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The Villain’s Face-Slapping CounterattackChapter 25.3

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Face-Slapping the Original Leaders of the Military Base (Apocalypse)


After Zhou Xu returned to the base, he started allowing the base research institute to study himself. It was because, in this world, he was the only one to be bitten by a zombie but not die or turn into one. Instead, a power emerged.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In the beginning, Xia Qingfeng was very opposed to Zhou Xu doing this. However, it was only after Zhou Xu explained that he would only supply his blood and some of his cells for the research, and that it wouldn’t harm his body at all that Xia Qingfeng approved it. Of course, even though he agreed, he still had a group of powers monitor the research institute.


Because he wanted to work together with the institute,  Zhou Xu had no choice but to stay in the institute.


As each day passed, Xia Qingfeng didn’t dare to rashly disturb Zhou Xu and could only wait for him.


Two months later, Zhou Xu came out without any discomfort. He looked at Xia Qingfeng with a faint smile and said, “Handsome guy, I didn’t miss you.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Xia Qingfeng grasped Zhou Xu and pulled him into his arms. Without Zhou Xu, for Xia Qingfeng, what was the difference between his daily life and living in hell?


Pushing Xia Qingfeng away, Zhou Xu said, “Did Yuan Ke ever come?”


“He didn’t. In addition, during the last zombie rebellion, Yuan Ke used a lot of energy to drive out all of the zombies. We should thank him for that.”


“Zombie rebellion?”


Xia Qingfeng nodded his head and said, “Tens of thousands of zombies altogether besieged the base. If it wasn’t for Yuan Ke, the base might’ve already been done for.”


Zhou Xu breathed a sigh of relief. Talking with Yuan Ke about the conditions really had been worth it. Otherwise, they and all the people here would’ve already been dead.


“Zhou Xu, did you find get any results from the research?” Xia Qingfeng asked.

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“There wasn’t any results on turning a zombie back into a human, but we did find a way to rapidly increase the strength of powers without harming their body. There’s only one bad point.”


“What point?”


“It’s necessary to use my blood to act as the primer, or else, the drugs I produced from the research can’t be used at all.”


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“Use your blood as the primer? You can’t!” Xia Qingfeng immediately objected. Zhou Xu smiled slightly. It seemed that this stupid person truly liked him.


“The drug is already done, so it’s alright now.”

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“Glv sbe obgufa atja P tjnf j tfjilcu qbkfg?”

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“Rb wjaafg ktja, sbe’gf cba jiibkfv ab ulnf bea sbeg yibbv lc atf oeaegf.”


Itbe We ilmxfv Wlj Hlcuofcu’r fjgibyf jcv rjlv, “Yx.”


Lbkfnfg, Itbe We jmaejiis ilfv. Dfmjerf, lc bgvfg obg atf vgeu ab kbgx, la kjr cfmfrrjgs ab vgjk ogfrt yibbv ogbw Itbe We bg firf la kbeivc’a yf erfoei ja jii. Pc jvvlalbc, atf gfrfjgmtfgr jirb vlrmbnfgfv atja atfgf kjr rbwfatlcu lc Itbe We’r yibbv atja atfs mbeivc’a oluegf bea. Ktfs rlwqis vlvc’a xcbk ktfgf ab rajga gfrfjgmtlcu ogbw.

  FUqB H

Zhou Xu had been an excellent doctor and a scientific researcher in previous worlds, so when he looked at those cell diagrams, he realized right away that it was an antibody. If it could be extracted, then it was possible that his promise with Yuan Ke could be achieved.


Under the confusion of the researchers, Zhou Xu took out a huge piece of white paper and began to draw something. At first, it wasn’t clear to the researchers. The more they looked at it, the more they didn’t understand what Zhou Xu was trying to do.


But when Zhou Xu was almost done writing, filling up the big piece of paper, they understood and got excited. Some people even began to silently shed tears. Because, if Zhou Xu’s idea could actually be achieved, there was a possibility that family members of theirs that had turned into zombies could be saved.


After adding a customary dot after the last word, Zhou Xu put down his pen, stood up straight, pinched his sore neck, and said, “According to this research method, you will need to find me directly, never mind Xia Qingfeng. In addition, with regards to the drug to increase the strength of powers, I will come the day after tomorrow to donate blood. When that moment comes, you will make it right then and there, and then immediately distribute it. Don’t mind the group of guards sent by Xia Qingfeng. Did you hear all of that?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Several of the researchers had red eyes because they thoroughly understood that, even if Zhou Xu had a power, drawing a huge amount of blood from his body in one go was still dangerous for him.


“Don’t give me that. If you really feel guilty, don’t let the plan go wrong. My life is my own responsibility.”


After Zhou Xu finished saying this sentence, he left the institute. During the two months of research, he found that he really missed Xia Qingfeng very much.


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Nipping Xia Qingfeng’s ear, Zhou Xu’s warm breath sprayed on his ear, “Are you ready, let’s do it.”


In an instant, a wicked fire surfaced in Xia Qingfeng’s lower abdomen and completely burned his reason clean in a flash.


Simultaneously, when Zhou Xu went out, Yuan Ke went in. Because he was the zombie emperor and a zombie emperor evolved every few months, every time he evolved, there would be a large number of lower level zombies wanting to replace him.


Maybe this was exactly the instinct of living things. Because after replacing him, they could become the boss and have enough living people to eat.

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In fact, there were already many zombies who were conscious, but it was just that their level was insufficient so they couldn’t move freely. Even for Yuan Ke, his movements were also somewhat rigid. Of course, when fighting against powers, his speed and his movements were not to be compared with humans, just as everything was contradictory.


Yuan Ke shut himself up inside a warehouse. There were dozens of zombies roaring outside, walking slowly and following his scent.


The door was closed with a slap. Yuan Ke lay in the warehouse and slowly evolved his body. If the process was fast, two or three hours would be enough. If it was slow, it might take six or seven hours. The process of evolving was very painful. If it could be described, it should be almost exactly the same pain as dying once.


Just at this moment, another dense group of people came, but this time, it was humans. The leader was nobody else but Ding Zhaoyu.


In fact, after Zhou Xu went to the research institute, Ding Zhaoyu was at once suppressed everywhere. Even everyday people went to his door and scolded him. Tang Wanxin was already scared and didn’t dare go out. The matter of Ding Zhaoyu abandoning his companions was already known to everybody in the base, so Xia Qingfeng naturally knew.


As a matter of fact, the suppression had been done by Xia Qingfeng. Before, he was really indifferent. Even if he could fight zombies, he didn’t even want to be the captain of the team. But now, it was time for him to pay a debt of gratitude.


Xia Qingfeng’s so-called debt of gratitude was when Zhou Xu settled his parent’s affairs for him. Regardless of whether it was Zhou Xu’s hands that did it or not, it was Zhou Xu who let him know the truth.

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Not only did Xia Qingfeng suppress Ding Zhaoyu’s position, but he also cracked down on the distribution of crystal nuclei to Ding Zhaoyu. Other people could get a matching crystal nuclei, but Ding Zhaoyu would never be allocated one. Even when he was out on a mission he could do by himself, there were some people who were specially sent to watch him and not let him hide things.


Even the food and drink of Xia Qingfeng were also used to specially establish relationships to torment Ding Zhaoyu until a month later, Ding Zhaoyu took twenty powers and withdrew from the base.


Xia Qingfeng naturally sent people to watch him closely. However, after a few weeks, they really couldn’t hold on. They didn’t have food, clothing, or a place to live. Finally, in the face of reality, they had no choice but to abandon their dignity and prepare to go back to the base again. But how to get back?


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Ding Zhaoyu thought about it and decided to take down the zombie emperor. This could be an excuse to go back to the base. Maybe he could get some rewards. They hadn’t had a full meal for nearly a month. They finally admitted that they lost.


When leaving the base, Ding Zhaoyu had secretly smuggled out many military weapons in order to prevent the zombie at the warehouse entrance from acting. After all, the zombies that had the plan of beating the zombie emperor were high level zombies. Ding Zhaoyu ordered to open fire directly.





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The high level zombies were blown up and at the same time, the door of the warehouse was blown open. Ding Zhaoyu went in. Inside the warehouse, Yuan Ke was lying on the ground, motionless, as if he was dead.


There was a purple halo surrounding Yuan Ke, which he must have set before he began his evolution.


“Kill it. Remember to keep the crystal nucleus, he’s the zombie emperor.” Ding Zhaoyu said.


Surprisingly, for a moment, nobody dared to move. Everyone looked at the pale figure on the ground. Finally, Ding Zhaoyu himself went up and threw a fireball but the fireball was unexpectedly bounced back by Yuan Ke’s protection halo.


At this moment, everyone began attacking. However a half hour later, in spite of everything, they didn’t injure Yuan Ke at all. But the purple halo was becoming lighter and lighter.


“Continue attacking, just wait for the halo to disappear.”


What he said was right. When the halo disappears, they could attack. However, it’s not that they could attack, rather, Yuan Ke could attack!

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The halo gradually dissipated and Ding Zhaoyu and their attack became more and more intense. The instant the halo disappeared, that is, the instant Yuan Ke woke up, Ding Zhaoyu threw an ultimate fireball attack.


Yuan Ke was startled for a split second, because he had barely woken up and it was impossible for him to immediately understand the situation right away. As soon as he managed to clearly understand the situation, Yin Yun had fallen into his arms.


The fallen Yin Yun couldn’t say anything, but Yuan Ke went insane. He indiscriminately attacked the powers, men and women alike.


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Due to his evolution, the powers were unable to resist against Yuan Ke’s attack. In a few seconds, they all fell down. Or perhaps it’s not “fell down”, but rather they all turned into minced meat.

  g1X0 E

Ding Zhaoyu and Tang Wanxin died this way. There were no intact dead bodies.


Yuan Ke held Yin Yun tightly, thinking he was already dead, but Yin Yun suddenly coughed.


Yuan Ke also became stunned this time. Yin Yun slowly sat up, tidied his clothes, and whispered, “I fainted, sorry.”

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Yuan Ke was still stunned. His red eyes were fixed closely on Yin Yun. “You, are you all right?”


Yin Yun shook his head and said, “I’m alright.”


After a long silence, Yuan Ke finally said a sentence in a hoarse voice, “Very good.”


The powers who came with Yin Yun arrived just at this moment and saw the place of minced meat and broken bones. Even among the powers who had seen all kinds of zombies and bloody scenes, there were a few who couldn’t handle it and turned around and began vomiting.


And on the other side, Zhou Xu and Xia Qingfeng had already returned home and a war of sexual affairs had really begun.

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This is the penultimate chapter of this arc! :blobaww:

If there aren’t any problems, Chapter 26 should be posted this Saturday! See you then!

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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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at the same time

Translator's Note

一场性丨事上的战争也真正拉开了帷幕, I kept getting “war on sex” so I tried breaking it down

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