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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh136 - Your Skin’s Thick Enough


Translated & Edited by: Zryuu


Third Elder clenched his fist. Sooner or later, he would become the head of the Lin family, and he would let the whole family reappear on the Five Continents’ mainlands once again!

But, by then, he would probably have to let down the person who was beside him right now.

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Just as Feng Jianian was getting impatient from waiting so he was ready to personally go out to find them, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen appeared in the Lin family.

Inside. uFEoCh

As soon as Feng Jianian saw Lin Xuanzhi, his pupils immediately dilated and his eyelids jumped a few times.

He stared at Lin Xuanzhi’s face for awhile, and only snapped out of his stupor when Lin Xuanzhi walked right up to him. Then he took a deep breath.

As he resisted the urge to glance at Lin Xuanzhi’s face, he said coldly, “You’re Lin Xuanzhi?”

Lin Xuanzhi stopped walking. He was a few feet away from him as he said, “Yes, may I know who you are?” xl0JkO

Feng Jianian choked.

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This kid was so audacious! He actually didn’t know who he was?!

Feng Jianian studied Lin Xuanzhi’s face and thought to himself, although there are many falsehoods in rumours, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Lin Xuanzhi’s face really could take people’s breath away.

Even though he was accustomed to seeing all kinds of beauties, he couldn’t help but feel stunned when he saw Lin Xuanzhi. 5gvmYS

“My name is Feng Jianian.” Feng Jianian introduced himself, “From Sky Peak Sect.”

Lin Xuanzhi was slightly taken aback. He nodded and smiled slightly, “I’ve heard a lot about you, but seeing you in person is truly different from just hearing about you in rumours. A Feng family’s direct descendent truly isn’t ordinary, you bear such elegance and grace. Fellow Feng actually seems even younger and more handsome than the rumours say.”

Feng Jianian, “…”

No no no, this was slightly different from what he had envisioned. Lin Xuanzhi started praising him the moment he spoke, how could he still be in the mood to start beating him up? KXWMw0

Lin Yan’s eyes twinkled. He cast a glance filled with admiration at Lin Xuanzhi.

This Lin Xuanzhi was killing him with kindness, that truly is amazing. His skin was actually thick enough to praise someone who was confronting him angrily to cause trouble for him…hehe, his skin really was thick.

It if was him in Lin Xuanzhi’s place, as soon as he knew that someone had paid him a visit just to cause trouble for him, he would’ve definitely started getting angry in secret and started fighting the other person at first sight. How would he still have the mood to laud the other party?

Feng Jianian didn’t want to reveal any expressions for a moment, so he said with a stiff face, “You’re slightly different from the rumours.” ptwEZr

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “Rumours will always villify us. They’re not worth mentioning.”

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Feng Jianian, “…”

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The corners of Fifth Elder’s mouth twitched. As soon as the other party came, he rolled up his sleeves and started beating people up, and even wanted to charge straight in. Was he supposed to welcome him with a smile, and offer him his other cheek after getting one side of his cheek slapped?

But, a smart person like Lin Runru would never make things worse at such a critical juncture.

As such, Lin Runru chose to settle the matter peacefully.

Lin Runru said calmly, “This distinguished guest who came from afar insisted on waiting for you and Xuanzhi to return before he was willing to step into our hall. Since that’s the case, the two of you can help me entertain him ba.” XEDRJk

Yan Tianhen smiled and promised, “Sure.”

Feng Jianian has never seen such audacious people before. He actually didn’t know how to react for a moment, and just watched as Fifth Elder lead a group of Lin people who were planning to pick a fight with him away and disappear from the spot.

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Feng Jianian, “…”

Was the Lin family always this unusual? PQMtJy

Lin Yangzhi’s face was on the verge of turning purple. He cast a cold glance at Lin Xuanzhi, but only received an indifferent gaze in return.

Lin Xuanzhi said to Feng Jianian, “Since our Dao friend came all the way here, and even troubled yourself to wait for Xuanzhi to return out in the open, I would certainly do my utmost in entertaining Fellow Feng. Fellow Feng, this way please.”

Feng Jianian had concocted a plan to immediately show off a display of strength right at the outset, but his plan fell through immediately. Forget it, Lin Xuanzhi was this polite, approachable and had a face that was a delight to anyone’s eyes and would make everyone forget their mortal worries. If he were to still curse and start hitting people right now, wouldn’t it make him seem like a narrow-minded person who deliberately came here to cause trouble?

And thus, Young Master Feng settled down and nodded, “Thank you for your trouble.” CPbyjW

On their way to the hall, Lin Yangzhi remained half a step behind Feng Jianian out of courtesy, while Lin Xuanzhi walked side by side with Feng Jianian. Yan Tianhen would always stay next to Lin Xuanzhi at any time, so they naturally walked side by side as well.

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Lin Yangzhi looked at the three people in front of him and felt like his stomach was about to explode from anger.

Lin Yan, who had both his hands behind his head as he bit a stalk of grass and walked right next to Lin Yangzhi all sloppily, was in such a good mood when he saw this sight that he revealed a mocking grin on his face.

“Fellow Feng, after making a trip down here, do you think there’s any difference between Qing City and the Middle Continent?” Lin Xuanzhi asked. Famiru

Feng Jianian, “…”

As soon as he arrived at Qing City, he came straight to the Lin residence to cause trouble for them. Who the hell would have had the time to visit other places in Qing City?

However, Feng Jianian didn’t want Lin Xuanzhi to have an unfavourable impression of him, so he said without a change in his expression, “Although Qing City is a little worse off than the Middle Continent, there are a lot of good items on the streets, so I do have a pretty good impression of this place.”’

The corners of Lin Yangzhi’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t expose his Shixiong. esgRmN

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “Fellow Feng, frankly speaking, Qing City lags far behind the Middle Continent in many aspects, but it does have one advantage that definitely exceeds that of the Middle Continent.”

Feng Jianian’s interest was piqued, “But I would think that amongst the Five Continents’ mainlands, the Middle Continent should be the strongest in all aspects compared to the rest. You say that Qing City exceeds the Middle Continent in a certain area, but what area is that?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Security here is stronger than that in the Middle Continent.”

Feng Jianian was instantly at a loss for words. CYg2dE

The more cultivators there were in an area, the more bloodthirsty it would be. Murdering others for their treasures and revenge were common in such places.

Lin Xuanzhi cast a meaningful glance at Feng Jianian, “After all, there are still a lot of mortals in Qing City. The three major families in Qing City would naturally establish a lot of rules for Qing City in consideration of the balance between mortals and cultivators. Over time, Qing City’s cultivators tend not to be aggressive, and have become cultivators who advocate peace.”

Feng Jianian instantly felt deep veneration and gazed at Lin Xuanzhi with a complicated look in his eyes, “I didn’t expect that your Qing City’s cultivators would actually harbour such fraternity in your hearts.”

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Lin Xuanzhi smiled slightly, “Fellow Feng is the same. Fellow Feng didn’t disrupt the Lin family’s peace indiscriminately, and didn’t do anything impolite either. It seems like those from the Feng family do have good upbringing, and are all properly courteous as well.” dlxQRp

Feng Jianian felt his face burn up. What he did was considered being properly courteous?

He had obviously charged into the Lin residence angrily, and even started beating people up without a second word in order to display his strength.

However, Lin Xuanzhi had already flattered him so much that he felt like he was at an utter loss. While Feng Jianian was berating himself about how his impulsiveness had almost damaged his own and the Feng family’s reputation, he was also glad that he didn’t start fighting Lin Xuanzhi without reason at first glance.

Feng Jianian nodded a bit stiffly, “Naturally so. As an elite family in the Five Continents, those from the Feng family would of course have superb upbringing.” dAQjKd

Lin Yangzhi looked despondent, and couldn’t help but walk forward and say, “Feng Shixiong, I just came back from Reflection Cliff and still feel slightly unwell. I’ll go back and have a rest first, do excuse me.”

Feng Jianian waved his hand, “Go ba, and say hello to Yaer for me.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Yangzhi’s eyes twinkled and an idea occurred to him, “Shixiong, Yaer has been missing Shixiong recently. She should have returned by now, why don’t Shixiong go pay her a visit?”

Feng Jianian was obviously interested in Lin Yaer. But for some reason, Lin Yaer has always kept her distance from him. SEjRDc

On the one hand, it was the person he was interested in. On the other hand, it was a man that he had just gotten acquainted with. After Feng Jianian hesitated for a moment, he chose the former.

Feng Jianian said to Lin Xuanzhi, “My most important objective of coming to the Lin family is to visit my Shidi and Shidi’s younger sister. Let’s talk again another day.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “Then, I’ll bid my farewell here.”

Feng Jianian nodded reservedly, then turned around and left with Lin Yangzhi. gMdQos

After the two of them completely disappeared from sight, Yan Tianhen stroked his chin and said to Lin Xuanzhi, “Dage, he was obviously looking for trouble just now in support of Lin Yangzhi. Why did he change his mind after Dage talked to him for a bit?”

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Lin Xuanzhi said calmly, “He was just confused by me. He was really angry and wanted to take revenge for Lin Yangzhi, yet I made his fist land on a bed of cotton. Also, Feng Jianian is a simple man, he’s very easily misled by others.”

Lin Yan walked over and stroked his chin pensively, “But I didn’t expect the genius of the Feng family to be such a refreshing person.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “He has a pure and kind nature, he doesn’t have malicious intentions.” A6OiCS

Which was why in his past life, his own senior and junior brothers colluded to harm him, and he became the second Lin Xuanzhi. Afterwards, because he couldn’t bear the humiliation, he decided to commit suicide.

Lin Xuanzhi knows Feng Jianian. He was one of the Seven Lights of Sky Peak Sect — he doesn’t like killing and advocates peace, but he was particularly loyal and was willing to sacrifice himself for his friends.

However, this kind of person wouldn’t come to a good end in this sort of world.

One’s life and death is ruled by fate; Lin Xuanzhi doesn’t intend to change everyone’s fate. What comes around goes around, knowledge of one’s karma would offend samsara. qSofMl

Lin Yan said, “Lin Yangzhi dragged Feng Jianian away, and he’ll probably start bad mouthing you again.”

Lin Xuanzhi said without much concern, “I have no power to change that. But Feng Jianian isn’t a fool, he has the capability to judge for himself.”

Lin Yan thought about it for a bit and nodded seriously, but he still said with slight worry, “That Feng Jianian is so naive that he’s a little silly, yet the Feng family was still willing to let him go to a place like the Middle Continent’s Sky Peak Sect where wolves and tigers abound.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Why do you think that as an elite family, the Feng family would only send one person to the Middle Continent?” txFZmO

Lin Yan, “…”

Looks like he was being short-sighted again.

A place like Sky Peak Sect is the gathering place for famous Sects. The main and side branches of major families are connected through the same vein and Qi, so naturally, they would have to fight other families for resources within the sect. Thus, they would of course send as many members into the sect as they could.

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Lin Yan clicked his tongue with a face full of envy. FmAMHs

“However, if the one who had come wasn’t someone like Feng Jianian who was so easy to fool, and was instead a baddie like Lin Yangzhi, then Dage would’ve been in danger.” Yan Tianhen scrunched up his little face and couldn’t help but worry.

But Lin Xuanzhi didn’t seem to mind it, “We’ll cross the bridge when we get to it; if that kind of person really had come, do you think the head would remain as a vegetarian and stand aside to spectate the scene?”

Although the Lin family had to lower their heads in front of Sky Peak Sect, ultimately, the Lin family isn’t a lamb that could be easily slaughtered and humiliated by just anyone.

If the Lin family remained unconcerned even after someone charged into their territory and allowed others to slaughter them at will, then the Lin family would no longer have a footing in the Five Continents’ mainlands today. 8Khvk6

Thus, Fifth Elder and the rest of the elders aren’t mere figureheads.

It’s just that, since the Lin family’s interior structure had already disintegrated to such an extent, would this family really still have any potential for further development in the future?

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Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes slightly to conceal the cold glint within.

If the Lin family wants to break through its bottleneck and become a first-class family again, then it would need to eliminate the rubbish in it and remove all poisonous tumours within. dmLiaM

But of course, this was a matter to be left for the future.

Zryuu: LOOOOOL I really like how Lin Xuanzhi handled this

bmK6 E

Translator's Note

fellow specifically like Dao friend

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