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The Villain’s Face-Slapping CounterattackChapter 26


Face Slapping the Original Leaders of the Military Base (Apocalypse)

Slight nsfw! (it’s suggestive, not outright) 4DGqQd


When doing it, Xia Qingfeng said in Zhou Xu’s ear, “Zhou Xu, I love you, I love you very much. You are mine. I will absolutely never give you to anyone else. You will never escape from my hands…”

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The more Xia Qingfeng talked, the more Zhou Xu listened and became familiar with it. This feeling was exactly the same feeling that Han Zikui gave him in his last life. Stubborn and possessive, but he still loved him (ZX) like a fool. LSGvpg


“Stop talking nonsense and hurry up.”





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Look, even the tone of his voice was the same. Zhou felt a little muddled, but Xia Qingfeng didn’t give him the opportunity to think deeply. The fierce thrusts made Zhou Xu lose his ability to think and he could only keep crying out…


After doing it one more time, Xia Qingfeng finally pulled out. TcV18Y


Zhou Xu’s eyes just happened to see that on the top of his thing, there was a bright red mole. He couldn’t be more familiar with this mole because in his last life, he saw it almost every day for decades. Even when Han Zikui was old, he saw it once a week.


“You…” Zhou Xu could finally think. When he saw that bright red mole, Zhou Xu always felt that he couldn’t deceive himself. Thus, he asked, “Do you know Han Zikui?” fAyz 9


Xia Qingfeng gave Zhou Xu’s butt a slap. “Who is Han Zikui? Why do you say the name of another man when you’re done with me?”


Xia Qingfeng finished speaking, and the thing that had already softened got hard again. Thinking of the madness just now, Zhou Xu smiled slightly and said, “In order to stimulate you so that I could do it again, isn’t that right?” oTyXDK


“I’ll fuck you to death!”


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“Come on.” tfid6n


Zhou Xu lay flat and quietly told his heart that it might just be a coincidence.


Zhou Xu woke up in the afternoon the next day. After waking up, Xia Qingfeng made some food and put it on the table. And then he said, “Ding Zhaoyu is dead.” 6SGIWx


Zhou Xu did not raise his head because he knew that Xia Qingfeng and Han Zikui were the same. There were some things that Zhou Xu needed to do in the beginning and Xia Qingfeng would definitely help complete them.

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Zhou Xu didn’t recognize this as manipulation, because if someone dared to be like Ding Zhaoyu and treat Xia Qingfeng the way that he (DZ) treated him (ZX), he would have killed that person too. HXUMa6


Ktja’r ktja tf atbeuta, rb Itbe We vlvc’a tjv tlr vlruera jcv tjagfv abkjgvr Glcu Itjbse lc ogbca bo Wlj Hlcuofcu. Yo mbegrf, tf jirb kfca jgbecv agslcu ab olcv rbwfbcf ab afii Wlj Hlcuofcu jybea atf wjaafg klat Glcu Itjbse.


Pc ojma, Itbe We atbeuta atja Wlj Hlcuofcu wluta tjnf lwwfvljafis gec lc ogbca bo Glcu Itjbse ab xlii tlw. Lf vlvc’a fzqfma tlw ab yf delaf jr mjiw. Rbk atja Glcu Itjbse kjr vfjv, Itbe We kjr gfijzfv. 4L71st


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“How did he die?”


“Killed by Yuan Ke.” ERdZDJ


“How did he kill him?”


“Cut him up.” J16Eve


“Because of what? Don’t give me such a simplification. The reason, the process, the climax, the outcome. Speak clearly word by word, don’t make me ask you another question.” After he finished speaking, Zhou Xu was suddenly shocked, because he seemed to have a similar conversation with Han Zikui in his previous life.


Xia Qingfeng finally explained the entire matter clearly. Zhou Xu also completely ate the meal in front of him. The two of them looked at one another face to face like this. Suddenly, Zhou Xu said with a slight smile, “You really don’t know Han Zikui?” p2zEqD


“I don’t know him.” After speaking, Xia Qingfeng carried Zhou Xu on his shoulder and threw him back onto the bed again. Although he didn’t know who the man was, he wasn’t happy. He wanted to fuck Zhou Xu, fuck him until he couldn’t say anyone else’s name but his.


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Just as Zhou Xu predicted, he really couldn’t go to the research institute today. That’s why when he had come out, he told the researchers that he would return on the third day. Bt1VhJ


After doing another round with Xia Qingfeng, Zhou Xu went to see Xixi and finally returned to his house. He had a meal with his father and briefly talked about what he did inside the research institute for the past two months. Only then did Zhou Xu feel at ease.


In fact, Zhou Xu didn’t really have a serious attachment to his family. But since he wanted to live in this world, he would do his best and should protect his family on behalf of the original owner. gOFrHP


When he returned to the research institute on the third day, Zhou Xu had Xia Qingfeng’s people go out, and he and the researchers began to prepare the drugs.

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As the blood flowed out, some of the researchers began to wipe their tears. Zhou Xu took a look at those people and laughed, “Do you really think by that drawing out this blood from me, I will die?” LAZlFa


A researcher cried and said, “This is acute blood loss. It’s so much to take all at once. If there’s an accident, we… we…”


Other researchers began to feel more and more sad. Zhou Xu was the only one who was very calm and collected. “There is still follow-up research. I know my own body. Rest assured, nothing will happen.” jOflEz


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Because Zhou Xu’s blood was very strange, there wasn’t any other blood type that matched with his. So, Zhou Xu had no choice but to adjust his healing power to the optimal state.


Blood slowly flowed out. Zhou Xu’s blood supply situation was indeed a problem. And although Zhou Xu believed in his healing power, he wasn’t one hundred percent certain. That’s why yesterday, he went to see Xixi and his father, even leaving some last words asking them to take care of themselves well. As for Xia Qingfeng, Zhou Xu really didn’t know what to say and could only do a few rounds with him as if his life depended on it. 3n7bOL


After dozens of minutes later, the blood extraction was complete. Zhou Xu began to feel dizzy, cold, and have other symptoms. His complexion had become very pale. Researchers anxiously watched Zhou Xu, who closed his eyes and did not speak, for fear that an accident would happen.


However, they couldn’t keep watching, because preparing the drugs must be done right away or else they would be ineffective. Uuz7fd


More than an hour later, the drugs were ready. When they turned around to look at Zhou Xu, they only saw a pale, ice-cold corpse.


“Wah…” A researcher cried loudly, and then the rest of the researchers also began to wipe away tears. Just as they were heartbroken and grieving, Zhou Xu sat up slowly and wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead. Zhou Xu said, “I really scared you.” N2Ekzs


The researchers were crying and laughing and Zhou Xu had to force himself to prop up his body to comfort them.


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After several days, the abilities of powers were greatly improved, and a month later, zombies began to besiege the base. 8F3jS


Yuan Ke couldn’t stop them because he was replaced by a new zombie emperor, and he was controlled by the new zombie emperor. At the same time, Yuan Ke was able to control much more zombies after his evolution. As a result, for this zombie siege, basically all of the zombies from the entire region were gathered.


The research institute’s drugs hadn’t been developed yet, and now they could only fight. 3QHrot


First was the military weapons attack. After the military weapons were used up, the powers began attacking. The war under the vast sky appeared solemn, tragic, and cruel.

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Even if the powers’ abilities were upgraded, they still couldn’t stop the zombies that were as numerous as ants. Some men from the base who didn’t have powers began going to the battlefield. Fd9Vzb


The sound of knives and guns clashing, the sound of limbs disintegrating, the sound of powers being used, miserable screaming, shouts, killing sounds; all of the sounds blended together, turning into a wretched war song…


After one day and one night, the zombies were defeated, but the base was badly damaged. The entire supply of military weapons was spent. One half of the powers died, and sixty thousand powerless died… UzdTDy


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Standing at the top of a tall building, Zhou Xu looked at everything and suddenly felt sorrowful. In the end of the world, people probably would never be able to truly laugh.


At the end of the war, the leaders inside the base completely obeyed Zhou Xu and Xia Qingfeng. Overnight, Zhou Xu was elected to the position as the supreme leader of the base, and Xia Qingfeng automatically became the second-in-command. Q2y3Rd


When the war ended, Zhou Xu didn’t go home. He immediately went to the research institute and modified the research diagram that he had drawn before. He didn’t want to wait any longer, and he didn’t want to see this kind of war again.


Originally, Zhou Xu was selfish. His goal was simply to allow the original owner live well, but now, he really couldn’t watch this kind of war. c4j3bS


The researchers originally only had one direction to go in. But now, they watched Zhou Xu slowly elaborate on that direction, and they were shocked at the level of detail. Zhou Xu had done such a good job of arranging genes that they only needed to follow Zhou Xu’s drawing to make his vision into reality.


Zhou Xu drew for two days and two nights, and as soon as he was finally done drawing, the researchers had lost their voice. 0nMFS5


After he finished writing his last stroke, Zhou Xu placed a customary dot. “Hurry up, I’ll give you two months to make a prototypes.”


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“Yes.” WAvBwK


They didn’t need two months at all, because Zhou Xu had already written clearly about the process, and they only needed to make it according to the requirements.


A month later, the drug prototype was completed. Apart from a few side effects, the drug was considered a success. The zombie slowly regained consciousness, regained the functions of a normal person, and even needed to eat and drink. The name of that zombie was Yuan Ke. TLe1vj


Two months later, a second batch of prototypes was completed, this time with fewer side effects.

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Five months after, researchers found an even more effective method through powdered drugs, which worked as long as it was ingested. c0PVOb


A year later, a vast majority of the zombies in the area were restored back to humanity. They all entered the base, and the base established a new district for them to prevent them from accidentally injuring anybody.


Two years later, Xia Qingfeng attempted to restore the zombie emperor back to humanity, but the drug didn’t work on the zombie emperor. As a result, he had no choice but to expunge the zombie emperor. 7b4vsW


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Three years later, the entire world seldom saw zombies. At the same time, Zhou Xu and Qingfeng ‘s base merged with three other big bases, so became the rulers of the world.


Ten years later, the world gradually began to develop and people could once again use cell phones. yh rYa


Twenty years later, the world had basically finished rebuilding.


Forty years later, Zhou Xu and Xia Qingfeng lived in seclusion. YyCU2K


Sixty years later, people discovered two skeletons hand in hand in a secret paradise on earth. It was confirmed afterwards that the two skeletons were male, belonging to Zhou Xu and Xia Qingfeng who had lived in seclusion during those years.


and that’s a wrap (of the second arc)! kK7r g

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