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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh170 - Kill or Not


Translated by: Zryuu

Edited by: Butter hnwiv

Yan Tianhen’s eyes reddened in an instant. He pursed his lips and sobbed, “I don’t want that. Dage is mine and mine alone, I don’t want him to marry someone else and have children, I don’t want him to treat other people well!”

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Lin Zezhi stood to one side, looking slightly embarrassed.

Why did it seem more and more like Yan Tianhen really treated Lin Xuanzhi as if he were his own personal possession? atlMr5

Moreover, he even seemed like he wanted to restrict Lin Xuanzhi from making friends.

To not let Lin Xuanzhi get married and have children, it appears as if…

Lin Zezhi had never had a very good impression of Yan Tianhen, not entirely because his appearance and image had pulled down the Lin family’s class, but more to do with how he had a really bad feeling when he saw Yan Tianhen for the first time. That kind of feeling was a kind of mysterious, inexplicable feeling, and it was extremely strange.

However, Lin Zezhi didn’t say anything. After all, this was a private matter between Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi. It had nothing to do with him. 5VjpBa

Yan Tianhen sulked to one side and felt a little confused at the same time — why was he being like this now? Why was it that as soon as someone got closer to Lin Xuanzhi and treated him better, he would feel unhappy?

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Yan Tianhen suddenly felt a little afraid. If he continued being this selfish and unreasonable, would Lin Xuanzhi come to hate him one day and think of abandoning him?

Yan Tianhen sunk into a pit of self-reproach and confusion. He subconsciously stroked his face, which wasn’t very smooth, and a cryptic, glum glint flashed through his eyes.

The place chosen by Bai Yichen would naturally have gorgeous scenery and an excellent atmosphere. It was both quiet and remote, but one could also hear the birds chirping and smell the fragrance of flowers here. y6uBTQ

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the courtyard that looked exactly the same as it had in his past life and suddenly felt like the Tao of Heaven was both predictable and unpredictable.

Bai Yichen drank alone within a reception pavilion. He sat there quietly, as if everything in the outside world had nothing to do with him.

“Would your body be able to take it if you were to drink in broad daylight?” Lin Xuanzhi came to stand in front of Bai Yichen, lifted his robes, and sat down.

Bai Yichen looked at Lin Xuanzhi with a grin. He flicked his wrist and a wine flask hovered above Lin Xuanzhi’s cup with its spout pointed down. vdYn9K

The cup was filled with wine. Lin Xuanzhi extended his jade white hand and held up the exquisitely crafted cup.

The fragrance assailed his nostrils; the wine cup was a top-grade magic treasure, and the wine was an excellent hundred-year brew.

“This should be our second time sitting down face to face.” Bai Yichen spoke first. He leaned against his chair and took a sip of wine, looking at Lin Xuanzhi with a smile. “I’ve invited you many times before, but you were always crafting in seclusion.”

Lin Xuanzhi took a sip of wine. The sweet and clear wine slid down his throat and warmth slowly spread out within his abdomen. 0bdp9I

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“Crafters are all like that. Once they start crafting, it’ll be easy for them to lose themselves.” Lin Xuanzhi said lightly.

Djl Tlmtfc aegcfv atf rlwqif klcf oijrx tf tjv qijmfv bc atf ajyif. Lf ibbxfv vbkc, “Wejchtl, sbe rffw ab tjnf j nfgs mifjg ubji ktfc mgjoalcu wjulm abbir.”

Olc Wejchtl cbvvfv. “P’nf cfnfg mgjoafv erfifrr lafwr.”

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Djl Tlmtfc rjlv, “Ktlr abb?” HxeNXp

“Tfr.” Olc Wejchtl ibbxfv ja Djl Tlmtfc. “Tbe mjc gfujgv la jr jc lafw P frqfmljiis mgjoafv obg sbe.”

Bai Yichen was stunned by Lin Xuanzhi’s straightforwardness.

Lin Xuanzhi took another sip of wine and put down the wine cup,  “How does it feel when you use it?”

“Since it was custom-made, its effects would naturally be pretty good.” Bai Yichen casually answered. Some ripples could be seen in his eyes as he looked at Lin Xuanzhi. e8z9RP

Bai Yichen suddenly asked, “Why did you take the small Mingyin flame away? You should know that I need that flame.”

“I know.” Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, “However, you have no way of refining or controlling it, but I can. People aren’t the ones at fault, their cherished possessions are what get them into trouble. You can’t use that small Mingyin flame, yet you’re reluctant to part with it. Sooner or later, you will get into trouble because of it, so wouldn’t it be better for me to take it away first?”

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Bai Yichen looked at Lin Xuanzhi’s beautiful face and thought that this person seemed even more enigmatic, making his heart itch as he became even more impatient. He wanted to dig out all of this person’s secrets.

“If you say it like that, I’ll think that you have awfully strong feelings for me.” Bai Yichen wasn’t kidding. He fiddled around with the empty wine cup as he said straightforwardly. Jrx3Xe

“If one starts ingratiating without reason, they must be wicked and a thief.” Lin Xuanzhi laughed without a trace of awkwardness. “Young Master Bai is indeed a man who can make people feel moved. However, I’m not compatible with Young Master Bai.”

Bai Yichen saw that he was speaking quite bluntly, so he threw away all pretenses and asked straightforwardly, “How are we incompatible? I, on the other hand, think that we are quite compatible. You’re a crafter, I understand crafting; you’re a genius, and so am I. More importantly, you just so happened to bump into me, and it’s not like I have absolutely no interest in you.”

Lin Xuanzhi thought that Bai Yichen really wasn’t any different from how he was in his past life.

In his past life, Bai Yichen was his lover. dmxL5d

He also had to admit that he had been moved by Bai Yichen before, and had even thought of becoming Dao companions with him.

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However, the two of them disagreed on quite a lot of things. In the past, neither of them could persuade the other, and was even unable to place absolute trust in each other. They would even do some things behind the other’s back.

As their conflicts grew in number, their feelings for each other also became more and more mild. Eventually, due to a few irreparable incidents, their relationship came to an end.

Yan Tianhen’s death ended everything. There was no leeway for salvation. MV5Qsl

It was only later on that Lin Xuanzhi clearly saw who had been the one he loved.

That person wasn’t Young Master Bai, who made his heart beat due to how stunning he was at first sight. He had a rare kind of good feeling for Young Master Bai, but this kind of feeling wasn’t love. It was just a feeling that naturally arose from meeting someone of the same kind.

They were suited for being friends, and they were also suited for being enemies. But they weren’t suited to be lovers.

Lin Xuanzhi knew of some secrets that Bai Yichen harboured. Although he doesn’t know everything, it was enough for him to know what Bai Yichen needs. qfMmzW

“I know what you want. Why don’t I tell you what I want as well?” Lin Xuanzhi’s right index finger dipped into the wine cup, then wrote a word on the table upside down.

He wrote very slowly, and said, “I want to leave the Five Continents’ mainlands and go to the Nine Lands.”

Bai Yichen looked at the word he wrote slowly. His gaze that never seemed to ripple and always made him look like he had everything in the grasp of his hands instantly dilated. Within an instant, his heartbeat thundered and a strong gale surged.

“Lin Xuanzhi, you’re not afraid of death?” Bai Yichen looked at Lin Xuanzhi coldly. The clear sky that had been bursting with radiant rays of sunlight suddenly turned overcast at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye; the whole sky looked as if it wanted to topple down. MEeUCY

Lin Xuanzhi finished writing the word and retracted his hand. He looked at Bai Yichen, unalarmed, “I have no intention of threatening you at all. If I want to leave the Five Continents’ mainlands, I must cooperate with you. You have already seen my sincerity and capabilities. I think we should have a common goal — you want to go to the Nine Lands, and so do I. Why don’t we work together to open up this path?”

Bai Yichen clenched his fist. His gaze swept over that word, then he looked back at Lin Xuanzhi.

“This is your bargaining chip for cooperation?” Bai Yichen still said coldly, “Lin Xuanzhi, I’ve always thought that you were a smart person, but I didn’t expect you to be this foolish. To let me realise that you’ve discovered this secret, are you prepared to never head down this mountain again?”

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Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “In any case, I will never let anyone realise this matter. Since I dare ascend the mountain, I’m naturally prepared to descend it as well. Yichen, you don’t belong to the Five Continents, you’re someone from the Nine Lands. But you can no longer return if you rely solely on your own strength. I’m an opportunity, so you might as well seize it.” 4dnOTX

“I’m in a very bad mood right now.” Bai Yichen was so angry he smiled. “If it wasn’t because of your good looks, I would’ve already crushed you to death by now.”

This kind of threatening words didn’t sound threatening at all when Lin Xuanzhi heard it.

He knew that Bai Yichen wouldn’t kill him because Bai Yichen has always been someone who could balance his own interests and feelings. He has never been the type to be emotional; he could tell from the sky that had restored its former radiance and clear skies.

Bai Yichen calmed down again. 4H1QXk

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him and said lightly, “Yichen, people have only ever been able to enter and never exit the Five Continents’ mainlands since five hundred years ago. People who have been able to leave were all personally taken away by powerhouses at the peak of the Nine Lands. Aside from that, there is no other way. The spiritual Qi in the Five Continents’ mainlands is no longer able to support your body, and neither can it satisfy my appetite. I am unable to support the All Divine Array by myself. Only you are able to support the other corner of the All Divine Array.”

Bai Yichen narrowed his eyes and stared doubtfully at Lin Xuanzhi. “You actually know about the All Divine Array too? Who on earth are you?”

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“I am but a lonely, wandering ghost.” Lin Xuanzhi said lightly.

Bai Yichen composed himself, “Aside from that, what else do you know?” XKpJLf

“Most of what I know are things you know as well.”

“For example?”

“For example, I know who the Prophet is.”

Bai Yichen, “…” 1abzTZ

“You even know about that? Do you really want to go down the mountain alive?”

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“For example, I also know that you’re currently wondering if you should kill me, or keep me alive.” Lin Xuanzhi said, smiling slightly.

Bai Yichen took a deep breath. He stared at him, “What else? What else do you know about me?”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him, and only spoke after some time, “I also know that everyone has both a kind and evil side, a bright and dark side, a magnanimous and selfish side. But it’s the addition of all these sides together that forms a complete and real person.” 4fdZq7

Bai Yichen remained silent. He gazed at Lin Xuanzhi and slowly asked, “You really won’t consider becoming Dao companions with me?”

“Young Master Bai, actually, I may seem to be doing a lot of things with ease now, and everything seems to be very reasonable. But in fact, over the years, I’ve come to realise one principle.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, and a gentle warmth could be seen in his eyes.

“What principle?” Bai Yichen thought that his eyes were really beautiful. UiRMrm

“It would be better to take pity on the people before oneself.” Lin Xuanzhi said.

Bai Yichen was stunned. “Take pity on the ones before you, or me?”


Bai Yichen’s expression darkened. “You dare try to discipline me?” ubgC35

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head. “I have no right, and neither do I have the intention. I’m just saying that for myself. If you have any sort of realisation after hearing me, you can’t blame me for that ba.”

Bai Yichen’s mouth twitched, then he laughed, and even his body trembled a little.

“Lin Xuanzhi, I now know why you rejected me so resolutely.” Bai Yichen smiled, “No one would be willing to feel as if they’re looking at a mirror when they face their Dao couple every day. The two of us are truly too alike.”

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“No, there are differences still.” Lin Xuanzhi said, “I’m much poorer than you.” r pos4

Bai Yichen waved his hand, “You’ll be as rich as a country sooner or later. Also, I’d like to remind you of one thing: that younger brother of yours is too high-profile. He might get targeted by others like that.”

What he was referring to were the magic treasures on Yan Tianhen’s body.

Lin Xuanzhi pondered for a bit , “It is indeed a little dangerous. But if he doesn’t equip himself with those items, I’ll always feel uneasy.”

Bai Yichen sighed, “Okay then, it’s up to you.” X5eCoa

Lin Xuanzhi asked, “Can we continue to be friends?”

Bai Yichen took his wine flask and poured a cup of wine. He grasped the wine cup and smiled, “I really want to splash this cup of wine onto your face.”

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