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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh70 - Returned to its Original Owner


Yuan Tianwen frowned and said, “Why are you always picking on Yuran? When did he ever offend you?”

Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes and said with disdain, “He has an inauspicious face, and honourable me can’t stand seeing every part of him from his head to his toes — just this alone is enough for him to have offended me. If you can’t bear to see me roll my eyes at your fiance, then take him with you and get lost.” OendsY

Yuan Tianwen had intended to suppress the rage in his heart, but when he saw Duan Yuyang mock his sweetheart like this, he flew into a rage, “Duan Yuyang, if it wasn’t because my Dad forced me to bring you along with me to Profound Sky Sect to meet him, did you really think that I would have been willing to take you along with us?”

Duan Yuyang lifted his chin up so high it almost reached the sky. His nostrils faced Yuan Tianwen as he said, “Then hurry and get lost, you think honourable me actually wants to travel there with you?”

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“Then you can go by yourself.” Han Yuran ended the conversation coldly, then looked at Yuan Tianwen with a long face and said, “Tianwen Ge, you’ve heard what he said, he doesn’t know what’s good for him at all. If we continue travelling with him, you wouldn’t know what else might happen.”

When Duan Yuyang heard his words, he immediately smiled mischievously and said, “Aiya, since Han young master doesn’t want to see me, then I should really tag along with you guys. When you’re unhappy, I’m happy, hehehehehe.” u0gpwY

Han Yuran fumed, “Shameless!”

Duan Yuyang grinned as he said, “Bite me bite me~ If you’re so capable, why not come over and hit me? O that’s right, you’re a craftsman, so you’re probably no match for me anyway. Just throwing any one of my magic treasures at you will be more than enough to smash you to death.”

Yuan Tianwen’s expression had turned rather stern as well. When he went to pay the Duan family a visit, Duan Yuyang’s mother had talked to him about Duan Yuyang’s improper conduct in the past couple of years. At first, he had thought that this Didi of his who would always sweetly call him Gege and follow him around everywhere when they were younger was being bad mouthed by his stepmother. Thus, he had felt some pity for him, as well as guilt from rejecting his proposal.

But he didn’t expect Duan Yuyang to really be such a crude guy who completely lacked any manner or poise. pxl9oK

His Dad will be going to Profound Sky Sect soon to settle some matters and wanted to see Duan Yuyang while he was there. So, his Dad had asked him to bring Duan Yuyang along with Han Yuran. If it wasn’t for his Dad’s request, Yuan Tianwen definitely wouldn’t have wanted to contact Duan Yuyang.

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Duan Yuyang obviously doesn’t like him, but for some reason, he still agreed to go meet Su Mo.

Lin Xuanzhi had had enough of this farce, so he helped to smooth things over, “Everyone, Jiadi and I are on our way to Profound Sky Sect right now. Since you guys are going to Profound Sky Sect too, then we may as well go together.”

Yuan Tianwen took a deep breath and suppressed his annoyance, then said to Lin Xuanzhi, “Sorry for making a fool of ourselves.” NCtbgz

Yan Tianhen nodded and laughed, “It is indeed quite funny. My Dage had just annulled his engagement with him a few days ago, yet he had already found another fiance. But, I think the bracelet on his wrist is a gift from my Dage ba?”

Han Yuran’s face stiffened, and suddenly felt like the bracelet on his wrist weighed a ton. He withdrew his hand that wasn’t covered by his sleeve and said, “If you want it back, you can just say so.”

Lin Xuanzhi casted a glance at Yan Tianhen and said, “Ah Hen, be polite.”

Yan Tianhen blinked and said, “I’m already quite polite. Also, would that bracelet suddenly not be a gift from Dage if I were a little more polite?” etUOhT

Tsktsk.” Duan Yuyang clicked his tongue and shook his head, then said, “Unexpectedly, someone’s taking advantage of your generosity ah.”

“Enough!” Han Yuran took off the bracelet on his wrist and threw it at Lin Xuanzhi, then said, “Who cares about that kind of item.”

Lin Xuanzhi raised his hand and caught the bracelet.

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Ktlr kjr j ylgatvjs uloa ogbw Olc Wejchtl’r wjrafg ktfc tf kjr ja atf qfjx bo tlr uibgs lc Ugbobecv Vxs Vfma.

Han Yuran had asked him for it, and Lin Xuanzhi thought that it was worth it to keep the engagement that Lin Zhan had arranged for him, so he generously gave it to Han Yuran.

This could be considered as one of the most valuable gifts that Lin Xuanzhi had given Han Yuran.

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Lin Xuanzhi played around with the bracelet, then asked the Yan Tianhen who was standing beside him, “Ah Hen, do you like this?” qvJMYN

Yan Tianhen nodded, “I like it.”

Lin Xuanzhi pulled over one of Yan Tianhen’s hands, then helped him wear the bracelet and said, “Since Ah Hen likes it, then I’ll give this Sun Moon Cloud Bracelet to you.”

Yan Tianhen was stunned, then said happily, “Thank you Dage!”

Han Yuran bit on his lower lip as he looked at the bracelet that had belonged to him hang on that ugly idiot Yan Tianhen’s wrist. He instantly felt short of breath and his heart ached so badly he wanted to die. 9AZNbp

That bracelet, even someone who couldn’t recognise value would know that it was a treasure that couldn’t be measured by money. It was a magic treasure that could save your life!

Yuan Tianwen felt inexplicably distressed. He felt like he had just lost face because Han Yuran was still carrying around Lin Xuanzhi’s gifts while he was out with him, and this fact was even pointed out by someone who accompanied Lin Xuanzhi. He said, “It’s getting late, we should get going.”

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Duan Yuyang said, “I don’t want to ride that stupid crane with them, I want to ride a horse!”

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes swept over Duan Yuyang, then said to Yan Tianhen, “Let’s ride one horse together while we leave the other for Duan young master, how’s that? bzAkI7

When Yan Tianhen heard this, he muttered in his heart: there were only two horses, if they were to give one to Duan Yuyang, then he would be able to ride the other one with his Dage for the entire journey.

Why would Yan Tianhen disagree? He generously offered Duan Yuyang his smaller Chasing Sun horse.

Duan Yuyang raised his eyebrow, then confidently jumped onto the horse and said, “Thanks for the generosity. Lin Xuanzhi, honourable me has decided to take back my previous evaluation of you. You’ve made great progress within such a short amount of time; honourable me will definitely befriend someone like you!”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled as he nodded and said, “Same here.” 5Z7dzJ

“As for the two of you, honourable me can’t be bothered to keep your irksome presences in my sight. Let’s go our separate ways and never meet again.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When Duan Yuyang finished, he called out a “jia” and his Chasing Sun horse rushed forward like a gust of wind.

The penta-coloured crane who was playing catch with Ah Bai saw Duan Yuyang run off on another horse. It was so angry that it started to quack very loudly, and was ready to rush forward to catch him with one flap of its wings.

Ah Bai followed along behind Chi Xiao and suddenly jumped onto its back. vsgWQa

This time, Chi Xiao couldn’t be bothered with him. It could only think about Duan Yuyang right now.

“Chi Xiao!” Yuan Tianwen called out.

The penta-coloured crane anxiously flapped its wings and kept quacking at Yuan Tianwen, but no one knew what it was trying to say.

Chi Xiao, “Chirp chirp chirp quack quack quack zhi zhi zhi!” PLdVzt

Yuan Tianwen, “…” It’s a pity that he’s not his dad, so he couldn’t understand what Chi Xiao was saying.

But even his dad may not be able to understand the words of a demonic beast in its infant stage. After all, infant stage demonic beasts aren’t very good at expressing what they truly think.

Han Yuran stretched his hand out to touch Chi Xiao’s head, yet Chi Xiao ruthlessly pecked him. If it wasn’t because Yuan Tianwen chided Chi Xiao and asked it to back off, Han Yuran’s hand might have been bitten off entirely.

Han Yuran fearfully hid behind Yuan Tianwen. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the receding figure of Duan Yuyang who was urging his horse forward with a whip, but no one knew what he was thinking. ijYD f

Yet, Lin Xuanzhi’s beautiful eyes twinkled as his wisdom and prescience was revealed.

All demonic beasts are spiritual. Based on Chi Xiao’s age, it should be a rather high-level infant beast. Even though it couldn’t speak, its actions had already illustrated a few problems.

For instance, Chi Xiao likes Duan Yuyang a lot.

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And also, that Chi Xiao doesn’t like Han Yuran. jARM 0

Even though the reason for this needed to be explored further carefully, one could see the signs of future enmity between Yuan Tianwen and Han Yuran from how Chi Xiao is acting now.

Yuan Tianwen looked at Lin Xuanzhi, took his leave, then called his penta-coloured crane over to resume their journey.

After Yuan Tianwen and Han Yuran rode Chi Xiao and took to the skies, Lin Xuanzhi withdrew his gaze and held his hand out to Yan Tianhen and said, “Ah Hen, let’s go too.”

Yan Tianhen nodded. He held Lin Xuanzhi’s hand and was pulled by the latter to sit in front of him on the horse. QbfMz2

As such, Yan Tianhen was basically sitting in the midst of Lin Xuanzhi’s embrace. Even though a Chasing Sun horse isn’t very big, it was famous for how light-footed and agile it is. Luckily, Yan Tianhen had a short and slender stature, so it didn’t seem out of place for him to be in Lin Xuanzhi’s embrace. The Chasing Sun horse neighed, then spread out its four hooves and ran ahead at lightning speed.

Yuan Tianwen looked down from the back of his penta-coloured crane and saw two Chasing Sun horses running side by side in the wilderness. They looked so carefree and unrestrained that others couldn’t help but admire this sight.

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Yet, Han Yuran had been wearing a frosty look on his face ever since they left. His heart was still aching for his Sun Moon Cloud Bracelet.

He thought to himself that he seen through Lin Xuanzhi’s true nature — he’s such a miser! He was actually shameless enough to demand for a present that was already given out. Originally, he had thought that Lin Xuanzhi would’ve refused to take back the bracelet. b2V6hs

Also, that ugly idiot is even stranger — he would actually pick up other people’s second-hand goods for his own use! One look and you can tell that he’s an ugly idiot whom you can’t be seen with in public, can’t he consider his own status first before thinking about whether or not he was fit to wear such a good bracelet!

Han Yuran was in the middle of gnashing his teeth in his heart when he suddenly heard Yuan Tianwen say, “Throw away all of the items that Lin Xuanzhi had given you.”

Han Yuran was shocked and quickly suppressed the words “why should I” that he had almost blurted out, then said, “Those magic treasures are of great use to me. Most of his gifts are magic treasures that have defensive functions. I’m a craftsman, my combat ability naturally can’t be compared to the other cultivators so I need those magic treasures to safeguard myself.”

Yuan Tianwen was sitting in front of Han Yuran, and when he heard these words, he turned back and stared at Han Yuran with a profound look in his eyes. Then he said, “The defensive tools I gave you naturally wouldn’t be worse than his. Also, after we meet my Dad and Father, they will definitely find a way to ensure your safety. Profound Sky Sect will guard you as well, no one will let you get bullied.” Ms5ALP

“If that’s the case, then I guess I’m the one who’s thinking too much.” Han Yuran sighed in his heart, then put on a faint smile as he said, “I had originally intended to keep a few of the items that he had given me as souvenirs, but since Tianwen Ge doesn’t like them, I’ll just throw them all away ba.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Un.” Yuan Tianwen turned back and continued to look forward.

Yuan Tianwen’s words had turned all of Han Yuran’s worries into joy. He did have the intention of letting Yuan Tianwen see that bracelet, then wait for Yuan Tianwen to ask him about the bracelet’s origins.

After all, a person favoured by the heavens like Yuan Tianwen who had strong possessive tendencies definitely wouldn’t allow his sweetheart to keep gifts from his ex-fiance. I8yWgY

By then, he just needed to act a bit coquettish and say some words before Yuan Tianwen would willingly give him more and better magic treasures.

His main goal had been achieved, but, Han Yuran was still upset about his Sun Moon Cloud Bracelet.

What horrendous luck he must have to actually meet Lin Xuanzhi the moment they left the city gates.

After awhile, Han Yuran suddenly realised that they had always been able to see the two horses and one man on the ground, and couldn’t help but furrows his eyebrows and say, “Tianwen Ge, why must we follow them?” Ryfc8m

WIth the speed of this penta-coloured crane, they were definitely able to leave those two horses in the dust.

Yuan Tianwen lightly said, “Since I had already promised Dad to escort Duan Yuyang to Profound Sky Sect, I won’t go back on my words.”

Han Yuran scoffed in his heart and said, “Duan Yuyang may not necessarily appreciate your efforts, also, isn’t he interested in you?”

“How can that be.” Yuan Tianwen said. Eo uQ2

“Why not?” Han Yuran sneered and said, “He hates me and often causes trouble for me, isn’t he doing all that because of you?”

“Don’t overthink it.” Yuan Tianwen said, “He doesn’t give me any face when he sees me either.”

“I would hope so.” Han Yuran said.

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Yuan Tianwen might have said all that on the surface, but he had other thoughts in his heart. QzTak

T/N: I finally started on the glossary page, but as of now it only contains the different levels of cultivations and such because coughimlazycough. You can find it on the project page of RSCB but I’ll add a link here too

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