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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh256 - Yuan Family Arrives


Duan Zhengde’s heart was startled. Nowadays, the Lin family was on a rising tide, so he couldn’t easily touch their disciples.

Duan Zhengde frowned, “Nephew Xuanzhi, this is our Duan family’s affair. You are the first son of the Lin family, so I’m afraid that it’s inappropriate for you to break into our Duan family’s law enforcement hall without permission.” dwbUa6

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “It’s indeed inappropriate, but it’s a matter of urgency. Yuyang is my friend. If something were to happen to him, it would be heartless of me to ignore it.”

“Cut the一” Duan Yuhao showed a disdainful expression but then he pondered contemplatively, “It couldn’t be that…the bastard in my eldest brother’s belly… is yours?”

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“If what’s in my stomach is a bastard, then I’m a bastard, my father’s a bastard too, and, brat, you’re the son of a bastard.” Duan Yuyang had a sharp tongue, so he immediately rebuked him. He’d let it pass if Duan Yuhao insulted just him, but he actually included the little thing in his belly in his insult as well. This, Duan Yuyang couldn’t tolerate.

Duan Zhengde turned blue with anger. He shouted, “Why aren’t you getting back here yet? You still don’t mind losing face?” OCN7lx

Duan Yuyang looked at his father with disappointment, “I will absolutely never let this child go. If you must force me, I’ll have to fight you.”

Duan Zhengde’s beard suddenly turned up and he pointed to Duan Yuyang, swearing, “You’ve been fooling around for a long time and I’m finally fed up with it. If you have to keep that bastard, our Duan family won’t accommodate you!”

“Why don’t you just tell me to fuck off?” Duan Yuyang glanced contemptuously at all the people present and had a good look at their faces. He tore the family crest on his clothes and threw it to the ground, “From today on, I won’t be a member of the Duan family.”

Duan Zhengde didn’t expect Duan Yuyang to be so decisive. All of a sudden, everyone was stunned. z5VTcw

His face turned red, “If you want to get out, then get out of the Duan family’s house!” 

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Duan Yuyang finally gave Duan Zhengde and Su Yulian a cold sweep. He turned around and walked away without any hesitation. His waist was straight and his eyes were filled with scorn over their so-called family, a place that was supposed to shelter him from the wind and rain.

It was a pity to lose his position as Duan family’s young master, and he was equally unwilling to leave behind the traces of his mother’s presence here. However, now that it had already come to this, if the Duan family had done him more harm than the amount of wealth it gave him, and if it was unable to shield him from the wind and rain, even going so far as wanting his life, then he would rather have nothing to do with them.

Duan Yuyang left with only the storage bag his biological mother had left him. cZjX7

Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen accompanied him all the way. Duan Yuyang stayed silent while Yan Tianhen didn’t know what to say.

Yan Tianhen glanced at Lin Xuanzhi frequently, his eyes calling out for help.

Lin Xuanzhi gave him a calm look, telling him with his eyes to not act rashly. When Duan Yuyang walked out of his family’s door, Lin Xuanzhi asked, “What’s on your mind?”

Duan Yuyang sneered, “Let’s find an inn to live in first.” Bqin03

Lin Xuanzhi replied, “Since there’s no place for you to go, you may as well live with me for now.”

Duan Yuyang shook his head, “It’s too much trouble.”

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“How can this be considered trouble? Although my humble house is poor, there is always a place for you to stay. “

Yan Tianhen also nodded and added, “That’s right ah. Yuyang Ge, if you come out and live alone like this, how can Dage and I feel at ease?”  XcQN31

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“Mbgufa la. Tbe’gf ublcu ab Ugbobecv Vxs Vfma rbbc. P mjc’a rajs klat sbe obg j ofk vjsr.”  Gejc Tesjcu gfiemajcais rwlifv, qjif jcv algfv. Lf ibbxfv nfgs vlragfrrfv.

Lf mbcalcefv, “Mbgaecjafis, P ralii tjnf j iba bo wbcfs bc wf. Pa’r fcbeut obg wf ab ilnf.”

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Seeing him like this, Yan Tianhen said sadly, “Yuyang Ge, you’ve never suffered from anything since you were a child. How can living outside be compared to staying at home?  Besides, you have a baby in your belly now. There’s no one to take care of you in the inn, so you’d best come home with me.” wKYS1T

Yuan Bao also came forward and nodded abruptly, “Yes ah Young Master. Since Young Master Lin had offered, let’s follow him to the Lin family’s house. This way, there can be someone to look after you. Even if you don’t want to plan for yourself, you have to think about your child.” 

Duan Yuyang was extremely shaken. He involuntarily stretched out his hand and touched his flat abdomen, full of mixed feelings.

He never imagined that a big man like him would get pregnant like a woman.

He had no female organs and never eaten any legendary pregnancy pill that was said to make a man pregnant. Now, he was unexpectedly told that he had a child in his belly by the doctor! 7RoY5n

Of course, it’d be impossible to say that he wasn’t afraid.

Duan Yuyang also feared for the wellbeing of the little thing in his belly. An unexpected misfortune could happen to it while he wasn’t paying attention.

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Lin Xuanzhi saw him beginning to waver, “The Duan family seems to be extremely dissatisfied with your pregnancy. If you live outside, aren’t you afraid they’ll come back to take care of unfinished business?”

As expected, Duan Yuyang’s face changed. He clenched his fist and ground his teeth. After an internal battle, he raised his head and said to Lin Xuanzhi, “Then I’ll be bothering you for a few days.” PjBbeK

Although Duan Yuyang treated others with generosity and extreme cheerfulness, he was not willing to cause trouble for others.

Yan Tianhen’s eyes curved up. He came forward with a smile and took Duan Yuyang’s hand. He shook it like a spoiled child, “Yuyang Ge, don’t be sad. You have to look on the bright side. Although you left the Duan family’s house, you’ll soon have your own baby. This is a good thing!”

Duan Yuyang’s face eased a lot when he heard this. He nodded with a faint smile raised at the corner of his mouth, “You’re right. This is also a good thing.

To be honest, if other men suddenly found themselves pregnant one day, most of the time, they’d feel so ashamed they probably wished they could die. 5vjP1J

But Duan Yuyang was someone who liked to do things that were shocking. All the rules and ethics were nothing to him. So when he found out he was having a baby, his first reaction was a sense of happiness.

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Even though he didn’t want to admit it, Duan Yuyang was still secretly glad that he and Yuan Tianwen were now connected by blood through his pregnancy, and he was extremely grateful to the heavens for giving him a blood relative.

In the end, Duan Yuyang followed Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen back to their house and lived in the other courtyard.

Before long, the gossip that Duan family’s eldest son was pregnant, driven out of the house and taken away by Lin family’s young master, Lin Xuanzhi, spread throughout Qing City. It became the most shocking and fascinating news in recent days. 7XbzuL

What’s more, it was said that the other father of Duan Yuyang’s child was Lin Xuanzhi. Those who spread the rumor in a disorderly manner had good arguments. If it wasn’t Lin Xuanzhi, then why did he take Duan Yuyang away?

To this, Lin Xuanzhi didn’t bother explaining.

It was difficult to stop long drawn-out rumours and he wasn’t in the mood to do it.

Three days later, a group of Luan birds flew through the clouds and came down from the sky. The scene was magnificent, and the carriage pulled by the Luan birds was full of precious treasures, with the back of the car dotted with colorful clouds. All of the people in Qing City couldn’t help but stop their work and look up at the flying birds. 1N8yb4

This group of Luan birds was clearly the beasts of the Yuan family. Among the birds, a multicolored crane rushed up and down at the front for fear of falling behind the birds nearby.

That crane headed straight for the Lin family’s house.

Before they arrived at the door, Feng Jingyu, who had been lying in his cradle like a great master, turned around. His golden beak opened and closed before saying, “Luan birds are bearing presents. When so many Luan birds are arriving at the Lin family’s door, it seems that there are happy things to come.”

Yan Tianhen was sitting beside Duan Yuyang, studying with him how to make clothes for the baby. When he heard this, he looked up at Feng Jingyu, “Where did the Luan birds come from?” Fr0DGu

Feng Jingyu flapped his wings and flew out of the window, obviously going to watch the hustle and bustle.

Before he had a clear idea of the situation, Yan Tianhen saw Yuan Bao running towards him, out of breath and clinging to the doorframe. He shouted, “Young Master, the head of the Yuan family, with his wife and their young master, have arrived at the Lin family’s home. By now, they should have been welcomed to the main courtyard by the master of the Lin family!”

“What?!”  Duan Yuyang suddenly froze.

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In the welcoming hall of the Lin family. 7BLwkt

As one of the most powerful families in the whole Eastern continent, the Yuan family was bound to be a behemoth that no family could afford to provoke. And everyone knew that the Yuan family’s master and his wife were quite casual. They never looked at a family’s ranking but rather at their eyes when interacting with others.

It was once rumored that the emperor of the largest secular dynasty in the Eastern continent offered Yuan Zheng extremely generous terms to serve as his teacher for several years. But Yuan Zheng pushed him away with a wave of his hand, causing the emperor to rage and lead his troops to attack the Yuan family.

Yuan Zheng was furious and, along with several good friends of his, he directly went against the hundred thousand troops and kicked the shit out of them.

Although cultivators and ordinary people had always gone their own ways and were not related to each other, cultivators dared not kill their lives for fear of provoking the heavens. Therefore, Yuan Zheng’s practice had caused quite a stir in the whole immortal world of cultivators. bjxdOk

At the same time, people began using the words moody and unpredictable to describe Yuan Zheng privately.

Such a hard-to-please aristocratic family master had actually come to their home with his wife and son. This was absolutely a great honor to the Lin family ah!

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Beaming with joy, Fifth Elder took out the best spiritual tea and fruits to entertain the three members of the Yuan family. He greeted them, “You’ve come a long way, but we didn’t get to welcome you sooner. I hope you’ll pardon the offense.”

Lin Xuanzhi sat beside him, pouring the tea and wine himself. RTh 8d

Yuan Tianwen looked at Lin Xuanzhi. Although he looked calm on the surface, he was already sitting on pins and needles. However, his father specifically told him before arriving that he should be courteous and not act urgent. If not, Yuan Tianwen would’ve had already dragged Lin Xuanzhi away to ask where Duan Yuyang was.

A few days ago, Lin Xuanzhi had sent him a letter stating that Duan Yuyang was pregnant and had been taken to his house. Yuan Tianwen couldn’t wait to fly to Duan Yuyang to accompany him.

And now they finally arrived at the Lin family’s home, how could Yuan Tianwen bear it?

Meanwhile, Su Mo was very calm. He spoke with a smile, “Lin Zhan and I were old friends and we’ve had a long history with the Lin family. The Lin family master doesn’t have to be so courteous.” 9keg1K

Fifth Elder nodded. His impression of Su Mo was very profound, especially when Lin Zhan was giving birth. Su Mo not only accompanied him at his side, but he also personally delivered Lin Xuanzhi.

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Fifth Elder replied, “Nearly 20 years have passed by but you don’t seem to have changed much.”

Su Mo said, “The same is true for Fifth Elder, but you’ve made more progress in cultivation.”

Fifth Elder laughed happily, “I can’t be compared to you for a thousand miles ah.” JzPBjW

Suddenly, Yuan Zheng opened his mouth, “Ahh.” Su Mo squinted at him, peeled off a golden longan fruit, then smoothly delivered it into his husband’s mouth.

Yuan Zheng chewed it, spat out the seeds, and said, “Hey, this tastes good. Is it a specialty of Qing City? Take more when we leave and I’ll make us some dried fruits when we get home.”

Su Mo smiled dotingly at him and peeled a few more fruits to stuff them into Yuan Zheng’s mouth.

The two men’s dog-abuse acted out as if it was nobody’s business, uncaring about being seen and making people laugh. XEzwHn

Fifth Elder said admiringly, “I’ve long since heard about the two husbands of the Yuan family being deeply in love with each other. Sure enough, seeing it today, it’s really different. Like when I met you a few years ago, it seemed like it’d been like this for decades.”

Yuan Zheng raised his brow and proudly placed his hand around Su Mo’s waist. “Nonsense, the greatest achievement of my life is marrying Su Mo into my family. Regardless of whether he’s ten or twenty years or two hundred years old, we’ll always end up together forever. “

Yuan Tianwen knew this feeling. He nodded, “I can do this too.”


Sarah: YTW says but none of us have forgotten that dark point in his life… XD the Duan Family would have been awarded greatly if they only treated DYY right smh. well YTW is also an idiot for taking ages to realize he mistook his loved one… let’s hope the idiocy in both families cancels each other out and DYY’s baby is a genius 😂

Editor’s Little Theatre:
Yuan Family: *arrives to pick up DYY in full glamour**
Duan Family:
Duan Family: Fak. We fucked up.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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