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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh334 - Master of Wishing Lane


Lin Yufan’s eyes flashed darkly, “Your plan has already been implemented?”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and said lightly, “It’s almost time. Now that I have mastered my dad’s former businesses, when used, they’re very handy and well-trained.” Cskn7

Although Lin Yufan may look like a woman, he was all in all still a man. One who longed to have accomplished his own achievements and make a name for himself in history. Hence, Lin Yufan decided to follow Lin Xuanzhi because of what he had seen in Lin Xuanzhi’s character who could lead him to achieve greater things.

Also, Lin Xuanzhi had once given his promise to assign him an important role when the time was right.

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Lin Yufan was excited and his face showed some astonishment, “Second Uncle used to have so many subordinates in the past? These subordinates, do they have connections with the Lin family?”

Lin Xuanzhi explained, “Naturally, they don’t. If they were connected to the Lin family, then it would truly be a mess. What I need is absolute control, and not be held back by outside things like family and clansmen.” XfiVxr

Lin Yufan raised the corner of his lips and said thoughtfully, “Young Master, I suddenly realize that I really like your tone.”    

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at him, “It’s useless even if you like it. You don’t have a chance. I already have Ah Hen.”

Lin Yufan froze. His mouth twitched, “I’m talking about your style and talent.”

Lin Xuanzhi calmly replied, “You’re surprisingly not looking at one’s appearance but at their innate character, so that’s even more dangerous.”


Lin Yufan, “…”

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Forget it, just pretend he didn’t say anything.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Lin Yufan thoughtfully, “Even though I’ve said I’m with Ah Hen, yet it seems that you don’t look surprised at all.”

Lin Yufan answered, “The way you act around him is obvious enough. If I can’t even detect that, will you still choose me as your spy?” dZAkdH

“It seems the term spy is not very pleasant and does not conform to my aesthetic standards.”  Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “How about the Master of the Wishing Lane?”

Lin Yufan was shocked, “Wishing Lane?”

“You mean–“

“The brothel.” 5XieOS

The so-called “Wishing Lane” meant that one’s wishes could be completely satisfied here.

The Wishing Lane had opened branches all across the Five Continents and was already one of the most popular pleasure venues.

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In this Wishing Lane, not only could you get utmost enjoyment, but you could also choose any beauties you like. However, Wishing Lane wasn’t most famous for its beauties, but for the human furnaces that could provide benefits to both parties through intercourse. The birth of a human furnace required favorable weather conditions, geographical conditions, and human conditions. Female human furnaces tend to be more common than male human furnaces. The most famous human furnace in the world was Hong Shuoxue, who wiped out the entire Hong family in a river of blood 20 years ago. Only 20 years had passed; Hong Shuoxue had already taken down the Hong family in mutual destruction. The beauties in this world had already passed away, leaving only a legend filled with blood. There were seven such male furnaces in Wishing Lane.

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Even if some of the human furnaces only accompanied cultivators with their dual cultivation techniques and didn’t engage in any physical contact, they could still deliver great benefits to the guests.

Therefore, the status of Wishing Lane in the Five Continents vaguely had a transcendent meaning. Most of the patrons behind Wishing Lane were the backers of the people in Wishing Lane itself. Wishing Lane was very strict with the training of the people who worked inside, and its criteria was also very stringent — no ugly ones, stupid ones and mundane ones. After entering, there were special mothers who would train them from the inside out…

It had been 30 years since the founding of Wishing Lane, yet no one seemed to know who the master behind it was. However, no one dared to stir trouble in such a place.

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Shortly after the opening of Wishing Lane, a small stewardess was bullied by a family’s young master. Later on, that young master’s cultivation was crippled by a powerful person and he had lost his position as heir as well. However, his family, who tried to ask the Wishing Lane for compensation, was shocked by the unfathomable power of Wishing Lane and had to submit to the embarrassment. After swallowing their accusing tones, the matter finally came to an end. QwT8Mp

After this incident, few people dared to deliberately stir up trouble with Wishing Lane again. Their reputation had gradually spread from one continent to another, before it resounded all throughout the Five Continents.    

The master of Wishing Lane had also become a topic of interest for the public, but until this day, no one knew who the master was.

Lin Xuanzhi originally didn’t know.

But Qing Zhu made it clear. ypmLSI

When Qing Zhu had handed Lin Xuanzhi the account books of Wishing Lane over the years, Lin Xuanzhi stayed silent for a long time.    

On one hand, he was surprised by Lin Zhan’s ambition and great energy. On the other hand, he began to reflect upon himself. Throughout his last life, how much did Qing Zhu actually despise him? Until the end, Qing Zhu never told him about these private properties, let alone seeing him for himself.

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After the silence, he calmly took Wishing Lane from Qing Zhu.

The Wishing Lane had a total of 12 branches. Other than these 12 branches, there were countless fronts as well. Those fronts had nothing to do with Wishing Lane, but they were actually the Wishing Lane’s contact points. After 30 years of operation, it had developed a complete system that could operate independently without Lin Zhan’s involvement.     MUWdmq

The Wishing Lane was so secretive that when Liu Mengchen was dealing with Lin Zhan, he didn’t even know about the Wishing Lane.

Lin Xuanzhi wasn’t sure where exactly Lin Zhan learned these business experiences and managing methods from, but his predecessor had planted trees in whose shade another generation rests. Since Lin Xuanzhi wasn’t very familiar with Wishing Lane, so he didn’t intend to change Wishing Lane in the short term and wanted to keep it as it is.

However, among Wishing Lane’s decision-makers, Lin Xuanzhi was bound to insert his own power.

Lin Yufan was the one he chose.     iluRjI

The main building of Wishing Lane was located in the core of the Five Continents, but it was still some distance away from Sky Peak City. The master of the building was a beautiful woman who always hid her face behind a light gauze and her gender was ambiguous.

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Lin Xuanzhi looked at Lin Yufan whose chest was heaving, “I have some information about Wishing Lane here. I’ll write down the general situation of those in charge of the 12 main buildings. All of the contact points of each branch are also marked on the map. You can look through them when you have the time. Two months from today, the masters of the 12 main buildings will be coming to see me. When the time comes, I’ll take you to meet them.”

Lin Yufan felt as if he had indigestion. He moved his throat with difficulty and looked at Lin Xuanzhi with a complicated expression. “Young Master, the Wishing Lane is now your private property?”    

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “Yes.” dHP935

The feeling of getting rich overnight, so this was how it generally felt like.

Lin Yufan said admiringly, “The Wishing Lane has attracted all kinds of beauties from the Five Continents. I don’t know whether the Young Master has any intention of taking advantage of what’s near him and enjoying himself with the beauties.”

Lin Xuanzhi replied, “Rabbits don’t eat grass beside their nests.”  

“Are you sure you’re qualified to say such things?” cobeLP

Lin Xuanzhi,” … ” Ah Hen was a special case.

Lin Yufan smiled, “It’s rather interesting. I’m afraid the Wishing Lane left behind by Second Uncle is even richer than the entire Lin family’s fortune combined.”  

“Once you look at the account book, everything’ll be clear.” Lin Xuanzhi responded.    

Lin Yufan sighed, “It feels like I’ve boarded a pirate boat that I can’t get off of.” DiNPY2

Lin Xuanzhi smiled faintly, “Other than you, I have not told anyone amongst my peers about this matter. When my father was employing people, he had only used Qing Zhu in the whole Lin family.”  

Lin Yufan narrowed his eyes, “Young Master, you have just told me such a big secret. You most likely couldn’t trust me so easily?”  

“If you’re willing to take over this part of the business, you must enter a master-servant contract with me.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Yufan’s eyes sank slightly. “What if I don’t want to? Will you exterminate the root of the grass to get rid of all future trouble?”     tWOfRG

“You think too much.” Lin Xuanzhi replied airily, “I’ve never been one to force others. If you really don’t want to, I’ll remove your memory of today and let you go. After all, you’re also a member of the Lin family. I’m not that heartless.”

Lin Yufan leaned against the chair and laughed, “I thought you would say that it’s too troublesome to destroy the body after killing.”

“That is also true.”  Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “Thanks for reminding me.”

Lin Yufan, “…” 0Q7ndk

To be honest, Lin Yufan regarded Lin Xuanzhi highly. If Lin Xuanzhi didn’t rise again and didn’t happen to value Lin Yufan, then Lin Yufan had already been prepared to leave the Lin family household and go out to work alone. However, if you fight alone from the beginning, what big tree could you lean on easily to enjoy the cool breeze? Lin Yufan’s mind was very clear on this, otherwise he wouldn’t have shown his kindness to Lin Xuanzhi from the very beginning.    

Lin Yufan entered an unequal master-servant contract with Lin Xuanzhi. Although his heart was slightly uncomfortable, it soon vanished. After all, the names of these contracts were only unpleasant to the ears. In fact, as long as he didn’t betray Lin Xuanzhi, the contract would be redundant and had no influence on him.

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Lin Xuanzhi handed Lin Yufan all the information about Wishing Lane. When Lin Yufan looked at it, there was a thick pile and his mood couldn’t help but surge more.

Lin Yufan immediately decided to go back and have a look first. He quickly took his leave from Lin Xuanzhi. g72RS8

After Lin Yufan left, Feng Jingyu flew into the room from the window and landed on Lin Xuanzhi’s shoulder.

Feng Jingyu remarked, “This woman you have chosen is somewhat different from other women this king has met.”

“It’s the person I have chosen after all. How could he be an ordinary person?” Lin Xuanzhi replied nonchalantly without giving more explanation, “What do you think of him?”

Feng Jingyu shook his head, “It’s hard to say. After all, your intelligence network is supported by this kind of flesh business. He looks so cold and proud, I don’t know whether he’ll be willing to give up his position and serve others.” JYnycN

Lin Xuanzhi replied, “I’ve no plans to let him serve people.”    

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Feng Jingyu hissed, “One can hardly expect to accomplish a major task without taking a few risks. Haven’t you heard of this sentence? You actually want to train him to be the master of the 12 buildings, but you have to convince the twelve owners of the branch buildings. Though she’s such a young woman without any background. Why should the chief manager of the 12 buildings listen to him? Moreover, if Lin Yufan doesn’t go to Wishing Lane to feel and experience it for himself, how would he be able to identify the current problems of Wishing Lane and improve them?”

Lin Xuanzhi replied, “People have their own ideas and everyone has their own path. I believe Lin Yufan can find a foothold in Wishing Lane even if he doesn’t personally serve people. Don’t worry, he’s a wise person. He knows how to protect himself.”

Feng Jingyu heard the words and felt disdain for Lin Xuanzhi’s “naive and ignorant” idea.   afdQLw

However, since Lin Xuanzhi insisted on using Lin Yufan, there wasn’t much more to say.

For Feng Jingyu, no human being could compare with his bird clan when it comes to the information gathering business, so if Lin Yufan managed to even learn a little of their skills, his task would be considered finished.


Lin Yufan walked on the street with a thick stack of account books and information in his arms. SI5if7

Unfortunately, it so happened that Du Qiying, who was buying magic treasures and medicinal pills, met Lin Yufan.    

Du Qiying walked over, “Junior Martial Sister Yufan, what have you come down the mountain for?”

Lin Yufan had now been accepted by Broken Sword Peak as an inner-door disciple, and he stood out among the group of female disciples because of his cold nature and refined appearance. Being easily noticed by others had given rise to them having this desire to conquer. It had only been a month after being accepted, Lin Yufan had already been accosted by many senior martial brothers.

Du Qiying was one of them. NIGkL


Sarah: LOL poor Lin Yufan XD

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Islanor: dun dun duuuuuuun…. DQY couldn’t choose a better timing lol. Let’s just hope LXZ was right abt LYF being able to protect himself… rC0FES

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    Which implies that QZ’s decision to keep himself hidden from LXZ was done entirely of his own volition. 😰

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