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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh42 - Annulling the Engagement



Everyone’s words had travelled into Yan Tianhen’s ears, but he was long used to this kind of mockery so he only pursed his lips and didn’t bother with these people who only knew how to move their mouths. dzxqiQ

Yan Tianhen gave out a hng and said, “Who said I came empty handed?”

Two tender tiger roars travelled over from the main entrance. Everyone saw two round and chubby white tiger cubs dash over together to stand on Yan Tianhen’s left and right sides; they looked like his personal bodyguards.

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Duan second elder’s eyes turned austere as he inwardly thought in shock, “Yan Tianhen actually has two rare white tiger spirit beasts. Even though they are only in their infant stages, their future will definitely be infinitely bright!

Han Yanran’s eyes lit up, then said, “It’s those two white tiger demonic beasts! Dage, Lin Xuanzhi must have sent him here to give you your birthday gift!” lkBMzx

Her voice wasn’t soft, and those who were present were all cultivators with a fundamental skill set, so naturally they all heard her words loud and clear.

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Han Yuran’s expression froze.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Han Yanran furrowed her brows, then said, “Then what are you here for? Where’s Lin Xuanzhi? Why didn’t he come over himself but let an ugly idiot like you come instead? Lin Dage had already promised my Dage a long time ago to give him those two tiger cubs as his birthday present, don’t tell me you’re trying to take them for yourself?”

Pei, why should my Dage give you a birthday present?” Yan Tianhen said, “Ah Bai and Hu Po came here to protect me. My Dage said, if anyone dares to bully me, then I should let Ah Bai and Hu Po bite him to death!”

Haha……” iGI50B

“Who can those two demonic beast cubs who probably haven’t even reached the second star of their infant stage kill? Your Dage probably used his own standards to make that judgment ba?”

Hahahaha, that’s the funniest joke I’ve heard all day, don’t come here to make a fool of yourself.”

But Duan second elder let out a disdainful scoff in his heart. This bunch of ignorant idiots, what the hell do they know? Spirit beasts should already be at an infant stage seven star level from birth, which would be equivalent to the cultivation of a Hardened Body stage cultivator. But they probably didn’t have their parents around to guide them and had never seen blood being spilled before, so they haven’t awakened their bloodline’s inheritance. If today someone actually tried to lift a finger against these tiger cubs, the banquet would probably be awashed with blood.

The awakening of a spirit beast is a ritual that demands blood as a sacrifice! AJZEG9

Ah Bai and Hu Po could feel that they were being looked down upon, so they immediately roared loudly in annoyance.


The Refining Qi stage fourth layer cultivator who had just made fun of them for being small demonic beast cubs was so frightened by the pressure in this roar that he fell on his butt.

The people beside him couldn’t help but laugh, “Aren’t you too easily scared, they’re just two tiger cubs.” Dr3ndW

But that person was inwardly distressed. No matter how much the others around him teased, he didn’t dare to speak again and didn’t even dare to give those two tiger cubs a second look.

Ah Bai and Hu Po shook their heads proudly and looked charmingly naive.

Yan Tianhen took out a marriage contract that was written with special ink and paper from his robe, then threw it up into the sky. The marriage contract floated atop the crowd’s heads.

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Yan Tianhen spoke in a loud and clear voice, “Today, I came to annul the engagement on behalf of my Dage!” GCjxtf

“Annul the engagement?”

“Lin Xuanzhi actually took the initiative to annul the engagement? That’s too unbelievable, isn’t it.”

“What right does Lin Xuanzhi have to annul the engagement? Don’t tell me, he dares to be dissatisfied with Han young master?”

Han Wuyun’s face turned gloomy, then walked up and said, “Where’s Lin Xuanzhi?” hStgdX

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  1. Had been waiting for the broken engagement scene since that scum fiance was introduced. It’s quite satisfying to see those siblings being disappointed for not getting the tiger cubs.
    Didi should just let them awaken already. I believe the scum siblings would serve as perfect sacrifice?

  2. I wonder if MC will show up? Or perhaps he doesn’t want to show his hand too soon

    Thanks 😁

  3. Lol its kind of funny since its danmei that the one being soft spoken green tea bitch is the brother and the loudmouth sibling is the sister

  4. ehhh shouldn’t MC scheme a bit more and make han yuran look bad

    like I think that second suitor yuan isn’t a bad guy so hopefully he’ll steer far from the hans