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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh175 - Destined But Not Fated


Translated by: Ea

Edited by: Butter Kez7iM

Duan Yuyang was so dumbfounded that he didn’t even register the anxious string of words Yuan Tianwen uttered by his ear afterwards.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Wait, wait!” Duan Yuyang frowned and asked with an expression of utter confusion, “The reason you’re together with Han Yuran and treat him like your dearest darling…Is because you mistook him for me?”

Yuan Tianwen nodded with a belly full of grievances, “Yes. Otherwise, how could I even spare him another glance?” x BlS3

Duan Yuyang was speechless for a long time. He thought that this was simply so ridiculous and comical that it overturned even his wildest imagination!

“Release me first.” Duan Yuyang spoke.

Yuan Tianwen whispered, “No.”

Duan Yuyang’s expression darkened, “Let go.”


“No.” Yuan Tianwen refused. “Once I let go, you’ll run away.”

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“Where the fuck will I run to?” Duan Yuyang was enraged, “This is my room, even if someone runs, that person should still be you okay? Get lost for Laozi!”

Yuan Tianwen, “…”

Ah, he’s swearing again. Looks like he’s really furious. YQeJ K

So Yuan Tianwen reluctantly released Duan Yuyang.

Duan Yuyang could finally breathe again. He calmed his emotions and breathed in the fresh air for a while before sitting down in a chair. He glanced at Yuan Tianwen, who stood in front of him as if awaiting a trial, and suddenly felt that this entire affair was a joke that the heavens had played on him.

No matter what methods Han Yuran used to mislead Yuan Tianwen into believing that he was the person on Flying Luan Peak…That everything was able to develop to this stage today, for Duan Yuyang, in fact, the source of everything was not actually the events on Flying Luan Peak.

“Yuyang…” Yuan Tianwen opened his mouth. LfIgj0

“Don’t speak yet.” Duan Yuyang raised his hand, and Yuan Tianwen immediately shut his mouth.

Duan Yuyang looked at Yuan Tianwen, who looked cute and obedient, and furrowed his brows tightly, “Did you mean that, from beginning to end, you recognized the wrong person?”

Yuan Tianwen nodded and wanted to explain something but was stopped again by Duan Yuyang’s raised hand.

“You’re looking for me now to admit your mistake and treat me like how you treated Han Yuran, right?” Duan Yuyang tilted his head. e4IQ8N

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“P vb lcafcv ab jvwla ws wlrajxf.” Tejc Kljckfc tfrlajafv, atfc rqbxf, “Dea P klii cba agfja sbe ilxf tbk P agfjafv tlw.”


“Because I can only give him the superficial treasures, resources, and status that he wants, but I cannot give him my heart.” Yuan Tianwen did not lie. Even when he believed Han Yuran to be his savior, he could still only continuously tell himself ‘you should be good to him, should give up everything for him, and anything he does is always right.’

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Lbkfnfg, yfcfjat jii atbrf jmalbcr vlmajafv ys atf yfilfo atja “atlr lr bcis ibulmji,” tf vlvc’a offi atja tf tfiv fnfc atf rilutafra yla bo lcafgfra lc atlr wjc, ktb kjr reqqbrfv ab yf ojwliljg yea ofia ilxf j ragjcufg. cKwNkU

He had wanted to find traces of that shadow from Flying Luan Peak in Han Yuran, but his every attempt met with failure.

Because he was entangled in the situation and failed to see the big picture, Yuan Tianwen couldn’t understand why a person could actually change so much once that person experienced a change in environment and a few more bitter events. However, once the answer revealed itself, Yuan Tianwen thought it was only natural and was finally able to completely relax.

“I will give you my everything.” Yuan Tianwen spoke from his heart.

Duan Yuyang, however, just stared at Yuan Tianwen, then smiled, “So it’s like this.” Npc9CB

Yuan Tianwen nodded, “Indeed like this.”

Duan Yuyang spoke airily, “All right, I know about this now. If you don’t have anything else to discuss, you can leave.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yuan Tianwen was stunned. He had expected that Duan Yuyang would perhaps get angry or become agitated, but he had never thought that Duan Yuyang would have this kind of reaction!

“Yuyang, don’t you have anything to say?” Yuan Tianwen’s tone revealed a sense of urgency, “I recognized the wrong person and hurt you, but, from beginning to end, you have always been the only person in my heart.” ZKV0zL

“Stop, hold it right there!” Duan Yuyang raised his hand and said with some amusement, “Yuan Tianwen, can you not live in the past? That period on Flying Luan Peak has already passed. Back then, I didn’t want to let you know my identity because I just thought that a one-night stand on Flying Luan Peak was enough. There’s no need for further developments. Now that you have the wrong person, I don’t have any more interest in you either. This just shows that we’re destined to meet but not fated to be together, and even the Dao of Heaven can’t bear to see us together, so let’s just let it end like this.”

Duan Yuyang’s verbal barrage made Yuan Tianwen unable to come back to his senses for a while.

Slowly, he gazed into Duan Yuyang’s pair of eyes, which was filled with deep grievances and sadness. “You’re lying.”

“What did I lie about?” ZNS8e9

“If you have no interest in me, then why did you go to the Yuan family to propose to me for the second time?”

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Duan Yuyang chuckled, “So you’re talking about that. Back then, my family’s Second Elder found out that you and I had intimate relations, and the older generations all have conservative mindsets, so he forced me to go to your door to propose marriage.”

Yuan Tianwen fixed him with a fierce stare.

“Let me say it like this.” Duan Yuyang shrugged and explained indifferently, “If I genuinely wanted to become Dao companions with you, then I would have already told Uncle Su about our relationship on Flying Luan Peak when I went to propose the marriage, but I didn’t.” dd3Hmn

“No, you’re lying.” Yuan Tianwen shook his head and refused to listen to this answer. “If you weren’t interested in me, then why did you reject me like that when I was expressing kindness to Han Yuran?”

“Isn’t that self-explanatory?” Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes. He finally couldn’t tolerate it any longer and stood up. “I have a pretty good relationship with Lin Xuanzhi, and an even better relationship with Yan Tianhen. You stole away my good buddy’s fiance, don’t tell me that I should still greet you with a smile? It’s already a miracle that I didn’t hit you. All right, I don’t want to mention this matter anymore. Let’s just leave the past in the past. Just treat it as though the person on Flying Luan Peak was Han Yuran.”

Yuan Tianwen’s handsome face paled.

The time on Flying Luan Peak was an experience worth savoring and recalling for his entire life, but Duan Yuyang wants him to forget it — how can he possibly forget? q5Y MZ

“The person on Flying Luan Peak is you, the one I like and always think about is also you. I don’t believe a word of what you just said.” Yuan Tianwen calmed himself down and spoke in a quiet voice, “We should be familiar with each other, so you should also be clear on what kind of person I, Yuan Tianwen, am. As long as it’s what I believe and what I want, even if it is against the will of the world, I will still obtain it by any means necessary.”

Duan Yuyang, “…..”

Where the fuck did you get that honeyed confidence?

Moreover, Laozi really said those words in vain. wl6XMG

Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes and sat down again. “Whatever you like. Now that you’re done speaking, you can leave. I’m tired today and want to rest.”

Now that Duan Yuyang had ordered him to leave, Yuan Tianwen didn’t dare to disturb Duan Yuyang any further, even if he put down those decisive words only seconds ago. Otherwise, with Duan Yuyang’s temper, he’d be kicked out in a fit of rage, which would do more harm than good for Yuan Tianwen.

“Rest well, I will continue to look for you these days.” Before Yuan Tianwen left, he spoke those words to Duan Yuyang with profound meaning. “Tomorrow is another day…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Who the fuck is tomorrow? Who has a tomorrow with you? If you’re not crawling away right this moment, then what are you standing at the door for?” Duan Yuyang blurted out with an impatient frown. OVHml0

Yuan Tianwen, “…”

His family’s Yuyang sure has a unique character and is lively and cheerful, and even his cursing is so tactful and not lacking in momentum.

After Yuan Tianwen got lost, Duan Yuyang sat in the chair, stupefied, for a long time.

His mind was blank. R6r41Q

Recognized the wrong person?

Why did this kind of thing happen?

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Could it be that the Dao of Heaven is playing a humongous joke on him?

Duan Yuyang thought about his strong performance just now and immediately felt guilty, but also a little proud — in the future, he can probably flaunt this to others: he cursed the Yuan family’s young master, the young peak master of Breaking Sword Peak, until he was covered in dog’s blood, and even told him to get lost. And in the end, Yuan Tianwen did crawl away like that at record speed without even daring to say a word! m XCdc

Just this alone would be enough for him to flaunt about for a hundred years.

Duan Yuyang’s eyes stung, and his heart also hurt. He sniffled and cursed, “Damned Yuan Tianwen, you can even recognize the wrong person. Fuck, actually daring to threaten honourable me, is honourable me the kind of person who can be threatened?”

He thought of Yuan Tianwen’s eager words of loyalty and couldn’t help but chuckle like a fool.

But his foolish chuckles gave way to a long sigh in the end. 56lpyH

After everything, it’s still a step too late.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Perhaps they’re destined to meet but not fated to be together. Perhaps so.

Heavy fury was mixed into Yuan Tianwen’s aura as he slaughtered his way to Sky Peak Sect.

The people from the four great sects from the East, South, West, and North Continents lived in Sky Peak Sect after arriving at Sky Peak City. Cultivators from every sect had gathered together. Aside from daily conversations asking about the other sects that were in reality subtly flaunting their own sect’s strength as well as secretly comparing with each other in the dark, the cultivators usually spent their time sitting together sparring or discussing the Taoist paths. WbohSm

So, when Yuan Tianwen carried his Tianwen sword and stood in front of the gate of the Sword Discourse Pavilion, his entire being exuding killing intent, the disciples and elders of all five sects were present and the atmosphere was quite harmonious. The two Dao children at the gate of Sword Discourse Pavilion were immediately startled when they saw Yuan Tianwen’s expression, which was overflowing with murderous intent.

The two Dao children were stunned for a moment, then saluted Yuan Tianwen and greeted, “Young Peak Master Yuan.”

Yuan Tianwen asked with a dark expression, “Is Han Yuran inside?”

“Yes.” The little boy hurriedly replied. LTDSo2

Yuan Tianwen narrowed his eyes, “Let him come out. I have a matter to discuss with him.”

The two children looked at each other and thought in their hearts at the same time, he clearly intends to kill someone with a sword!

The purple-clothed child signaled to the red-clothed child with his eyes and the red-clothed child immediately understood as he walked towards Sword Discourse Pavilion.

Once he arrived inside the pavilion, the red-robed child could hear the faint sounds of Daoist discourse. At this moment, the topic was the Dao of equipment crafting, and Han Yuran was speaking. Vti4Df

Speaking of Han Yuran this person, although his thoughts and character are rather questionable, his talent and strength in equipment crafting are hard to denigrate, and he had his own set of opinions regarding the equipment crafting Dao. Otherwise, the peak master of Profound Sky Sect’s Thousand Hammer Peak wouldn’t have favored him immensely at first sight and insisted on accepting Han Yuran as his disciple.

The child in red walked up to Sky Peak Sect’s young sect master Ren Fuyao and whispered a few sentences into his ear. Ren Fuyao’s expression remained unchanged. He just swept a glance over Han Yuran and spoke in a low voice, “Let him wait for a short while outside. After Craftsman Han comes down, have some of Profound Sky Sect’s disciples accompany him out.”

The little boy in red murmured respectfully, “Yes.”

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After Han Yuran’s Dao discourse ended, he stepped down from the discourse platform under the friendly and admiring gaze of the audience. He had just returned to Profound Sky Sect’s designated area when he was stopped by the boy in red. Q36yuX

“Craftsman Han.” The child made a salute, “Young Peak Master Yuan asked you to go outside for a while and seems to have something important to tell you. Our Young Sect Master hopes that Craftsman Han can take several more Profound Sky Sect disciples with you outside so as to avoid unnecessary conflicts.”

Editor’s Little Snide Commentary:
Sounds like the people from the four great sects are comparing sizes :eyes:

Ea: The grovelling journey won’t be easy~ Next is dealing with HYR joT7uv

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