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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh17 - Schemes and Plots



Han Yanran stomped her feet, then ran and sat facing Han Yuran. She angrily said, “You’re still in the mood to discipline me? Do you know what kind of grievances I faced at that trash Lin Xuanzhi’s place?” SrtcH6

Han Yuran glanced over her, then continued with what he was doing and said, “What kind of grief can he give you? Lin Xuanzhi is not a fool, as of now he still needs to cling onto the Han family for help.”

“But he has never ever asked for anything from our family.” Han Yanran sneered. She rolled her eyes, then moved closer to Han Yuran and pretended to be mysterious as she said, “Dage, I suspect that Lin Xuanzhi’s dad left him quite a bit of treasures before he died.”

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“Of course.” Han Yuran paused what he was doing, then said, “No matter what, Lin Zhan was a powerful cultivator who had his feet in the primary level realm, and he had considerable assets, so it’s not like he wouldn’t leave anything behind for his own son after his death, but…”

Han Yuran changed the topic and said, “Most of the good stuff that he inherited should have been wasted away in the past two years.” 9zDZlj

Lin Xuanzhi spent god knows how much money on buying top-grade repair pills, and after he turned into a good-for-nothing, he didn’t have any method of earning money. That lame and ugly brother of his could only earn a bit of money through the odd jobs he took on, so Lin Xuanzhi would naturally sell the treasures that his Dad had left for him.

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And recently, judging from the fact that Lin Xuanzhi didn’t even have enough money to buy medicinal pills, most of the treasures that his Dad left for him should have been sold off by now.

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When he thought of this, Han Yuran revealed a sweet smile.

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Han Yanran took in this whole sight, and knew what her brother was thinking.

Han Yanran couldn’t help but roll her eyes, then coolly said, “Those two white tiger demonic beasts, you don’t need to think about getting them anymore.”

Han Yuran was stunned, “What happened?” k85x6P

Han Yanran said, “They were sold off by that ugly Yan Tianhen, and do you know how much he sold them for? 1000 gold!”

“What!?” Han Yuran stood up at once. His movement was too sudden which caused the forged stones that he uses for crafting to overturn.

When Han Yanran saw his reaction, she added oil to the fire by saying, “Yan Tianhen is really an ugly idiot who likes to cause trouble, and he even dared to talk back to me. And he also looked down on Dage, he tried to sow discord between you and Lin Xuanzhi right in front of me. I don’t know what other dirty things he did behind our backs.”

Han Yuran’s face immediately blackened, then he looked towards Han Yanran and said, “Where did that ugly kid sell those white tigers to?” 9CMqpZ

“He said he sold them to someone who buys demonic beasts.” Han Yanran also yearned for those two white tigers, she pursed her lips and said, “But there are so many demonic beast marketplaces, how would we know who he sold them to?”

Han Yuran narrowed his eyes, then pondered for a bit before saying, “He should have used the money to save Lin Xuanzhi, if so, then he shouldn’t have ran very far. The demonic beast marketplace closest to Tyrant Martial Hall is the East Market in one of their streets. The beast tamers there have probably left by now, I’ll personally make a trip down there tomorrow.”

Han Yanran was a bit surprised and said, “Dage, you’re going to redeem those two beasts?”

Han Yuran nodded and said, “Definitely.” AHO u9

Han Yanran immediately furrowed her brows, and her heart ached as she said, “But, it’ll definitely cost more than 1000 gold to redeem them.”

Han Yuran glanced at her and said, “What do you know, those two aren’t just any demonic beast, they’re…”

Han Yuran closed his mouth.

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Han Yanran asked, “They’re what?” qyIWLK

Han Yuran said, “Nothing, I’ll explain everything to Father tomorrow then take the money to redeem those demonic beasts. No matter how much money it costs, we definitely have to get our hands on those demonic beasts.”

Han Yanran couldn’t understand her brother and asked, “Even though twin tiger demonic beasts are rare, but it’s not like they’re indispensable. We have so many beasts, there’s no need for us to spend so much money to redeem those two demonic beasts right?”

Han Yuran only shook his head and didn’t explain further.

He, if those were only ordinary demonic beasts, then he, Han Yuran, would not even have them in his sights. But who said that those two were ordinary demonic beasts? cbWpGg

Lin Xuanzhi actually went beyond his means and tried to show off by giving those two tiger cubs to him. On the one hand, Han Yuran was delighted for getting such a good bargain, and on the other hand, he spurned Lin Xuanzhi for being so blind as to not recognize the value of those tiger cubs. He actually couldn’t tell that those cubs were spirit beasts……but, when he thought of how Yan Tianhen actually sold those spirit beasts for such a trivial matter, an extremely strong urge to kill Yan Tianhen rose within Han Yuran.

T/N: An extremely strong urge to kill Han Yuran rose within the translator.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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