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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh22 - Let Them Look



These outrageous words travelled their way without obstruction into Yan Tianhen’s ears. He grasped the whip in his hands tightly and was so angry that all the hairs on his body were going to stand. Vq5 TY

The carriage curtains were drawn, Yan Tianhen turned around and saw that Lin Xuanzhi actually came out and sat beside him.

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Yan Tianhen quickly looked around him, then with an anxious face he said, “Dage, hurry and go back in, if they see you sitting at the coachman position they’ll laugh at you.”


“Do you think that if I don’t sit here, then no one would look down on me?” Lin Xuanzhi lightly returned a question, but didn’t look angry at all. He instead took the whip from Yan Tianhen’s hands and said, “Also, if you can do this kind of thing, then why can’t I?”

“But…they’re all looking at you.” l 64WZ

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“Then let them look.” Lin Xuanzhi said openly, he looked at Yan Tianhen and smiled, “Don’t you think your Dage’s worthy of their looks?”

Yan Tianhen immediately understood what Lin Xuanzhi was trying to say. oQd0xd

He had to admit, in the whole of Qing city, Lin Xuanzhi was initially famous for his peerless beauty.

His flawless and unforgettable face had stunned numerous people. He heard that even in the Profound Sky Sect that is littered with strong cultivators, Lin Xuanzhi was still the most eye-catching existence there. pYKRmU

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Yan Tianhen’s face reddened, his Dage’s smiling face looks really handsome. He had long and narrow eyebrows that pointed obliquely upwards at the ends. His eyes glittered like the stars while his face resembled a bright moon, and his lips appeared as if it was painted on. His whole existence was like a beauty amongst the clouds separated from the other mortals – he looked just like a celestial being.

Lin Xuanzhi saw that Yan Tianhen actually blushed so hard from his question and immediately wanted to tease him further. He even moved closer to Yan Tianhen with his face just inches away, then laughed softly, “Does Ah Hen think that my face would make others stop in their tracks?” 1oY2sr

Yan Tianhen just thought that Lin Xuanzhi had suddenly become very frivolous.

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If this was like in the past, Lin Xuanzhi would be giving him the cold shoulder and showing him a black face, much less direct a smile towards him. tdBnvY

And, Lin Xuanzhi isn’t a narcissist. The words “My face is especially handsome so they’re all appreciating it” would never leave his mouth.

But…Lin Xuanzhi seems to have changed a lot. KWB3Et

“Dage is the most handsome one.” Yan Tianhen blushed.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Xuanzhi lightly laughed, then stretched his hand out and rubbed Yan Tianhen’s head, “That’s right, so whatever they say or do, you don’t need to mind it.” Z u5wx

Yan Tianhen furrowed his brows and said, “But their words are so unpleasant, and I don’t like the way they look at Dage.”

“Then I’ll dig out their restless eyeballs and cut off their tongues.” Lin Xuanzhi lightly said, “But, I won’t do it now. I’ll do it when I have the ability to do so.” Jozux2

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Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him too and said, “Why, do you think Dage is too cruel?” szaB d

Yan Tianhen shook his head and said, “No, just a bit surprised. Dage had always been someone who wouldn’t talk about killing so easily.”

“People are bound to change.” Lin Xuanzhi said, “Also, even if I don’t kill, it doesn’t mean that others won’t kill me.” UAaWM6

Won’t talk about killing so easily?

He, the past him was like that, he would never kill others arbitrarily, and even treated his family and divine mission with utmost importance. iqueSa

At that time, Lin Zhan was still alive, and was the Lin family’s next appointed head. As the son of Lin Zhan, as well as being the most accomplished genius cultivator of the Lin family, Lin Xuanzhi would undoubtedly be treated as the successor to the Lin family.

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Lin Xuanzhi similarly set high standards for himself. He made it his personal mission to save and help everyone in the world; he had a gentle, modest and polite persona and carried himself like a fine young master in a turbulent world. d30CjW

But it was this same young master who wouldn’t talk about killing easily who was pushed by his enemies whom he had pardoned towards hell one step at a time.

He crawled out from hell, not to become that gentleman who was bent on saving the world. He didn’t cultivate the demonic path, nor became a devil, but it didn’t mean that he would still be that blind bastard who repaid others’ kindness with evil. x8hU4M

If others were to bully him, betray him, shame him, harm him, scheme against him, he would kill them.

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In this life, Lin Xuanzhi swore to let each and everyone of his past life’s enemies pay the price. When the time comes, he’ll undoubtedly look for them to get even, and also…… LOWlBE

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the Yan Tianhen beside him, and his icy cold eyes began to defrost.

In this life, he will definitely not let Yan Tianhen down. O0zTmo

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Author’s note:


Lin Narcissistic Xuanzhi has come online: They look at me because I’m handsome.

Yan Honest Tianhen rubbed his head: But, I hear them scolding you.


Lin Devil Xuanzhi [has murdered everyone]: What about now?

Yan Confused Tianhen: …… The dead can’t scold people.


Lin Xuanzhi: Hehehehehehehe, that’s right.

T/N: Btw the he sounds are pronounced “her”(?), not “hee”

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  1. Cute little author note there. I hope we can learn a bit more about YTH’s back story and his current situation.

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    • I’m guessing it’s cause LXZ is his only family left, and right now YTH is just a kid so to him his Brother is his whole world. In their past life though, their relationship got more complicated as they grew older, but even I’m not clear on what happened to the two of them over the years

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