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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh378 - Great Demon-Sealing Array


Liu Mengchen only smiled and said nothing. In any case, as long as it was Qing Zhu, he could say whatever he wanted, without actually meaning it.

What he should do, what he wanted to do, Qing Zhu had no control over it. rW3RXT

Lin Xuanzhi glanced over Liu Mengchen, “Since we have already arrived at this place, Liu Family Head may just as well give us more useful information, so that we are prepared beforehand.”

Liu Mengchen and Lin Xuanzhi stared at each other for a moment. “Matters that Young Master Lin should know, don’t you already clearly know about them?”

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“Wishing Lane and the hidden organization have already been sending people to Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest to seek for news. For the main part I don’t think that there should be any differences in what we both know.”

Whomever the master behind both Wishing Lane and the hidden organization was, Lin Xuanzhi and Lin Zhan had both deliberately hidden it from outsiders, even intentionally setting off smoke bombs in order to arouse suspicions by combining truths with lies. KruDb

However, it was evident that those outsiders had only been fooled because their low status did not entitle them to know such information. With Liu Mengchen’s status, he would naturally be placed amongst those who are qualified.

Lin Xuanzhi was also not surprised. “Be that as it may be, the information I have is inevitability not on the same level as Liu Family Head.”

“Liu Family Head is still the head of a reclusive family from the Nine Lands. You are also both experienced and knowledgeable. When it comes to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, you certainly understand it more than I do. Why don’t we mutually agree to exchange useful information, this way we would also raise the chances of survival.”

When Lin Xuanzhi should be modest, he would be able to stoop lower than anyone else. Therefore, this was why he had been treating Liu Mengchen with respect and accepted to go with him to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. His way of thinking was the same as Qing Zhu as well.


They needed Liu Mengchen as a source of information about the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest.

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Exactly as Qing Zhu had analysed, Liu Mengchen was a dignified head of a reclusive family and yet he had actually left seclusion early, for the sake of matters pertaining to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. Not only that, he had also repeatedly entered within a short period of time. This must have been a very big problem.

Since Lin Xuanzhi and his group had to deal with the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, it was naturally better to gather as much information as they could, before entering.

At this time, Liu Mengchen’s involvement was crucial. 1dOgjH

Liu Mengchen glanced lightly at Lin Xuanzhi and then looked at Qing Zhu. “Since you are already certain that I have deep knowledge of the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, then for the sake of Qing Zhu’s reputation, there is some information I can tell you.”

Qing Zhu could not help but to roll his eyes and had a face of disdain. 

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Liu Mengchen did not pay any attention. “On the west side of the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, there is a Great Demon-Sealing Array. I am not sure of whom this Great Demon-Sealing Array had sealed, however I feel that the formation of the barrier around Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest and the appearance of that large monster have an absolutely inseparable relationship with the loosening of the Great Demon-Sealing Array.”

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Tejc Kljckfc, ktb tjv ofia atf egufcms, jrxfv, “Lbk vlv sbe olcv bea jybea atlr wjaafg? Ynfg atfrf sfjgr, P tjnf cfnfg tfjgv atf fzlrafcmf bo j Xgfja Gfwbc-Vfjilcu Cggjs. C Xgfja Gfwbc-Vfjilcu Cggjs tjr cfnfg jqqfjgfv lc atf Mlnf Jbcalcfcar!”

“If I had not seen it personally, I would absolutely not have known that the Western Continent actually had a Great Demon-Sealing Array.” Liu Mengchen frowned lightly, seemingly sinking into memories of the past. “I have personally felt the terror of the Great Array once, so naturally I would not get it wrong.”

Qing Zhu looked at Liu Mengchen, waiting for him to continue. 

Liu Mengchen also did not stop, “In my youth, I had thrown a tantrum with the elders in my family and then I entered Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest alone to gain some experience. Unconsciously, I had arrived at the deepest part of the forest……” op8xzD

At that time Liu Mengchen was still young, like a newborn calf unafraid of a tiger, he rushed in headfirst. 

He came across a wave of monsters. After he was hit by some unknown strike, his world turned black and he lost consciousness. After an unknown period of time, he woke up and found himself inside a cave surrounded by sheer cliffs on all sides. 

This large cave was surrounded by ice blue fungus silk floccules that look like ordinary clouds. It was just that when Liu Mengchen flew through the air and collided into them, these floccules would block his way out. 

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When the floccules had been attacked, a swarm of fireflies-like insects would fly out from the inside. They would not attack Liu Mengchen, but due to their large numbers, Liu Mengchen had to land on the ground first. WV5txu

After a period of time, Liu Mengchen had tried many times to break through those floccules, only to finally realise that when all of his methods were completely exhausted, he still was not able to successfully get out from these floccules’ barrier.

The number of setbacks Liu Mengchen had come across since he was young could be counted with one hand, but his current predicament was the biggest setback and inconvenience he had ever encountered. Liu Mengchen did not feel any fear, but instead there was an indescribable excitement that filled Liu Mengchen’s heart. At that point of time, he had already begun to fast and brought along many pills for fasting. It would not affect him, even if he were to not eat or drink for ten and a half years.

Liu Mengchen made up his mind and would fight this barrier to the end. 

For the following three years, he either sat down and cultivated, honed his swordsmanship or tried every means to break through the barrier. Even though he suffered defeat each time, he kept on fighting despite continual setbacks.  SA6GMD

It was not until Liu Mengchen’s cultivation reached the Profound Realm and was still unable to break through the floccule barrier, that Liu Mengchen suddenly realised he might be trapped in this world of darkness for the rest of his life.

Liu Mengchen finally felt a slight bit of panic. 

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However it was only just slightly, so Liu Mengchen quickly adjusted his mood and continued cultivating, working towards an established goal. 

Who knows if he had touched the heavens or destiny was supposed to be this way, Heaven never bars one's way. At last one day, Liu Mengchen had failed yet another attempt, he then heard a voice.  13vd B

“You boy, you can really grind.” The seemingly young voice said, “Grinding for three years was not enough, yet you still insisted on grinding for five years. Aren’t you aware that for this Great Demon-Sealing Array, even if you have reached Earth Realm cultivation, it is still impossible to even shake this array in the slightest?”

Besides talking to himself, this unfamiliar voice was the first one that Liu Mengchen had heard in the past five years.

At this time, not to mention a talking person, even if it was a monster which had mistakenly charged in from the outside, it would be able to excite Liu Mengchen to the point of jumping.  

“Who are you?” Liu Mengchen could not hold back his emotions. “Where are you? Why can’t I see you?” Nrd4Ca

The voice said, “I am Divine Devil Venerable. How can someone like you be able to see the true form of this Venerable?”

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The moment Liu Mengchen heard Divine Devil Venerable, his heart immediately thumped, but he was able to keep his predicament inside. After staying for the full five years, not once had he been rash and even his temperament was not comparable to that of ordinary people.

Liu Mengchen calmed down very quickly. 

“Just now you said this place is a Great Demon-Sealing Array?” Liu Mengchen asked hesitantly.  L0FQkw

“That is correct!” Divine Devil Venerable was still rather proud. “This Venerable is the one being sealed, otherwise, who else across heaven and earth do you think has the qualifications to be sealed by such a profound Great Demon-Sealing Array?”

Liu Mengchen said, “…”, He was at a loss on how to respond to these words. 

Liu Mengchen frowned. His mind turned hundreds of times and he asked hesitantly, “Is there a way to get out here?” 

“There is not.” Divine Devil Venerable stated coldly, “Can’t you see after so many years, this Venerable still wasn’t able to escape from this place? You have only stayed for five years, how could you possibly leave so easily?”  UNhTf0

Liu Mengchen said, “But I was not sealed, I had just accidentally fallen down here. I should be able to get out, after all, I am not at the core of the array.”

It was precisely because of this sentence that saved Liu Mengchen’s life. 

“Divine Devil Venerable’s character is very eccentric. It was enough to be considered nasty. He had also been lonely for too long and it wasn’t easy for him to see an outsider, so he didn’t want to let go easily. However, my words had given him a new train of thought.” 

When Liu Mengchen talked about his past, his expression seemed somewhat nostalgic, “Divine Devil Venerable said the silver-blue barrier above my head is the weakest place of the Great Demon-Sealing Array. If I was able to enter, then naturally others were also capable of entering. Divine Devil Venerable then made up his mind to catch other demonic beasts or stray cultivators to the valley floor to accompany him through the long days.” AlVnPi

“Was he not already sealed? How is he still able to catch people from the outside?” Yan Tianhen asked puzzlingly. 

Liu Mengchen’s tone was rather complicated, “Although Divine Devil Venerable is sealed inside the strongest and most powerful array, his magical power has not weakened much through the years. Throughout the time I was at the valley floor, if he wanted to kill me, he would only need to lift a fingertip. He was the reason that I was able to return to the surface. If he wasn’t willing to release me, I am scared to this very day, I would still be cultivating at the valley floor.”

Lin Xuanzhi frowned slightly, lost in thought.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This information undoubtedly subverted Lin Xuanzhi’s perception of the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest.  luaWpS

He originally thought the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest became like this was due to the existence of a world-frightening magical treasure. Also, that was also precisely the reason that he wanted to enter the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, as he wished to have that magical treasure in his pocket. However, to his surprise, he heard this astonishing secret from Liu Mengchen.

Qing Zhu also could not help but be moved. The Divine Devil clan had long been a lost legend and he never expected for such legends to exist in such a small place like Five Continents or even for Liu Mengchen to run into them. 

Qing Zhu rarely took the initiative to ask, “He unexpectedly was willing to let you go.”

Liu Mengchen’s line of sight landed on Qing Zhu’s face. His tone of voice was gentle and tender, “Initially, he didn’t intend on letting me go. It was only after he had locked me up for ten years that he felt I was no longer interesting and didn’t suit his taste. This is why he threw me out of the barrier.”    0OZDgV

Duan Yuyang could not help but ask, “This five years with the addition of ten years, Liu Family Head, you were actually able to stay inside a narrow fixed place for fifteen years. This temperament is definitely abundant and incomparable.”

Liu Mengchen said faintly, “My temperament is really not gentle and fearless. It’s just that a lot of things had happened, which I did not mention and you guys also don’t know. The years in the barrier is not something ordinary people could endure, those feelings, let’s not talk about it!”

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“Ten years to sharpen one sword, Liu Family Head is modest.” It was also rare for Bei Shitian to open his mouth to praise. 

Everyone was moved by Liu Mengchen. Suddenly, Lin Xuanzhi said, “Are you trying to say that the Divine Devil Venerable’s ability still surpasses yours, even in the Great Demon-Sealing Array?” 5atvu

Liu Mengchen narrowed his eyes, staring at Lin Xuanzhi. “That is right, as expected you are sharp enough.” 

Lin Xuanzhi thought it was a bit odd.

The reason the Great Demon-Sealing Array was able to be called a Great Demon-Sealing Array was because this method was capable of sealing demons inside, making them lose the chance to commit evil and harm the human world.


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Translator's Note

Don’t despair and there will be a way through.

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