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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh197 - Butterfly Transformation Dual Cultivation


Translated by: Ea

Edited by: Butter and Zryuu H8wcLN

“How is Yuan Young Master’s recent recovery?” Duan Yuyang wasn’t in a hurry to enter but instead stood by the door and asked softly.

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The purple-clad youth looked depressed. “Not very well. Madam originally wanted to send someone over to take care of him, but Young Master chased out everyone Madam Su sent and refused to let us in. We often hear Young Master’s voice as he silently endures and feel uncomfortable in our hearts. Young Master must be in extreme pain if he can’t help but make a sound.”

The teenager in dark blue clothes also nodded. “Young Master doesn’t want to see anyone. We haven’t seen him even once ever since he was injured. As for his specific condition, Madam won’t tell us either, but…It must not be good.” oXCil0

For some reason, Duan Yuyang’s heart felt as though it was being squeezed.

He composed himself and asked, “What are your names?”

The dark blue youth replied, “I’m Ling Feng.”

“I’m Ling Yu.” C9JZ7c

Duan Yuyang nodded. “Continue guarding outside and don’t let anyone else in.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Ling Feng and Ling Yu nodded.

They heard about their family’s young master repeatedly mumbling Duan Yuyang’s name when he was unconscious. Now that the actual person came today, young master’s illness should also improve.

Ling Feng and Ling Yu gazed at Duan Yuyang with expectant gazes. XuZvfi

Duan Yuyang pushed the door open and entered.

There was a security restriction in front of the door that immediately issued a warning upon detecting an intruder while also alerting a group of guards in the process. Only, Duan Yuyang must have been granted special privileges, or he had some magic treasures on his person that could ignore the restriction and directly enter without triggering the alarm.

As soon as Duan Yuyang entered, he encountered the thick medicinal smell that permeated the room.

The room wasn’t lit and looked somewhat gloomy, but it wasn’t small and was divided into inner and outer rooms. MaY8lb

There was no one in the outer room, so Duan Yuyang entered the inner room.

The scene inside the room was similar to what he imagined. Yuan Tianwen was shivering nonstop, his entire body soaked with sweat, but he still gritted his teeth as he sat cross-legged on a praying mat, both of his hands pinched in hand seals as he meditated, attempting to suppress the raging torrent within his body.

Duan Yuyang’s sudden appearance made Yuan Tianwen suddenly open his eyes.

It was a pair of fierce and bloody eyes that captured people’s minds, as though it wanted to kill people in isolation. Those bewitching eyes contained hints of demonic charm and stirred one’s soul. 3drLNP

Duan Yuyang stood by the door and locked gazes with Yuan Tianwen. He didn’t speak for a while.

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Yuan Tianwen seemed to be silently enduring something. He gnashed his teeth, blue veins appearing on his forehead. After a moment, he gasped out, “Who let you come here?”

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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yuan Tianwen took a deep breath, his face covered in sweat. “Thanks for coming to see me. Now that you’ve seen me, you can leave now.” dqJ4kP

“You’re letting me leave just like that?” Duan Yuyang frowned and leisurely walked closer. He casually sat beside Yuan Tianwen. “Originally, I thought that your condition wouldn’t be very good, but I didn’t think it would actually be so terrible.”

Duan Yuyang looked at the place three inches below Yuan Tianwen’s navel and indeed saw that Yuan Tianwen already had a big reaction there.

“Is it very uncomfortable?” Duan Yuyang leaned close to Yuan Tianwen and blinked at him. He spoke with perceptiveness, “I had some suspicions before on Flying Luan Peak that the reason you were scorched by your desire was not completely due to the snake venom but instead had something to do with your cultivation method. Now it seems that my guess is right.”

When Duan Yuyang leaned close to Yuan Tianwen, his body emitted a natural fragrance that was just like the poison of an aphrodisiac, which made Yuan Tianwen feel like his entire body was being burned by scorching flames. 3JAk07

Yuan Tianwen cursed Duan Yuyang’s reckless actions in his heart while pulling on a blanket beside him and covering himself with it. He closed his eyes and said coldly, “Don’t get too close to me.”

“You said that before as well.” Duan Yuyang wasn’t angered and laughed instead, “You said the same thing that day on Flying Luan Peak as well, after you lost your reasoning and we had our first intimate moment.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Don’t get too close to me.” Back then, Yuan Tianwen only spoke this one sentence in a hoarse voice as he raised his blind eyes and gazed up at the cave ceiling.

Duan Yuyang took out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat from Yuan Tianwen’s forehead. He smiled softly, “Yuan Tianwen, do I annoy you this much?” LrJdAO

Yuan Tianwen squeezed the praying mat under him. He opened his eyes and gazed at Duan Yuyang, who was boldly within just an arm’s reach, as he took a deep breath. He suppressed the most primitive instinct in his heart and tried to relax his voice, “Yuyang, you should know that I won’t let you approach me because I don’t want to hurt you in this situation.”

Even though the Butterfly Transformation Dual Cultivation that he cultivated wouldn’t drop his cultivation every time he entered a new level, it still didn’t rule out this kind of situation where his realm dropped due to an unstable state of mind.

Yuan Tianwen had only experienced this twice. Once was on Flying Luan Peak, and the second time was here.

Every time Butterfly Transformation Dual Cultivation dropped his cultivation level, his Yang Qi would skyrocket, and his entire body would be scorched by fierce desire. If he was still a virgin, then it would be fine, as he could just deal with it himself and return to normal, but once he lost his virginity, he would have to engage in dual cultivation every time after that. eDWkgr

Yuan Tianwen’s physical injury wasn’t even worth mentioning, but the boiling flame of desire within him was indeed torturing him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Duan Yuyang asked, “How many days have you been like this?”

Yuan Tianwen closed his eyes again without looking at Duan Yuyang. “I don’t know how many days. There are countless days anyways, and I didn’t count them either.”

Every moment and every second was torture; his desire to count the days had already disappeared. poP2Wt

“Back on Flying Luan Peak, I already thought that you could endure a lot.” Duan Yuyang gently wiped the sweat from Yuan Tianwen’s face. “At first, you would rather let me take you to a cold bath in the stream than touch me. I thought then that you were probably a chivalrous gentleman.”

Yuan Tianwen only had one thought right now.

He wants to curse a person.

Duan Yuyang was absolutely retaliating against him, and this method was especially shameless, especially sinister and cunning, and especially…Especially effective. cWaqrs

He didn’t dare to touch Duan Yuyang anymore. He didn’t want Duan Yuyang to have a deeper possibility of prejudice against him. He wanted to see Duan Yuyang very much and obtain his attention and concern, but this was definitely not the time!

“I’m not some chivalrous gentleman.” Yuan Tianwen suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the Duan Yuyang near him with bloodshot eyes. He grabbed the hand that held the handkerchief as he panted for breath, having a strong urge to say malicious curse words.

However, the words became softer once they left his mouth.

“Yuyang, listen to me. I will find you as soon as I recover after a period of time.” Yuan Tianwen’s voice contained traces of helplessness and pampering indulgence, a stark contrast to his usual serious and cold attitude. 1hvMWJ

Duan Yuyang paused and felt the heat and faint trembling from the hand on his wrist.

“Without me, how can you get past this period of time?” Duan Yuyang asked back.

“There’s always a way.” Yuan Tianwen forced himself to let go of Duan Yuyang. “I don’t want your misunderstanding of me to deepen any further. I’m very glad that you came over to see me. We can discuss the rest later.”

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Duan Yuyang gazed at Yuan Tianwen’s grave and stern expression–the oblique long eyebrows and black eyes like deep pools; his eyes traveled down to the tall and sharp nose and the red lips that had been bitten before. WxaqeM

Yuan Tianwen’s appearance was quite similar to Su Mo’s. He remembered that when he saw Yuan Tianwen for the first time as a child, perhaps due to his position as a young master, Yuan Tianwen always had an expression of “I’m not happy don’t you provoke me” when dealing with Yuan family members. Only when he saw Duan Yuyang did his eyes reveal traces of a smile, and he would crouch down and carry Duan Yuyang, whose height then was only up to his knees, on his shoulders without any regard to his own image.

After he grew up, Duan Yuyang felt that Yuan Tianwen treated him differently.

Only later, when he foolishly ran to the Yuan family to propose marriage but was rejected in a steadfast manner, did he realize that perhaps Yuan Tianwen just thought that he was amusing.

Unknowingly, Duan Yuyang was already close enough to touch Yuan Tianwen’s lips. tl8fFX

He suddenly kissed Yuan Tianwen.

Yuan Tianwen was frightened and almost pushed him off the couch, but fortunately resisted the impulse.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“You…” Yuan Tianwen probably wanted to curse him, but he also suppressed that urge.

He was reluctant to hit or scold, so he could only be played by Duan Yuyang. P5wTOx

Duan Yuyang looked at Yuan Tianwen’s silently enduring expression that contained many grievances and was suddenly overwhelmed with joy. He smiled, “Very uncomfortable, right?”

Yuan Tianwen didn’t want to pay attention to him.

“Back on Flying Luan Peak, you endured for so long, so how come you suddenly stopped trying to endure?” Duan Yuyang blinked and asked playfully.

“Because you said that insisting on solving it myself when there was a readily-available solution was something only a fool would do.” Yuan Tianwen fixed Duan Yuyang with a death glare. RpKP G

Duan Yuyang felt happy again. “You remember quite clearly. That’s indeed what I said.”

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“Every sentence you say, I remember it clearly.”

Duan Yuyang continued, “Then, now that I’ve already delivered myself to your doorstep, you still want to deal with it yourself. I really was blind, wasting so much effort trying to teach you.”

Yuan Tianwen, however, sneered, “Don’t think I don’t know your scheme.” UTFk6f

Duan Yuyang paused. “What scheme do I have?”

Yuan Tianwen responded, “If I touched you today, I’m afraid that you won’t ever accept me anymore after today. Of course I won’t do something like killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. I won’t let you go. After I recover, even if you run to the ends of the world, I will still find you.”

Duan Yuyang, “…”

Damn, why did this sound so frightening? qepS9T

Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes, “Your heart is too dark.”

“It’s not that my heart is dark.” Yuan Tianwen refuted, “I just don’t want to give you any excuse to escape from me.”

“I don’t understand.” Duan Yuyang spoke.

“You do understand.” Yuan Tianwen stared at him. “You’re not willing to accept me because you still don’t believe that the person I like is you. You just think that it’s because of the affection on Flying Luan Peak and also because I touched you, so I want to take responsibility for you.” Zlfhsz

A trace of dismay flashed through Duan Yuyang’s eyes, and panic arose from being seen through. His thoughts were firmly understood by Yuan Tianwen.

Yuan Tianwen’s eyes dimmed a little, “So, you should leave now. I don’t want to hurt you, nor do I want our misunderstanding to deepen.”

Duan Yuyang’s expression changed. At last, he sat down with a big grin and sneered, “You want me to leave, so I won’t leave.”

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Yua Tianwen suddenly felt happy while feeling pained — it really hurt, but he didn’t dare say it! XiE0Qp

Duan Yuyang fooled around with Yuan Tianwen with his gaze. Yuan Tianwen acted as though he didn’t see it.

Perhaps Duan Yuyang finally found his conscience, so he stopped talking nonsense. He found a place to sit and sometimes took out a few talismans to play with, while sometimes casting a glance at Yuan Tianwen.

Yuan Tianwen wanted to ignore the existence of the person beside him, but how was that possible?

Let’s first not mention whether he is Liu Xiahui or not. Just from the facts that Duan Yuyang is his sweetheart and that the two have an indescribable relationship, it was already impossible for Yuan Tianwen to not think more about the situation. njaW6I

Finally, at night, Yuan Tianwen couldn’t endure anymore. He opened his eyes like a hungry wolf staring at his prey, his eyes shining with a green light. He fixed Duan Yuyang with a fierce stare and gnashed his teeth quite a bit.

“What in the world did you come here for?” Yuan Tianwen asked.

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“To spend time with you.” Duan Yuyang blinked his eyes innocently.


Editor’s Little Thoughts:
Butter: Is this supposed to be a dog blood chapter? Are they going to do the dirty? What’s happeninggggg
DYY: [no comment, plans underway]
YTW: [suffers]

Translator's Note

Ancient Chinese dude who was hiding from the rain in a decrepit shrine and this girl was also hiding from the rain but was cold so he held her in his arms for an entire night without doing anything to her; a gentleman

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