dare you incite my younger brother to lodge a complaint against me?!”

When Duan Yuyang heard that, he just laughed and took joy in his misfortune. “So you got a complaint? He did a good job in lodging that complaint, looks like Feifei is really smart. Don’t you say so too, Feifei?”

Duan Yufei wasn’t a little dim-witted, but when he heard someone praise him, he immediately nodded forcefully, “That’s right. I think I’m really smart too, I did a good job in lodging a complaint against Erge!”

Duan Yuhao, “……” uYIKiO

Duan Yuhao was so angry he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Madam Duan’s facial features twisted in an instant.

Duan Zhengde coughed and said with a solemn countenance, “Where did you run off to again this afternoon?”

When Duan Yuyang heard this, he casually said, “Oh, I went to find my friends.” xkwg5r

Duan Zhengde raised an eyebrow, “Those roguish friends of yours?”

Duan Yuyang was somewhat displeased. “Dad, those words of yours made me a little unhappy. What roguish friends? I went to look for Lin Xuanzhi.”

Lin Xuanzhi had a rather impressive reputation recently, and could be said to be one-of-a-kind in Qing city. A craftsman who had reached the Foundation Stage before the age of 17 was truly a one in a million existence.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Duan Zhengde frowned and asked, “When did your relationship with Lin Xuanzhi become so good?” fH3dPX

He remembered that Duan Yuyang had always looked down on Lin Xuanzhi.

Duan Yuyang blinked, “We often engage in business transactions. A few days ago, several good items auctioned out by our Duan’s auction house were given by Lin Xuanzhi.”

Duan Zhengde was still in charge of the Duan family’s businesses, so when he heard this, his expression softened quite a bit and he nodded, “Yeah, even though he’s part of the Lin family, it would definitely be a good thing for our family to get along with a craftsman who has good prospects.”

Duan Yuyang grinned, “I think so too.” W3KjZg

Duan Yuhao cast a disdainful glance at Duan Yuyang, “The Duan family is a cultivator family after all, so strength is more important.”

“Yeah.” Duan Yuyang nodded and looked at Duan Yuhao, “So, do you think all the money used to buy all the spiritual plants and spiritual medicine you consume were delivered to us by the wind?”

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Duan Yuhao, “You…”

“What about me?” Duan Yuyang said sincerely, “Kids should stay out of adults’ businesses ba.” l 03NX

Duan Yuhao was so angry that steam came out of his orifices.

Duan Zhengde stared at Duan Yuyang discontentedly, “Yuyang, why do you always treat your own family members with that kind of attitude? Has Yuhao ever provoked you?”

Duan Yuyang thought about it for a bit before saying, “He has never provoked me before, but I find him unpleasant to the eye.”

Madam Duan narrowed her eyes, but never spoke a word. i273wQ

When facing Duan Yuyang, she has always expressed her attitude through ignoring him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Duan Yuhao stared at Duan Yuyang with a frosty gaze, “You’re already such trash and yet you’re not trying to keep a low profile. Are you looking for a fight?”

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