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  • my heart goes out to ym/hy right now, though i dont blame tianhen too

    circumstances makes who they are now, and hopefully circumstances would help them now

    if anything, i hope someday ah hen will finally be able to call hy dad/father/pop whatever he wants


    thanks for the update ^__^

  • huai yu this brat making it hard for his son in law already


    i love him!


    thanks for the work and update

  • i’m guessing for every story the expression i would have would be

    “urgh these two” isnt it?


    thanks for the chapter ^_^

  • aw… the pinky swear is too cute and adorable


    and yay for the reunion hopefully, missing seeing ah hen being all spoiled with xuanzhi

    i wonder will huai yu feels a lil jealous

    ah hen after all is his baby


    thanks for the chapter and all the work

  • the frequency of nine realms being mentioned is rather frequent these days

    is that a sign for them to expand and broaden their horizon soon (it was inevitable for sure but it seems much closer now)

    i kinda like their closed sheltered life right now, somehow them being out there would mean bigger challenges and more hurdles

    and my heart aches and also quite excited about it…

    anyway ah hen is lucky to have huai yu as one of his parent, dunno about the other half, but this one is perfect for ah hen and i am seeing and admiring huai yu as much as i revered su mo hahaha

    thanks for the update and the work ^_^

  • 😳 what? that caught me seriously by surprise

    i was suspicious when he was saying clever baby, but didnt realise that he meant it literally


    wow, now i am happy since tianhen is in a good hand, which is a lil wacko (adorably that is), but he is in the hand of someone who would give anything for him

    just like xuanzhi… yay

    thanks up the update ^__^

  • oh my dear ah hen… pretty sure it will be soon enough you will be as cunning as your master and might even stand along with su mo in the future hahahathere will never be dull days when ah hen and his master are together hahaha

    thanks for the update and all the work ^_^

  • the next chapter better be them confessing their undying love to one anotherif not i will get into this story and smack these two idiots on the head hard.

    then again, next is already the ending of their main story, huhuhu

    thanks for the chapter and all the work ^_^

  • that brat! huai yu i mean. how can he be so annoying and adorable at the same time? hahaha

    forecasting that in the future it will be about the battle of wit between huai yu and ah hen, ah… maybe that is what he is aim to teach ah hen. how to be a lil more cunning and a whole lot more shameless hahaha


  • aw… is this going to be the whole karate kid wax on wax off kinda training for ah hen? or its just basically huai yu being huai yu? i wonder how much will ah hen tolerate before he just exploded? hahaha

    ah well, these two, their kindred will be special for sure…

    and also i wonder how long it takes before xuanzhi just cant take it anymore and come to find ah hen?

    ah so many questions…

    still, thanks for the chapter and all the work ^__^