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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh150 - He’s Very Special


Translated by: Zryuu

Edited by: Romana c8Pq4n

Huangfu Chengxuan’s face paled a little in an instant. Cold sweat broke out on his forehead, “W-why would that happen? I obviously, obviously only asked them to make things difficult for the Lin family ah. What does it have to do with the other families?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Although he was arrogant and conceited, he wasn’t an actual idiot. He knew the principle of ‘having strength in numbers’ — provoking just one or two third-class families wouldn’t be much of a problem, but provoking a dozen or more at the same time would stir up quite a bit of trouble.

Huangfu Jin looked like he was looking at a brainless idiot as he glanced at Huangfu Chengxuan’s face. He really didn’t want to admit that this guy had the same parents as him. hng1J

“No no, our Huangfu family is so amazing. Even if they have a lot of primary-level cultivators, what can they do?” Huangfu Chengxuan wiped away his cold sweat and said anxiously, “Quickly lead some people to go kill them all, and let them have a taste of how strong we are!”

At the Hundred Families Gathering which occurred a century ago, five families of the Middle Continent colluded to humiliate all the third-class families. And during that Hundred Families Gathering, five of the major families, became four.

Huangfu Jin narrowed his eyes and stared disdainfully at the Huangfu Chengxuan who had disappointed him thoroughly. “Don’t think that third-class families are really ‘third-rate’. Even if someone wanted to make things difficult for them, the one in the lead would definitely not be the Huangfu family. Use your brain and think for yourself, you’re on your own. If something really happens, even Father and Mother wouldn’t be able to protect you!”

After Huangfu Jin finished speaking, he turned around and left without hesitation, quickening his pace.


This foul atmosphere made him want to puke.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Huangfu Chengxuan collapsed onto the ground. His eyes looked dazed, and his body was sweating as he murmured, “That’s impossible ah, how could it be? All I did was ask people to teach Lin Xuanzhi a small lesson…”

Twelve families rioting and finding fault with one family were two completely different things.

In Huangfu Jin’s courtyard, Leng Jixue was admiring the Scorching Sky flowers. kdlLdz

Huangfu Jin walked in. Leng Jixue turned around to look at him, and couldn’t help but reveal a slight smile.

Huangfu Jin, “Is it so funny to see me?”

Leng Jixue shook his head, “Your face makes you look like someone owes you money for eight lifetimes. Did you go look for your eldest brother again?”

Huangfu Jin’s expression darkened a little more, “He’s already in his thirties, yet why is he getting more and more disgraceful? All I ask is for him to enjoy his vulgar games in peace and not cause even more trouble for me. But he just has to create messes time and time again. Sometimes, I really wish I could just lock him up so he wouldn’t be able to stir up anymore troubles!” LpyWUA

Evidently, Huangfu Jin was thoroughly angered this time. His brother was someone who couldn’t do anything right. He was so busy that he was like a spinning top every day, yet he still had to wipe the ass of that Huangfu Chengxuan!

This wasn’t the first or second time something like this had happened, but the mess he had caused this time was the worst!

When Leng Jixue saw this, he walked over to say, “Dealing with the aftermath is indeed difficult and troublesome. It wouldn’t be good to provoke those young masters either. If this isn’t handled well enough, the reputation of the Huangfu family would suffer as well, and if this causes them to bear some kind of horrible grudge, it would be even more terrible.”

Huangfu Jin nodded and took a deep breath, “That’s such a simple truth, yet that pig brain of a Huangfu Chengxuan can’t even understand it!” kSXJMF

Leng Jixue smiled, “You need not be too nervous. They were probably struck by a sudden impulse. Ultimately, those families are still afraid of the Huangfu family, so as long as you give them enough face and benefits, no one would bear any grudges.”

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Lejcuoe Alc cbvvfv. “Vtlzlbcu’r gluta, jcv atja’r ktja P qijc ab vb abb.” IC4Am

Ofcu Alzef rjlv, “Dea, P atlcx atja ilaaif oglfcv Olc kbeivc’a yf fjrs ab wbnf.”

When he heard Leng Jixue say Lin Xuanzhi’s name, Huangfu Jin frowned slightly, “Shixiong, have you really met that Lin Xuanzhi before? Your attitude towards him seemed very different from how you treat others.”

“I’ve never seen him before.” Leng Jixue’s eyes were as clear as water as they looked at a tree blooming with Scorching Sky flowers, “If I had seen such a peerless talent before, I would never forget him. But when I saw him, I keep feeling like we should have known each other and we should be like-minded friends. This feeling became even more intense when I spoke to him.”

Huangfu Jin’s heart abruptly jolted and his eyes widened. “Shixiong, don’t tell me you…are interested in him in that way?” 7fs3FG

“What are you thinking?” Leng Jixue shook his head as he smiled, “I just think he’s very special.”

The heart that had reached Huangfu Jin’s throat dropped. Jealousy was bubbling in his heart, and he was about to die from a vinegar overdose because of Leng Jixue’s words. However, he still had to pretend to be indifferent and feigned calmness, “Lin Xuanzhi has really great luck to get that kind of evaluation from Shixiong.”

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“You can’t say that.” Leng Jixue frowned slightly, “But I always feel that little friend Lin wants to keep his distance from me on purpose.”

Huangfu Jin felt even more displeased at once, “Shixiong’s such a great guy that he can’t even wait to butter up to you, how could he try to distance himself from you? In a few days, after Lin Xuanzhi hears about Shixiong, he’ll probably pay you a visit personally to curry favour and display his goodwill.” 5C2tWz

Leng Jixue knocked Huangfu Jin’s head, “Don’t spout so much nonsense.”

Huangfu Jin rubbed his head with a smile on his face, yet he kept muttering in his heart — he must meet that Lin Xuanzhi in person that his Shixiong regards so highly, and see what kind of demonic arts he has that makes Shixiong care about him so much.

The thousand people from the Lin family lived at the inn that they had booked in advanced. Lin Liuchun, who rarely showed up, finally stretched and climbed out from the carriage lazily when they arrived at the entrance of the inn.

The Lin family pupils all looked at him with complicated gazes. qtFId

Lin Liuchun was stunned, then looked at Lin Xuanzhi, “Why are you all looking at me like that?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled lightly, “It’s nothing much. They just think that Fourth Elder is really handsome and carefree, and how your valiance surpasses all.”

Lin Liuchun laughed loudly and patted Lin Xuanzhi’s shoulder, “Good kid, you have great judgment.”

Then he complained, “I slept all the way here, it was so damn tiring.” wngp0T

After Lin Liuchun entered the inn first, Duan Yuyang couldn’t help but sigh, “Did you see that? That’s how a master would behave. When facing an enemy, he didn’t even move at all, and slept and ate as he should.”

Yan Tianhen nodded and said with envy, “Fourth Elder sleeps really well, he could compete with my family’s Maomao.”

Duan Yuyang, “Who’s Maomao?”

Yan Tianhen said, “The bald chick we picked up before.” aCNlth

A sudden realisation dawned upon Duan Yuyang. He said with much disbelief, “You’re actually raising that bald bird? Though it is quite strange for it to not have died after swallowing such a powerful earth-level medicinal pill.”

Yan Tianhen nodded, “Yeah. It’s absorbing the earth-level pill while it sleeps. I think Maomao is very unusual, he’s completely different from other birds.”

“That’s true.” Duan Yuyang nodded and sighed, “It’s honourable me’s first time seeing such an ugly bird.”

Yan Tianhen, “…” yDE8x0

Yan Tianhen pouted, obviously unhappy.

Just as Duan Yuyang was prepared to enter the inn with Yan Tianhen, a hand suddenly pressed down forcefully on his shoulder.

Duan Yuyang turned around and saw a gloomy Duan Yuhao.

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Duan Yuyang’s expression changed, but quickly restored its usual laziness. foJCkt

“Duan Yuyang, do you really think you’re part of the Lin family now?” Duan Yuhao said, displeased.

“You guys arrived here pretty early.” Duan Yuyang evaded his question.

Duan Yuhao cast a glance at a Chasing Sun horse and sneered. “No wonder you’re a third-class family, even your means of transportation is third-rate.”

Yan Tianhen pondered for a bit and said, “I heard that Duan family’s  Second Elder has the highest cultivation level, and is the most powerful one. Do you know why?” sONW8r

Duan Yuhao cast a disdainful glance at Yan Tianhen’s face,“Do you think you have the right to speculate about our Duan family’s Second Elder at will?”

Yan Tianhen rubbed his nose, “I don’t speculate about people. It’s just that when I saw Duan Second Elder, he handed me a manual for getting strong and said, ‘I managed to live this long and achieve such a high level cultivation because I didn’t neglect one most important thing.’”

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“What is it?” Duan Yuhao asked.

“He never cared much about other people’s business.” Yan Tianhen said. ZPnlBc

Duan Yuhao, “…”

Fuck, this kid dared to mock him.

Duan Yuyang laughed, overjoyed, for a long time. He nodded, “Second Grandfather isn’t wrong at all. There are too many people in this world who enjoy caring about other people’s business.”

Duan Yuhao’s face darkened, “Will you go back or not?” ddEr10

Duan Yuyang blinked, “I didn’t know that you actually care this much about me. I’ve only left the Duan family for half a month, yet you ran all the way here to beg me to return to the Duan family.”

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Duan Yuhao almost jumped up in anger from Duan Yuyang’s shamelessness and narcissism.

“Stop sticking gold onto your face.” Duan Yuhao said impatiently, “If it wasn’t because Mother was concerned about you and was afraid that you’d suffer hardships by following these third-class family people, I wouldn’t even bother about you.”

Yan Tianhen blinked and said unhappily, “Yuyang Gege gained two kilograms after following us. Are you trying to mock us with those words?” EcGSd6

Duan Yuyang nodded, “That’s right, he’s trying to mock you.”

Duan Yuhao took a deep breath, “Will you go, or not? If you won’t, then don’t return to the Duan family anymore.”

Duan Yuyang grinned, “I’ll go, of course I’ll go. If I don’t return to the Duan family, where else can I go?”

Duan Yuhao looked displeased as he glared at him, then turned around and left. SWP4Gn

Duan Yuyang waved at Lin Xuanzhi and the rest, “Thank you for your hospitality, I’ll be leaving first.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him, “Don’t give the game away.”

“Don’t worry.” Duan Yuyang smiled, then turned around and left.

As he looked at Duan Yuyang’s receding figure, Yan Tianhen came to realise something, “Has Yuyang Gege gotten over it?” 7r0lD2

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “Probably.”

Yan Tianhen sighed again, “The Duan family really is like a wolf or tiger’s den to Yuyang Gege!”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “It is a tribulation set by the Heavens for him that he must overcome.”

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Once he successfully overcomes this tribulation, Duan Yuyang’s fate may change completely. LAFHnz

After resting for a day, the next morning, Lin Xuanzhi went to the bazaar of Sky Peak City to tour the new place under Yan Tianhen’s enthusiastic request.

Yan Tianhen was evidently in a very good mood. He kept talking all the way while Lin Xuanzhi held his hand. Most of the time, he was listening to Yan Tianhen talk about the rumours about Middle Continent that Lin Zhan had told him in the past, and would occasionally interject.

“Wah, we don’t have those spiritual plants at all in Qing City, and I’ve only seen drawings of them in books!” Yan Tianhen stared at the spiritual plants protected by an array at the top of a shelf, and couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

Lin Xuanzhi’s gaze swept over the spiritual plant, “When you become an alchemist, you’ll use those spiritual plants sooner or later.” EkGjoM

Yan Tianhen immediately looked like an eggplant covered in frost as he wilted instantly.

Lin Xuanzhi rubbed Yan Tianhen’s head, “Don’t be discouraged. You just lack a final push.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yan Tianhen looked up and nodded, “But, these still won’t be of use to me right now. I haven’t finished using up the spiritual plants we brought over from the family either. Let’s go look at the materials for crafting magic treasures instead ba.”


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