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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh168 - Martial Arts Competition


Translated by: Ea

Edited by: Ea lUxd9G

Soon afterwards, the remaining three celestial level sects — South Continent’s Heavenly Law Sect, West Continent’s Imperial Sky Sect, and North Continent’s Heavenly Fire Sect — also took their places in succession, causing quite a stir.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Especially the representatives of North Continent’s Heavenly Fire Sect, who rode Polar Ice Wolves, demonic beasts covered in short and icy crystalline hairs, directly over. Every time the enormous ice wolves bounded through the air, a huge claw-shaped icy mist rose up behind them, which caused many participants, who had never seen any demonic beasts from North Continent’s extreme arctic regions before, to repeatedly exclaim in shock.

Finally, Sky Peak Sect’s young sect master led a group of Sky Peak Sect’s disciples and took their seats. Now, all the important figures of this Hundred Families Gathering had arrived. v1sfY8

The first round was decided by drawing lots for two matches.

The winner of the first lottery round can also participate in the second lottery round on the same day and continue to compete until they’re knocked off the stage.

Lin Zezhi was the first Lin family member to fight, and his luck wasn’t bad. His opponent was also from a third-class family whose overall ranking was 84th — South Continent’s Gu family.

Lin Zezhi walked onto the stage and directly launched his Profound level top-grade technique — Burning Sky Palm. After a period of training, his Burning Sky Palm was at a much higher level than it was before he left the Lin family’s residence. yk1IVL

More importantly—–

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“Dage, his technique looks a lot more stable than before.” Yan Tianhen said insightfully as he watched Lin Zezhi, who was brewing his technique at a steady pace neither fast nor slow.

“Technique is like a person.” Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “He has indeed matured greatly.”

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi, “Dage, actually, when you were injured, he didn’t exactly refrain from throwing stones while you were down.” NjEe5g

“Naturally I know.” Lin Xuanzhi replied lightly, “However, those are not important. He has never done anything to cause me any substantial harm.”

“He even wanted to starve you to death.” Yan Tianhen pursed his lips, clearly holding grudges.

Lin Xuanzhi gazed at Yan Tianhen, “Those all resulted from Madam Bai’s intentions. Madam Bai is his birth mother. When her secretive actions are finally exposed, he will always help his own mother. After all, he only had his mother to rely on ever since he was young, and they depended on each other to survive. It’s not unforgivable for people to be human.”

Yan Tianhen thought about it and asked, “Then Dage, what Madam Bai did to us, will we just leave that alone?” pnVvRA

“It won’t be that easy for them.” A dark and gloomy light flashed through Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes.

He could drop all grudges against Lin Zezhi only because Lin Zezhi had never caused any actual harm to Yan Tianhen in their past life.

However, Madam Bai and Third Elder…

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“Ah Hen.” Lin Xuanzhi said.

“Hmm?” Yan Tianhen, who had originally been concentrating on the martial arts match onstage, turned his head towards Lin Xuanzhi, his pair of bright eyes clear and untainted.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Nothing, continue watching the match.” Lin Xuanzhi said. GKo07V

Yan Tianhen, “…..”

In fact, what Lin Xuanzhi wanted to say was, Ah Hen, I will never let go of anyone who has ever hurt you — anyone.

In the end, Lin Zezhi used a technique called “Blazing Flames Breaking Through the Heavens” from the Burning Sky Palm manual to hit his opponent squarely in the chest, knocking him off the high platform and ending the match.

Yan Tianhen cheered, entirely absorbed in the fierce competition. 4Kmu6d

Lin Zezhi jumped off the stage and returned to Lin family’s ranks.

Lin Xuanzhi commented, “Compared to before, you’ve made great progress.”

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Lin Zezhi smiled as he wiped away his sweat, “Actually, my strength is still the same. It’s just that my Heart of Dao has stabilized a lot.”

Lin Xuanzhi also smiled, “A firm Heart of Dao is more valuable than obtaining a priceless secret manual.” mETrcg

Lin Yan walked over with a dark expression and glared at Lin Zezhi, “Originally, I found this secret manual first.”

Lin Zezhi nodded, “What about it? I got it in the end anyways.”

Lin Yan, “…” Damn it, Lin Zezhi was still so annoying!

The second Lin family member to compete was Lin Yaer. However, Lin Yaer never made an appearance today in Lin family’s ranks, and she didn’t even drop by to greet them. l6Wd3Q

Lin Xuanzhi remained impassive when he saw Lin Yaer.

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Lin Yurou frowned, “It doesn’t seem like Cousin Yaer wants to associate with us.”

Lin Yufan laughed scornfully, “She has always looked down on the Lin family. In that case, we should also regard the Lin family as having no such member.”

Lin Yurou whispered to Lin Yufan, “However, Yaer Tangjie is very strong.” 08KOaq

“Strong, but she isn’t even on your side. That’s even worse than being a crippled waste.” Lin Yufan’s words had always been scathingly sharp, but they hit the nail on the head every time.

Lin Xuanzhi did not make any comments about Lin Yaer.

Ever since the last life, this woman had shown a detached attitude towards the Lin family and didn’t appear even when the Lin family found itself in dire straits. Lin Xuanzhi had long since stopped treating her as part of the Lin family. She was different from Lin Zezhi, as Lin Zezhi held deep feelings toward the Lin family. Even though he wasn’t very talented or strong, at least at a critical moment, he still had the decency to survive or perish together with the Lin family.

As for Lin Yaer… 5PzjT

The firm but gentle purple sword Qi fluttered in the wind like a ribbon, wrapping itself around the opponent’s body. Lin Yaer didn’t need to spend too much energy to suppress her opponent.

As Lin Yaer’s name was still registered under Lin family’s group, Lin family’s ranking jumped up from the 84th place that Lin Zezhi won before to 52nd place.

As a result, Lin family’s opponent, the formerly 52nd-ranked Wang family from the East Continent, dropped to rank 84.

During the competition, families’ rankings will constantly fluctuate, so generally speaking, families will tend to put their weaker members towards the beginning. However, the Lin family was an exception. Lin Xuanzhi didn’t really care about the order of participants or whether they won or not. After all, when encountering an enemy outside of the competition, the opponent won’t send out their weaker ones first. 0IXNGp

“We’re 52nd already.” Lin Yan wasn’t able to hide his excitement, “Who knows if we can enter the ranks of second-class families this time.”

The rankings for the Hundred Families Gathering didn’t consider the total accumulated score but instead considered the best score.

Thus, even if the Lin family abstained from further matches and withdrew from the competition then and there, they would still already have obtained rank 52nd in the martial arts category. Although they would still be among the ranks of third-class families, at least they could secure the right to participate in the next Hundred Families Gathering.

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As for the families ranked after one hundred, although they couldn’t compete onstage, they could still participate in mixed tournaments in other venues. The ten winning families from that competition can each send one pupil out to challenge any third-class family ranked between 50 and 100. 0u2Xg

If the pupil succeeds, then this family, whose rank is outside of 100, will directly replace the third-class family who was challenged and obtain that family’s ranking. In addition, in that same Hundred Families Gathering, the newly-promoted family will not have to accept any other challenges.

However, in the Hundred Families Gathering, very few families ranked after one hundred actually succeed in winning that challenge.

The so-called “disciples may come and go like flowing water, but families remain firm as steel” is not without its reason and basis.

But Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “The Lin family is already a second-class family now.” 6BjpDi

Lin Yan glanced at Lin Xuanzhi in confusion.

“The Hundred Families Gathering has an unwritten rule.” Lin Zezhi explained, “If a craftsman or alchemist who can craft magic tools above mid-grade appears in any family, then that family will automatically become a second-class family.”

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“Why?” Lin Yan asked, stunned.

“This is because the number of craftsmen and alchemists participating in each Hundred Families Gathering total less than fifty.” Lin Xuanzhi answered. UDo8ug

Lin Yan was speechless. After a long time, he sighed with emotion, “Having a craftsman by my side, this feeling of cheating is really fucking cool.”

Lin Zezhi, “…..”

Sure enough, he’s from a side branch, with such a vulgar way of speaking. Fortunately, I took the Burning Sky Palmmanual away. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be defiled if I let this kind of vulgar and crass person cultivate such an amazing technique?

Speaking of which, in order to show its respect to craftsmen and alchemists, the Hundred Families Gathering also held competitions for those two in addition to martial arts competitions. L5ETZw

In reality, a family’s ranking can actually have up to three items — martial arts, alchemy, and crafting.

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The rankings for the three categories are also separate from each other. Because the number of martial arts participants in the Hundred Families Gathering is the largest, the oft-mentioned “Hundred Families” is actually the families ranked in the first 100 places of the martial arts competition.

As for alchemy and crafting, those top-ranking families will also be among the invited parties. Only, the vast majority of the families who stand out in these two areas are all first-class or elite families anyways.

Thus, in the long run, many families, especially those without alchemists or craftsmen, all mistakenly regard the martial arts ranking as the overall ranking after taking into consideration all three categories, including alchemy and equipment crafting. Y 0tUe

Lin Yaer, who finished her match, came straight towards them.

She puffed out her chest, tall and proud, and wore a slightly exposed dress, which revealed a pair of long white legs. Her slightly gorgeous appearance made her the focus of many people’s attention as she walked towards the Lin family.

Lin Yurou saw Lin Yaer and smiled, “Yaer Tangjie, you’re really good.”

Lin Yaer swept a glance over her, “Naturally. Don’t you know who my brother is?” RsCWx2

Lin Yurou asked awkwardly, “How is Cousin Yangzhi doing these days?”

“He can’t be better. My Dage is currently in the middle of closed-door cultivation in Sky Peak Sect. When he comes out one day, he certainly won’t let those blind people live peacefully.” Lin Yaer glared at Lin Xuanzhi as she spoke those words.

Lin Xuanzhi seemed as though he didn’t notice and only asked lightly, “What do you want? Speak frankly.”

He…I looked for you, because I indeed have something to announce.” Lin Yaer walked up to Lin Xuanzhi and announced proudly, “I can participate in the Hundred Families Gathering under the Lin family’s name and bring glory to the Lin family. However, at the last stage, whether or not anyone from the Lin family actually enters or even who enters, honourable me and the Lin family will each go their own separate ways. You guys should take care not to drag me down, and when you’re outside the Lin family, don’t say that you know honourable me either to save honourable me from losing face.” r68Ujx

The expressions on most Lin family members changed.

Lin Yurou spoke, “Yaer Tangjie, we’re all Lin family pupils, why the need…”

“Although I am from the Lin family, I’m not from the same line as Lin Xuanzhi.” Lin Yaer sneered as she raised her voice, “I still don’t put any of your cultivation levels in my eyes. Lin Zezhi, your ability is only around rank 80. If you want to enter the ranks of second-class families, then I’m afraid that you guys will have to take advantage of my limelight, so all of you should be smart and take very special care to not provoke honourable me.”

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Translator's Note

Although a family’s pupils constantly change with the generations, the family’s status would still be relatively unchanging

Translator's Note

She refers to herself as “this Young Lady”, feminine form of “this Young Master”

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