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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh206 - I Really Didn’t


Translated by: Ea

Edited by: Butter jpRHYS

It wasn’t as though Yan Tianhen didn’t understand why Lin Xuanzhi’s attitude towards him took a complete 180-degree turn. It was nothing more than Yan Tianhen following him around like a loyal puppy when Lin Xuanzhi was seriously injured and bedridden, never giving up on him.

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Lin Xuanzhi would still be warmed by this even if he were a stone.

If he were like Lin Zezhi and threw stones while Lin Xuanzhi was down, then he’s afraid that by now he would have been long forgotten by Lin Xuanzhi. kr7 dX

Thinking of Lin Zezhi, Yan Tianhen’s mind sank again.

Lin Zezhi was a prime example.

He really did do a lot of things that had let Lin Xuanzhi down. His mother, Madam Bai, and Third Elder colluded with each other repeatedly and were very anxious to starve Lin Xuanzhi to death, yet in no time at all, Lin Xuanzhi and Lin Zezhi had reconciled.

If this wasn’t “family members stick together,” then what else could it be? cgz3S0

Yan Tianhen suddenly felt dull and insipid. Wasting his words with these people was, in fact, the most meaningless thing.

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Thus, Yan Tianhen changed his stance, as if he was scared. “I’ll go back and tell my Dage. Do you have anything else?”

Lin Yaer was stunned. She originally thought that this ugly boy would not know his place and argue some more. If that were the case, she would surely teach this brat a lesson he’d never forget. Unexpectedly, his temper changed and he ceased his meaningless struggles.

Lin Yaer spoke impatiently, “It’s good that you understand. I’m warning you, don’t sow discord between Lin Xuanzhi and I in front of him. You should be deeply grateful that the Lin family can bestow a bite of food upon you.” eTqCEW

“What are you wasting so many words on him for?” The female cultivator called Ziling frowned. “In any case, in just a few days’ time, Junior Martial Sister Rubing will be wedded to the Lin family. Just let Rubing deal with this kid then.”

Another female cultivator laughed, jeering at Yan Tianhen’s misfortune. “Rubing’s personality is such that she can’t even stand a single speck of sand entering her vision. She certainly won’t let the matter rest if there’s a person with malicious thoughts remaining by her husband’s side. At that time, with the Shen family as her backing, can’t she deal with him however she wants?”

Lin Yaer’s expression cleared up a little. “That Shen Shijie has taken a fancy to Lin Xuanzhi is his good fortune. Thinking of it, the messenger that the Shen family sent to East continent should return with the news soon.”

Shen Shijie took a fancy to Xuanzhi? East Continent’s messenger? rJM32p

Yan Tianhen felt that he couldn’t understand what these people were talking about.

Shen Rubing was the young sect master of Cloud Jade Sect; this fact Yan Tianhen did know, and he’d naturally also heard that she had many followers chasing after her affection. Her stunning beauty and excellent talent captured half of Sky Peak Sect, and she was also the most outstanding legitimate daughter of the elite Shen family’s main branch.

However, Shen Rubing had nothing to do with Lin Xuanzhi.

Yan Tianhen opened his mouth but felt that there was no need to ask anything, so he turned around and left. FAmUYd

Behind him, people spiritedly discussed this topic, as if Shen Rubing had already been wed to Lin Xuanzhi.

Yan Tianhen quickened his pace, his flustered figure looking like it was fleeing.

The sound of laughter from the people behind him made his heart panic, as though the laughter were mocking him.

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Yan Tianhen arrived at a deserted place and leaned against the tree, staring blankly for a while, before remembering why he wanted to come here. 4cfBxw

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Snfc atbeut Ct Djl jcv Le Ub tjv qfgmflnfv atja Olcu Jtlue kjr vloofgfca ogbw batfg qfbqif jcv vlvc’a delaf ilxf atf jegj mbwlcu ogbw tlw, veglcu atf qfglbv ja Za. Wl ktfc atfs lcafgjmafv klat fjmt batfg, atf akb rtgfkv alufg meyr revvfcis obecv atja atlr vlw-klaafv ofiibk kjr jmaejiis nfgs obcv bo atfw. Lf cfnfg mjgfv fnfc lo atfs rmgjamtfv bg yla tlw jcv tjv j olgra-mijrr ubbv afwqfg.

Thus, Ah Bai and Hu Po gradually thought of Ling Chigu as one of their own.

Yan Tianhen put the thumb ring on Ling Chigu and touched his cold finger. His heart couldn’t help feeling sour. “Ah Gu, if Dage doesn’t want me anymore in the future, then I’ll only have you.” lYVn3t

Ling Chigu’s black eyes gazed at Yan Tianhen and seemed to feel his gloomy mood. Slowly but firmly, he reached his hands out and actually held Yan Tianhen in front of his chest, as though coaxing a little child, patting him slowly and gently on the back.

Yan Tianhen was originally still immersed in his depression but was suddenly frightened by this intimate action of Ling Chigu’s.

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“Ah Gu, do you have a regular human’s awareness now?” Yan Tianhen stared at Ling Chigu with wide eyes.

Ling Chigu remained silent, gazing into Yan Tianhen’s eyes with neither joy nor sorrow and without speaking a word. 4SqM1y

Yan Tianhen and Ling Chigu stared at each other for a while, but then he thought with some disappointment, Ah Gu’s action is probably just a subconscious action. TheImperial Corpse Techniquesaid that if the corpse held an obsession with some people or events before his death, then his behavior would reflect these obsessions.

Yan Tianhen couldn’t help but speculate: maybe Ah Gu often coaxed children to sleep when he was alive?

Yan Tianhen suddenly remembered that, in the past, when he couldn’t sleep because he was afraid of thunder, Lin Zhan had always half-hugged him, his big hands patting his back warmly and slowly, coaxing him to sleep.

Remembering Lin Zhan, Yan Tianhen was even more distraught. He sniffed and wanted to cry but held himself back with difficulty. He told Ling Chigu, who was at a complete loss on what to do, “Ah Gu, I miss Daddy.” sEKHpF

Ah Bai was Yan Tianhen’s contracted beast, so he naturally felt Yan Tianhen’s depressed mood. He somewhat anxiously cried out twice and climbed onto Yan Tianhen, crouching on his shoulder to lick at his face.

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“Ah Hen don’t be sad. You still have Ah Bai and Hu Po!” Ah Bai tried to convey this kind of message to Yan Tianhen.

Yet Yan Tianhen remained depressed for a while before taking a deep breath as he held Ah Bai in his arms. He traced along Ah Bai’s fur and whispered, “Ah Gu, this thumb ring was specially made for you by my Dage. By wearing it, you’ll be able to take the opportunity to sneak into Pill Limit Mysterious Land the day after tomorrow. I don’t know if there’s anything you can use there, but why don’t you try your luck there!”

Ling Chigu slowly nodded. iA9Dj

He could still understand and carry out this kind of command.

Because Yan Tianhen was in a bad mood, he only spoke a few words to Ling Chigu before returning along the same path. When passing that peach blossom tree, Yan Tianhen looked up at the pretty tree with a bewildered expression for a while, but he didn’t dare to reach out and touch the tree again.

Strange, it’s seriously strange.

Yan Tianhen was afraid of meeting Lin Yaer and her gaggle of people who always loved to trouble him, so he quickened his pace and returned home with two tiger cubs. 10wfoD

When Yan Tianhen arrived at Yunlai Inn, he found no trace of Lin Xuanzhi. Only after asking Lin Zezhi did he find out that Lin Xuanzhi had been invited by the Bai young master out for tea and would probably return a bit later.

Yan Tianhen’s entire heart was indescribably sour and bitter, and he almost cried. Downcast, he returned to his own room, closed the door, and climbed into bed, falling asleep.

When Lin Xuanzhi came back and knocked on Yan Tianhen’s door, no one opened it. Thus, he took out a magic treasure and deactivated the security on the door before walking in.

Lin Xuanzhi saw Yan Tianhen, who had curled up into a ball on the bed. Yan Tianhen was frowning as he twisted his small face. He seemed like he’d been greatly wronged. WxfM4K

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help but feel that he was cute. He sat beside the bed and pinched Yan Tianhen’s nose.

Yan Tianhen woke up due to not being able to breathe properly.

He saw Lin Xuanzhi at a glance and murmured somewhat absentmindedly, “Dage.”

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Lin Xuanzhi’s face held a smile. “Time to get up. Brought you some food. Come try it?” QTOwk

Yan Tianhen sat up with all his strength, suddenly a lot more awake.

Lin Xuanzhi saw two red marks pressed on his face and wanted to reach out and touch them but was evaded by Yan Tianhen leaning his head back.

Lin Xuanzhi was faintly startled. Before he had time to react, Yan Tianhen had already climbed out of bed beside him and put on his boots. “What did Dage bring? I just happen to be a little hungry as well.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the back of Yan Tianhen’s figure, which seemed as though he was fleeing from something, and got up, walking beside him. “It’s all your favorite foods. Bai family’s cook is not bad. Before I left, I especially thickened my skin to ask them to make you a portion.” M0D4Jn

“Thanks Dage, for remembering me.” Yan Tianhen grinned at Lin Xuanzhi, then opened the package and began to eat.

Lin Xuanzhi sat opposite him and gazed at him calmly.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Yan Tianhen felt a little uncomfortable. He finished cleaning up all the food at a flying pace and wiped his mouth, then asked, “Dage, is anything the matter?”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him. “Nothing. I’ve already sent Ji Yunwei away. What does Ah Hen want to do today?” A zMQf

Yan Tianhen thought about it. “Don’t have anything I want to do either.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. “If there’s nothing you want to do, then we’ll just stay in the room today and not go anywhere.”

Yan Tianhen suddenly felt somewhat at a loss regarding what to do. His eyes, which were looking into Lin Xuanzhi’s, flashed a trace of confusion and panicked helplessness.

Lin Xuanzhi did not miss it. He frowned imperceptibly, then asked lightly, “You gave the item to Ah Gu?” ZGRBxd

“Mm, gave it to him.”

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“How was it when Ah Gu tried it out?”

“He didn’t try it out.”

“How will you know the magic tool works if you don’t try it out?” GXWem1

Yan Tianhen paused and responded, “The magic treasure Dage crafted will never fail.”

The lines were filled with complete trust in Lin Xuanzhi.

After a moment, Lin Xuanzhi asked, “Today on Yudai Mountain, did Ah Hen see anyone or hear anything?”

Yan Tianhen’s heart was startled. For a moment, he thought that Lin Xuanzhi had grown an all-seeing eye that could observe his every movement from hundreds of miles away, but he soon shook his head from side to side. ypxdjd

“I didn’t see anyone, only Ah Gu.” Yan Tianhen said without blinking.

Lin Xuanzhi asked again, “Really didn’t?”

Yan Tianhen bit his lip harshly. “No.”

“Good.” Lin Xuanzhi nodded and got up, about to walk out. Wm74qX

Yan Tianhen was suddenly at a loss and called out, “Dage.”

Lin Xuanzhi stopped and looked back at Yan Tianhen. “What’s the matter?”

The words that Yan Tianhen were about to utter took a sudden turn and were choked back. He instead asked, “Where are you going?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Back to my room to get some things.” eQwA4q

“Oh.” Yan Tianhen responded dryly.

Lin Xuanzhi gave him a deep look and left the room.

Yan Tianhen’s expression immediately collapsed as he fell on the table, depressed. His heart felt extremely pained — he had lied to Lin Xuanzhi.

But what could he ask Lin Xuanzhi? 3TeyR8

Ask him if he would accept Lin Yaer’s expression of goodwill and enact a play of sibling affection, forgiving Lin Yaer just like he forgave Lin Zezhi?

Or ask him whether he really wanted to marry Shen Rubing, a match made in heaven between a talented genius and an outstanding beauty? It seemed as though there was no need for Lin Xuanzhi to refuse at all.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Or…What Yan Tianhen wanted to ask the most, was actually whether Lin Xuanzhi had known about the matter with Shen Rubing, as well as…If he had known, then why did he never tell him?

Was it because it was unnecessary? X5ZoQ7

Or something else?

Yan Tianhen’s head was full of doubts. Along with these doubts, Yan Tianhen began to consider whether he really should ask Lin Xuanzhi, if Lin Xuanzhi really, truly forgave Lin Yaer, what should he do, how would he get along with himself, and how would he get along with Lin Xuanzhi?

Family members stick together. No matter how he thought about it, Lin Xuanzhi had always been tolerant and generous to Lin family members, and the kinship of blood between them couldn’t be easily erased no matter what happened.

He disliked Lin Yaer in ten thousand ways; his dislike for her was a hundred times that of his dislike for Lin Zezhi. b2C8vU

Yan Tianhen covered his head and sighed deeply. He felt that his leg was rubbed by a fluffy thing. He raised his head and put Ah Bai on his leg. Yan Tianhen stared into Ah Bai’s big purple eyes and asked, “Ah Bai, what should I do?”

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