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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh159 - Busybodies


Translated by: Zryuu

Edited by: Zryuu and Atsam OgVIvw

Baili Yunsong couldn’t bear to look straight at him. He covered Baili Yunshan’s mouth from behind, then smiled awkwardly without being impolite. “Please excuse him. Whenever my family’s younger brother sees a powerful craftsman, he is prone to getting excited and being abnormal. Everyone need not mind him, don’t mind him okay?”

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Yan Tianhen nodded understandingly. “A lot of people act like that when they see my Dage anyway, so my Dage should be used to it by now.”

Baili Yunsong, “…” mSkIDR

Baili Yunshan pushed aside Baili Yunsong’s hand and rolled his eyes at him. He sincerely said to Lin Xuanzhi, “Lin Dage, I’m here to explain things to you.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “What are you here to explain?”

Baili Yunshan said, “My Second Brother wasn’t the one who instigated Boss Bai to make things difficult for you on the platform. Lin Dage, please don’t misunderstand anything. Although my Second Brother may be quite dumb sometimes, he’s definitely not the type to play tricks on others behind the scenes, please believe me!”

Baili Yunsong couldn’t endure it any longer and grabbed Baili Yunshan’s collar, “What do you mean by ‘quite dumb’? Lao San, looks like you’re capable of taking the tiles off the roof after not getting hit for three days.” TRo9kV

Baili Yunshan sighed, “If you’re just dumb, then so be it, but it’s even worse that you’re not admitting it.”

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Baili Yunsong, “…”

No, I have to take a deep breath. He’s my younger brother, and also the darling of my parents and the entire family!

Thus, Baili Yunsong released some Qi to completely seal off all the mute acupoints on Baili Yunshan. NSt7RC

Baili Yunshan, “…”

Baili Yunsong revealed a fitting smile, easily letting go of and regaining his demeanour as the young master of an influential family.

“I apologise for letting everyone witness a joke.” Baili Yunsong said, “However, today’s incident truly had nothing to do with my Baili family.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. “I never suspected your family of doing it either.” nwZdVJ

Baili Yunsong was a little curious and asked, “Don’t tell me you already know who’s behind it?”

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head. “How could such matters be guessed so easily? I have a lot of enemies after all.”

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Djlil Tecrbcu, “…”

“Dea P atlcx P’ii olcv bea rbbc fcbeut.” Olc Wejchtl rwlifv j ilaaif jcv vlvc’a rffw kbgglfv ja jii. J2k3IT

Djlil Tecrbcu revvfcis gfmjiifv rbwfatlcu jcv cbvvfv. Lf jrxfv rbifwcis, “Obbxr ilxf Tbecu Zjrafg Olc lr jmaejiis jmdejlcafv klat Tbecu Zjrafg Djl.”

Olc Wejchtl rjlv, “Qf’nf wfa bcmf.”

Baili Yunsong said, “Meeting the Young Master Bai who rarely shows up in front of others even  once is not an easy feat.”

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Lin Xuanzhi looked at Baili Yunsong and said, “If Fellow Baili has any requests, feel free to say it.” vMtpdI

“Looks like Fellow Lin is a straightforward person as well.” Baili Yunsong ignored Baili Yunshan’s death glare and said brazenly, “My family’s Yunshan is the most gifted craftsman of my Baili family. But because our family is not well versed in craftsman path, we do intend to let him become the disciple of an elder from the Bai family in Sky Peak Sect. If Fellow Lin has some connections and offer a recommendation on our behalf, then…we definitely won’t treat Fellow Lin badly.”

Baili Yunsong’s leg got a harsh kick.

Baili Yunshan glared at Baili Yunsong angrily, then began gesticulating madly as he faced Lin Xuanzhi to indicate that this wasn’t his idea.

Yet Lin Xuanzhi nodded and said, “If I get the chance, I will definitely mention it. However, the most amazing craftsman from the Bai family isn’t in Sky Peak Sect, but in the Bai family. So even if he were to be a disciple there, he wouldn’t be under the best.” f6kqwp

If the Bai family wanted  to continue residing in Sky Peak City, then they would naturally have to abide by some rules of Sky Peak City. Every influential family had to dispatch an elder to oversee Sky Peak Sect, as well as become a guardian of Sky Peak Sect. The Bai family was no exception.

However, other families usually dispatched their strongest few, but because of how special the Bai family’s craftsman inheritance was, the one they dispatched to Sky Peak Sect to be other people’s masters would naturally not be the one who has mastered the core craftsmen secrets of the Bai family.

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Family always came first.

Baili Yunsong didn’t seem to mind all this and said, “I just hope that Yunshan will be able to receive the guidance of a proper craftsman.” HDuSYz

The Bai family had more than one elder overseeing Sky Peak Sect. What Baili Yunsong wanted  was just the one who has the highest level of mastery over the craftsman path there.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. “If there’s a chance, I’ll mention it to Young Master Bai. But I don’t dare guarantee the outcome.”

Baili Yunsong breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. “Even so, I’d like to thank Fellow Lin.”

After Baili Yunsong spoke, he dragged Baili Yunshan, who never stopped struggling, away. 07zhHU

Yan Tianhen asked, puzzled, “How does he know that you’ll pass his message to the Young Master?”

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Lin Xuanzhi said, “Because he knows that Bai Yichen is someone who treasures talent.”

Yan Tianhen stroked his chin and nodded as he half-understood those words.

Yet Duan Yuyang frowned and asked, not comprehending it, “But with the status and means of the Baili family, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to send Baili Yunshan to become a disciple of a Bai family elder, right?” bCKulm

“You may not know this then.” The one who spoke was Ji Yunwei. He wriggled a finger and gossiped, “This has to do with something that happened many years ago, involving the affairs between the eldest son in the Baili family, Baili Yunhua, and a rising star from the Bai family, Bai Cangshu.”

“The name Bai Cangshu sounds very familiar.” Duan Yuyang stroked his chin and the scorching spirit of gossip burned brightly in his eyes, “Isn’t he the youngest teal soul craftsman in the Bai family?”

Ji Yunwei nodded and continued, “Bai Cangshu was the person who was personally nurtured by the young master of the Bai family to become the successor since he was young, and is now the youngest elder of Sky Peak Sect’s Equipment Branch. Rumour has it that he used to be best friends with Baili Yunhua, but later on, they fell out with each other over a woman. Ever since then, Bai Cangshu said that unless the young master orders it, or the ocean currents start flowing westward and the vast sea turns into an expanse of mulberry field, then as long as he was around, no one from the Baili family would be allowed to step into the Bai residence.”

“So ruthless? Isn’t it just a woman? Do brothers have to fall out over something like that?” Yan Tianhen clicked his tongue, looking regretful. wnCdlz

Yet Duan Yuyang blinked and said, “But I think there should be more to it than meets the eye, and there may even be adultery involved.”

Ji Yunwei pretended to be mysterious as well and nodded pensively. “There must be something fishy about it. Bai Cangshu and Baili Yunhua were friends who had ascended the mountains in the same year, became disciples together, and entered the inner sect at the same time. The sword wielded by Baili Yunhua was crafted by Bai Cangshu, and whatever he wears or uses are all made by Bai Cangshu alone, which made many people envious. Think about it, they had such a good relationship then, so what’re the chances of them falling out over a mere woman?”

With that, Ji Yunwei even cast a meaningful glance at Lin Xuanzhi and asked, “Xuanzhi, what do you think?”

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head and said, “I wasn’t involved, and had never experienced what they did either, so it’s difficult for me to reach a conclusion.” tvo0l6

Duan Yuyang said, “But the relationship between the Bai and Baili family now is still okay.”

Ji Yunwei said, “What’s strange about that? They’re both elite families; one is proficient in the art of divination, while the other is unparalleled in terms of crafting. In the face of their interests, why would they be at odds with each other just because of their younger generation’s scuffle? It’s just that ever since then, Bai Cangshu and Baili Yunhua stayed far apart from each other and never saw the other again.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Ji Yunwei with a bantering gaze and smiled, “Yunwei, I didn’t think you would be someone so interested in gossip.”

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Ji Yunwei wasn’t embarrassed in the slightest and smiled readily. “Life is too dull. If we don’t interest ourselves in some gossip, how could we make our lives more rich and colourful?” huUiHE

Lin Xuanzhi said, “When it comes to gossip, how can things that happen to others be as interesting as matters that occur to oneself?”

Ji Yunwei said, “That’s true.”

“So, I wonder how the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox that was being hunted that day is doing now?” Lin Xuanzhi asked.

Ji Yunwei’s expression froze, then he laughed bitterly, “Looks like I picked up a stone and smashed it on my own foot.” zaC6Qg

Duan Yuyang asked enthusiastically, “What Nine-Tailed Divine Fox?”

“An extinct Nine-Tailed Divine Fox had appeared in West Continent, so I rushed over to hunt it. But I didn’t expect that the Divine Fox would be caught by me just like that.” Ji Yunwei sighed.

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Duan Yuyang raised an eyebrow and got a fright, “You caught it? A Divine Fox isn’t a demonic beast ah!”

As soon as Lin Xuanzhi saw Ji Yunwei’s expression, he knew that there was a follow-up, so he said, “And then?” Oltjx5

Ji Yunwei’s expression darkened. He gritted his teeth and said, “That cunning fox let us catch him on purpose. Do you know what his true purpose actually was?”

“Took a fancy to you bei”, Lin Xuanzhi almost said this, but he endured it.

Then Ji Yunwei said indignantly, “He actually did so in order to eat our demonic fowls on the sly! Within just one night, all of the demonic beasts — as long as they had wings or looked like chickens — were all bitten to death by him. A nest of demonic chickens didn’t get bitten to death because they hid very deeply, but because they received such a huge shock, they still haven’t laid any eggs since then!”

Lin Xuanzhi, “…” cjxDC2

Yan Tianhen, “…”

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Duan Yuyang, “Pft hahahaha!!!”

“And after that? Where did the fox go?” Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t stop laughing as he asked.

Ji Yunwei took a deep breath as he looked at these unkind people and said, “He ran away the next day, and there’s still no trace of him to be found. Damn it, when I see him again someday, I’ll definitely skin him!” sh7NlM

In an old tree nearby that had a dense foliage, a snow-white fox narrowed his eyes and gnawed a fruit while leisurely swaying a tail that can’t be seen by the naked eye. He stared at Ji Yunwei and stuck his tongue out, “Avoiding the important parts and dwelling on the trivial. Why didn’t you tell them about how honourable immortal demon me screwed you that night?”

Ji Yunwei suddenly heard that voice and looked like a cat whose tail got stepped on. He exploded in an instant — “Damn fox, is that you?!”

From the gap between the leaves and branches, a few of the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox’s fluffy tails protruded out and swayed from side to side in a provocative manner.

Ji Yunwei’s gaze turned cold and just left behind the words “I’ll leave first, we’ll meet again someday”, then dashed towards the Nine-Tailed spiritual fox that had escaped into the distance. F01ory

Duan Yuyang continued to stare agape, and couldn’t help but say, “Why do I feel like that fox’s appearance was a bit too timely?!”

Lin Xuanzhi thought to himself, looks like Ji Yunwei hasn’t escaped his fate of being entangled with that fox.

But from the looks of it, there was still a long way to go before the two of them end up loving each other and sharing the same feelings!

Duan Yuyang looked back and asked, “What are you guys going to do now?” MT1vQ9

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen and said, “We’re going to go take a look at Ah Hen’s Yin corpse.”

Translator's Note

it’s an old saying where some ancient person didn’t hit their kids for three days so they ended up taking off the roof tiles. To mean that a kid is being mischievous

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