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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh331 - Angry To The Point of Spitting Blood


Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Feng Jingyu, “What is the Azure Flame Order?”

Feng Jingyu explained, “The Scarlet Kill Order is a kill order. One has to return with the target’s soul or head back to complete it. The Azure Flame Order is just the opposite: it only wants the target’s whereabouts but not their life, and it even has some protective intentions. If you find the whereabouts, but the target is dead, then not only will there be no money, but perhaps the employer might also take your life in a fit of anger.” SZQeyX

Lin Xuanzhi pondered on this, “I see.”

Feng Jingyu leaned over, “Why did you suddenly ask about the 《Teal Lotus Nine Styles》?  Don’t tell me that your dad really stole this secret manual?”

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Lin Xuanzhi’s heart was startled but he told Feng Jingyu expressionlessly, “Could it be that you’ve already suspected that my father had stolen it earlier?”

Feng Jingyu blurted out, “This isn’t a question of whether I suspect him or not. Everyone in the Nine Lands knows that Lin Zhan put a giant green hat on that one’s head in the Xuan clan and stole the secret manual, running away with someone else. However, that person has never come forward to clarify, so no one is sure of the truth.”     Mz0xYQ

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes flashed a dark light, “My biological father is a member of the Xuan clan in the East Kingdom?”

Feng Jingyu was suddenly shocked and he jumped around while scolding, “Your mother! You actually set up Laozi’s words! Too shameless! When you go out, don’t tell others I said this, or else you’ll never see the last of me!”

After roaring that, Feng Jingyu flapped his wings and immediately flew out.

Although there had been rumors in the Nine Lands that Lin Zhan had put a green hat on Xuan Wushe’s head, one glance at Lin Xuanzhi’s face would prove that he was Xuan Wushe’s biological son.


Lin Xuanzhi clenched his fist, his expression a bit ugly.

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The 《Teal Lotus Nine Styles》, the lotus flower imprint in Lin Zhan’s body, and Feng Jingyu’s words just now all implied the identity of his other father.

Xuan clan.

Lin Xuanzhi never imagined that his father would be a member of the Xuan clan, the clan that formerly ruled the Nine Lands’ Royal Heavenly Capital. tI3MaY

Moreover, Feng Jingyu dared not even call his name directly, only calling him “that person”, which was enough to show the status of “that person.” He was so supreme that even his name was taboo.

Lin Xuanzhi felt a mix of joy and sorrow.

He was happy because if he really was the Sovereign of the East Kingdom, maybe Lin Zhan wouldn’t have any worries about his life and wouldn’t be bullied over there.    

What worried him was — what the hell was the deal with Lin Zhan putting a green hat on that one and then eloping with another person? No ruler, or in other words, no man could tolerate being seen as a cuckold husband by others. It was a great shame! He was certain that Lin Zhan had indeed ran away and stolen the 《Teal Lotus Nine Styles》, but being unfaithful to him…it was hard to say. FcLa8s

Lin Xuanzhi felt a headache coming. He imagined what he would do with Ah Hen after catching him back if Yan Tianhen was unfaithful to him and eloped with someone else. Lin Xuanzhi became slightly relieved when he finally figured it out.

Just keep him in captivity.

If you hit him, you’ll feel distressed. If you kill him, that’s just impossible. So it would be best to just lock him up for a few years so that he had no temper left. And while you’re at it, kill the adulterer too.

Hence, even though Lin Xuanzhi had never seen his biological father before, he was unexpectedly synchronized with his own father’s thoughts. Qr05kW


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Lin Xuanzhi was actually very rich, though he had never said anything about it to Yan Tianhen. Since he returned from Sky Peak City, the business of crafting magic treasures had never stopped. Most of the disciples of those aristocratic families were also rich and were willing to sell Lin Xuanzhi a favor. Therefore, no one asked to cut down Lin Xuanzhi’s price nor would they back off on sending the remaining money.

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However, Lin Xuanzhi’s cash flow had been moving at a fast rate. Both his earnings and expenditure were on par, causing him to not be able to save any money. xQ8zkb

Yan Tianhen originally had a lot of money, which had all been stored in the treasure card given to him by Lin Xuanzhi’s third Elder Martial Sister. However, after scraping together all of the things that Esteemed Huai Yu wanted, Yan Tianhen had yet again become a poor man.    

Coming out of the bank, Yan Tianhen looked morosely at Lin Xuanzhi, “Dage, I have only 300 pieces of gold left.”

Lin Xuanzhi patted  Yan Tianhen’s head, “Don’t be sad. At least you still have 300 pieces of gold. I only have one-tenth of yours.”

“…” PbWyAH

I really want to cry, what should I do? 

Yan Tianhen asked, “How did this happen?”    

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Xuanzhi explained, “When your expenses exceed your earnings, no matter how much money you have, it wouldn’t be able to handle your expenditures.”

Yan Tianhen sniffed, “Can there be any worse news?” E4MGJj

“Yes.” Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “I still owe the bank ten million gold.”

Yan Tianhen was completely shocked. He suspected that he was dreaming now. However, Lin Xuanzhi’s following words completely woke him up from his dreams–

“The interest is 10,000 gold a day.” Lin Xuanzhi continued, “Furthermore, this interest is the preferential interest that Uncle Su helped me attain. Without Uncle Su, the interest would be 50,000 pieces of gold each day.”

With a cry of grief, Yan Tianhen nearly fainted and he said bitterly, “Oh my god, what a huge sum of money, just kill me.” Q1fFuO

Lin Xuanzhi spoke soothingly, “It’s alright. We’ll slowly pay it back.”

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The businesses under his name had a large daily income, which was enough to support the repayment of debts and basic operations. On top of that, Lin Xuanzhi’s most profitable businesses were not those displayed on the surface.

Yan Tianhen, who had tears streaming down his face, looked at Lin Xuanzhi, “Dage, are there any profitable tasks within the sect at the moment? Let’s go find a quest to do quickly.”

Lin Xuanzhi chuckled, “How much will you be able to earn like that? I’m not saying this to make you feel burdened and stressed. Sooner or later, we’ll be able to earn the money. I was just afraid that you’d be paranoid and accuse me of not letting you know of the situation and excluding you from it. ”     VSY5TQ

Yan Tianhen trembled, “No, Dage, I now think that my heart may not be able to bear it well. It is better for you to exclude me from such things in the future. Please don’t tell me.”

Lin Xuanzhi, “….”

My younger brother is really difficult to serve.

……….. N8SuDj

“Master, I have decided that from today on, I will practice alchemy for sixteen hours a day.” Yan Tianhen stood in front of Esteemed Huai Yu and declared with a voice full of energy. 

Esteemed Huai Yu had been eating a fruit when he heard this, and was greatly moved. “You have finally come to realize the gap between you and Lin Xuanzhi and hope to catch up with him, right?”

Yan Tianhen shook his head and stared suspiciously at Esteemed Huai Yu, “Master, how can you think of such unrealistic things? Even if I practice for 24 hours a day, it’s still impossible for me to catch up with my Dage!”

“Then why are you suddenly so motivated?”     UR9JMd

Yan Tianhen raised his finger seriously, “I’m going to pay my Dage’s debts on his behalf, so I must be able to refine and sell pills as soon as possible.”

Esteemed Huai Yu, “…”

What the hell? Wasn’t this Lin Xuanzhi’s responsibility as the head of the family to support Yan Tianhen and provide him with a luxurious life? Why is it that he still needs Yan Tianhen to help out with the family expenses as well!? 

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No, wait a minute, since when did I admit that Lin Xuanzhi was the head of the family? Stop, stop right there! QZcy2j

Esteemed Huai Yu internally spat on himself for a moment and reined in on this dangerous thought, pushing it to the back of his mind.

“By the way, Master, I’ve also decided that starting today, I will cultivate my demonic cultivation for sixteen hours a day too.” Yan Tianhen vowed, “I’ve thought it through. Even if it’s demonic cultivation, it doesn’t matter. There are also good demons amongst demons, and bad people amongst people, so it shouldn’t be generalized.”

Esteemed Huai Yu barely managed to motivate himself again. He stared at Yan Tianhen with burning eyes, “Ah Hen, you finally don’t have any prejudice against demons?”   

“Nope.” Yan Tianhen replied without any hesitation, “I still have some biases, but my Dage said that he doesn’t care if I cultivate the demonic path. Moreover, I must improve my cultivation as soon as possible so that I can protect Dage. In my opinion, that’s the most important; the rest is nothing.” oQjGvN

Esteemed Huai Yu, “…”

He was so angry that he wanted to spit out blood!

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Lin Xuanzhi this, Lin Xuanzhi that. Everytime he opened his mouth, it was always him. When it came to his cultivation, it was unbelievable that Yan Tianhen’s change in attitude towards demonic cultivation was actually due to Lin Xuanzhi’s influence!    

How frustrated and resentful Huai Yu was! aFrqpt

Esteemed Huai Yu could not help but sourly remark, “You’re really considerate of your older brother.”

Yan Tianhen said proudly, “Of course, to me, my Dage is the most important person!”

Huai Yu could not help but receive a devastating blow when he heard the title “the most important person”. He sneered, “What has your older brother ever done that made you take such a fancy to him?”    

“My Dage is very kind to me.” Yan Tianhen answered. KrBEle

“I don’t see it.” Huai Yu looked at him askance, “Don’t forget, previously that boy shut himself in secluded cultivation for a whole month and didn’t even give you a greeting. He made you worry for so long.”

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“My Dage said it was beyond human control, so I don’t blame him.” Yan Tianhen replied, “No matter what good things he has, he would always think of me first and has even given me so many magic treasures! By the way, Master, let me show you this thing–”   

At first, Esteemed Huai Yu was coming up with all kinds of disdainful words while waiting for Yan Tianhen to take out that item. He had been so tempted to blurt them out without a pause. However, once he saw the triangular pill furnace with six openings wrapped in purple Five Poison Vines, he choked them back all at once.

His eyes were glued to this pill furnace. hAMx7N

He took it and asked with astonishment, “A poison pill furnace treasure tool?”    

Yan Tianhen nodded excitedly, “Yes, my Dage spent a whole month crafting it specially for me. Tell me, do you think he is especially good to me?”

Esteemed Huai Yu’s hand touched this poisoned pill furnace and felt the unique quality and texture of a top-grade treasure tool.

Esteemed Huai Yu was knowledgeable, but he still couldn’t help but be surprised. “Is this really a top-grade treasure tool?” vx5en9

“Yes, my Dage is really amazing.”

“Lin Xuanzhi crafted this himself?” Esteemed Huai Yu simply couldn’t believe it.

“Of course.” Yan Tianhen replied, “My Dage said that we could only afford to buy the materials for crafting a pill furnace but not a finished pill furnace, so we could only craft one ourselves. “

Esteemed Huai Yu, “…” W8fVF4

It turned out that those craftsmen he had met in the Nine Lands were only a bit worse than Lin Xuanzhi, because their living conditions were not as bad or poor enough!

As expected, his wealth limited his imagination.

Sometimes, the rich had their own problems.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Raising a son in an impoverished environment undoubtedly has its benefits. When he returns to the Nine Lands one day, he must spread this idea far and wide, to prevent the descendants of the Nine Lands from not wanting to make progress earnestly. 4YoPBC

Yan Tianhen bitterly looked at Esteemed Huai Yu, “Master, if it weren’t for you requesting my Dage for so many things, he would definitely have gone to an auction house instead.”

Esteemed Huai Yu scrubbed his face and pretended to act calm, “You must trust your Master. Even if your Dage bought a pill furnace from the auction, it definitely wouldn’t be as good as this.”

“Master, you misunderstood me.” Yan Tianhen sighed and corrected sadly, “I just feel so distressed for my Dage. If the pill furnace could be bought, he wouldn’t have to work so hard for a whole month to craft it.”

Esteemed Huai Yu, “…” iTxR1j

He may need to take some medicine.

Otherwise, he estimated that if he continued this conversation with Yan Tianhen, he’d be so angry that his blood vessels would burst, leading to his death.

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