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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh37 - You Did Well



Triangular Eyes immediately panicked. He grabbed Gold Bracelet’s wrist and frowned as he said, “Lin He, don’t go overboard. Half of my plot isn’t done yet. If Steward Fang sees it he’ll definitely fire me. If only a little bit of your plot is left undone, Steward Fang won’t bother you!” 1WzpEB

“Even if you’re fired, what does it have to do with me.” Gold Bracelet relied on the strength of his Golden Snake Whip and began waving it around as he said, “Whoever has the stronger fist has the final say.”

Triangular Eyes was so angry his face turned green. His fist ruthlessly landed on Gold Bracelet’s face, then he spit at him and said, “You fucker, you really think that I’m scared of you.”

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Gold Bracelet was hit and humiliated, so he immediately flew into a rage and jumped up. As he cussed at Triangular Eyes, he aimed at him and sent his whip over which instantly whipped off a piece of flesh from Triangular Eyes’ chest.

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Triangular Eyes howled in pain. His blood rushed to his head and he couldn’t be bothered with his spiritual field mottled with weeds. He took out a talisman and threw it at Gold Bracelet. djxGWL

Xbiv Dgjmfifa kjr olgwis alfv eq jcv mbeivc’a wbnf j rlcuif lcmt. Kgljcueijg Ssfr abbx jvnjcajuf bo atlr mtjcmf ktlif tf kjr ybecv ys atf Dlcvlcu Kjilrwjc ab qewwfi tlr ojmf. Qlatlc j wbwfca, Xbiv Dgjmfifa kjr yfjafc eq rb yjvis tf ibbxfv ilxf j qlu’r tfjv.

“I won’t let you off Lin Xiang, I’ll kill you…ao!”

Tjc Kljctfc tjv rabqqfv kbgxlcu j ibcu ktlif jub jcv kjr rajcvlcu lc tlr bkc rqlglaeji olfiv. Lf ibbxfv jrxjcmf ja atf akb qfbqif ktb jikjsr qjgacfgfv eq ab yeiis tlw jr atfs wjeifv bcf jcbatfg.

The spectators had wanted to stop them, but when they thought about the imminent patrol of Steward Fang and how they haven’t even finished the work on their own hands, they quickly extinguished the thought and continued plucking their weeds. 7bp3Lk

Yan Tianhen felt pleased as he looked at Gold Bracelet and Triangular Eyes fight. After awhile, he went to carefully check his spiritual field once over, then after he ensured that all the weeds had been plucked, went round the two unbecoming guys and left the spiritual plants fields.

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When he walked to a deserted area with no one in sight, Yan Tianhen took out a silver ingot from his pocket and passed it to the kid who had warned everyone about the steward’s visit. He said, “You did well.”

The kid’s face broke out into a smile, then used his teeth to bite the silver ingot and said, “If you have this kind of job next time, remember to call me.”

Yan Tianhen nodded, then said, “Don’t let anyone discover what you did, or else they’ll beat you up.” 54HK71

The kid smiled, then stuffed the silver ingot into his clothes and said, “You should worry about yourself first. I don’t even work here, they can’t catch me, but you can’t escape……well that’s all, I’ll leave first.”

The kid bit on a stalk of grass, and before he left, he made eyes at Yan Tianhen and said, “You look so honest and easy to bully, I really didn’t expect you to be the kind that was white on the outside but black on the inside.”

Yan Tianhen flashed him a harmless smile, then said, “Which part of me is black, I didn’t do anything, they were the ones who started fighting with each other. I didn’t lift a finger nor open my mouth, so I’m not taking any blame. If they were to fight till something serious happens, I’m not gonna take any money out of my pockets for their treatment.”

The kid thought, don’t just look at how Yan Tianhen isn’t as tall nor as sturdy as him. He’s usually the type to not say a word and allow others to bully him as they please, but he had let those two guys start a fight by themselves without saying a word, and their fight is pretty brutal too; that’s a bit scary. kXnaG0

Tsk tsk, how calculating.

The kid thought all this, then raised his thumb up at Yan Tianhen before he quickly ran away.

It’s better for him not to anger this kind of person, or else, one day he might be the one who’s stabbed by this blackened person without knowing what had happened.

Author’s note: 7hsnPo

Henhen: Gege, those two guys are fighting and it’s so scawyy━((*′д`)爻(′д`*))━!!!!

Xuanzhi: ……keep acting, I’ll just watch from here.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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