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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh9 - Soul Plate’s Master



The pain from abolishing one’s roots lasted for awhile before it subsided. Lin Xuanzhi opened his eyes and suddenly splurted out a mouthful of blood. nMwdzr

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t mind this mouthful of blood. After a short period of silence, he raised his right hand up in front of him.

He bit his right hand’s middle finger, the nerves of all ten of his fingertips were linked to the heart so the drop of blood that was squeezed out of his middle finger was his heart blood.

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He pressed his middle finger on the middle of his forehead.

His left hand quickly performed a lengthy yet complicated seal. The drop of heart blood on his forehead flashed a golden light colour, then suddenly disappeared from its original position! C9GlZY

The soul plate had been unsealed, and it was tumbling about his body again!

Lin Xuanzhi’s looked into his consciousness. He realised that the soul plate that was originally as big as a small world was now only a bead the size of his thumb.

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“How did you become like this?” Lin Xuanzhi silently asked.

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Olc Wejchtl kjlafv obg j wbwfca, atfc rjlv, “Po P mjc ecrfji sbe, atfc cjaegjiis P mjc rfji sbe jujlc.”

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Soul plate suddenly spoke, “Yi? Where am I? Who am I? Who are you? Hadn’t I already been sealed?”

Olc Wejchtl mjiwis rjlv, “P jw Olc Wejchtl, sbeg meggfca wjrafg.”

Vbei qijaf, “!!!” WFlGpc

Qtfc vlv tf ujlc j cfk wjrafg? Ccv la’r fnfc rbwfbcf ktbrf vjcaljc kjr vfragbsfv – j erfifrr qlfmf bo agjrt ktb’r fnfc wbgf erfifrr atjc agjrt!

Soul plate immediately wanted to wash his hands off of him and scolded, “Screw your ancestors, which son of a bitch actually locked Benzun1 in a soul plate, and even gifted Benzun with this motherfucking piece of trash! So malicious! So evil!”

A thought flashed through Lin Xuanzhi’s mind and his heart jolted – he took out one book and a fistful of forged stones from the bastard plate.

The soul plate instantaneously stopped talking and didn’t move. oAKfFj

Those items obviously belonged to him, why did it get taken away by some stranger so easily!

Lin Xuanzhi lightly said, “I know you’re suspicious of my origins, I may tell you everything when the time comes but right now, I don’t trust you. This book and these forged stones, you can think of it as a loan for now, I won’t mistreat you in the future.”

Soul plate’s heart was aching and he almost cried; he couldn’t help but make some noise, “You rascal, do you know that Benzun is currently relying on those forged stones to maintain my life? I only have that little supply of forged stones that was on the verge of being used up. If Benzun is thoroughly destroyed, from whom else can you obtain this kind of benefit from!”

“That’s true.” Lin Xuanzhi calmly said, “Since you don’t have enough soul stones, then you should probably hibernate for now to save up whatever vitality you have left.” xsyA3M

When he finished speaking, he didn’t wait for soul plate to retaliate before Lin Xuanzhi resealed the soul plate.

A dark red spiritual mark appeared between his eyebrows, it looked like a small flame jumping about, yet also looked flirtatious and seductive.

The spiritual mark adorned Lin Xuanzhi’s flawless face and gratuitously added an evil spirit’s seductive flare to it while toning down its previous dignified look.

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Lin Xuanzhi flipped open the primary level craftsmen introductory stage manual that he had obtained from the soul plate. 4g0Ow5

This manual is called “Arabian Crafting Manual”, from its cover it looks like a suitable book for layman to use, but in reality, the word seals, hand seals, ways of drawing Qi etc. were broad and profound and weren’t easy to learn.

More importantly, even though “Arabian Crafting Manual’ was the most basic of primary level craftsmen manuals, it had other higher level versions such as the earth-level, profound-level, and even the sky-level manual that no one had seen before. This was what Lin Xuanzhi valued the most.

What craftsmen were most worried about was that after they stepped onto their paths, they wouldn’t be able to find a suitable craftsmen manual to guide them, yet the soul plate had the full set of manuals.

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t have the chance to go through one of the books in his past life, but that was because of the restraints of his soul body. yEMa8U

He believes that now that he has a physical body, along with his thousand years of experience with soul cultivation, it shouldn’t be a problem to uncover all of the secrets within the soul plate in this life.

1. Benzun is basically used to refer to oneself, but it’s a very proud way of referring to oneself bc “zun” actually refers to Buddha. So it’s like calling yourself a Buddha/God etc.

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T/N: Just finished volume 1. There are just so many epic/comedic moments that I’ve actually started a mini collation cuz they’re really just too funny. And most of it is cuz YTH is the ultimate qt


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