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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh47 - Acting Spoiled and Warnings



Yan Tianhen lifted his hand and wiped his tears away, then continued to sob, “I know Dage treats Han Yuran well, but he really isn’t a good guy. He’s always cheating Dage of your magic treasures, and even went to find another guy behind your back. Also, Yuyang Ge also told me, he was the one pulling strings behind your back to get people to goad Dage into going to Tyrant Martial Hall. This kind of person isn’t worthy of Dage, leaving him by your side would just bring you disaster, he wants Dage to die ah!” iumrDt

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and his heart was also aching as he said, “You do have the capability to force me to annul the engagement. Previously I was blinded by lard1 so I couldn’t differentiate black from white. I’ve already seen through his true colours, so I couldn’t wait to annul my engagement with him.”

Yan Tianhen didn’t really trust his words, so he furrowed his brows and asked, “Dage wanted to annul the engagement?”

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Lin Xuanzhi lightly said, “You should have been able to tell from how I let that marriage contract turn into ash today. If I wasn’t willing, how could I have done something like that?”

If it was the person he set his sights on, no one, no matter who they were, would be able to force him to let go. w1F6J7

“But you still scolded me.” Yan Tianhen felt so wronged.

Lin Xuanzhi helplessly said, “Whatever I said to you just now, you really didn’t listen to a word of it, I’ve said all of it in vain.”

Yan Tianhen sniffed, then saw his reflection in Lin Xuanzhi’s deep, black eyes and realised that his face had turned even uglier because he was crying. He quickly held in his pity tears and immediately broke out into a smile as he said, “Then that’s good, as long as Dage isn’t mad at me for annulling the engagement, then I’m relieved.”

Lin Xuanzhi released Yan Tianhen’s chin then flicked his head lightly. He said, “You really are a little imp. You were obviously the one in the wrong, yet you managed to counter-attack by changing the topic and I became the one at fault. Then you even made me coax you.” kLisHc

But, even a thousand gold would not be enough as an exchange for his smile.

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Yan Tianhen stuck his tongue out. He decided not to play victim after he had gained the upper hand, at this time it was better for him to obediently keep his mouth shut.

This matter was thus considered to be over. Lin Xuanzhi had originally intended to wait for a short period of time, retrieve solid evidence Han Yuran and Yuan Tianwen’s affair, then righteously request for an annulment. However, resolving the engagement this way beforehand was good too, at least it would prevent the thick-skinned Han Yuran and Han Yanran from asking for the tiger cubs again.

Today, those two tiger cubs did pretty well, so Lin Xuanzhi decided to increase their supply of demonic delight fruits. J7rV5U

When he reached back home, Lin Xuanzhi suddenly thought of something that he found strange, so he asked the Yan Tianhen who was humming away happily, “Ah Hen, from whom did you obtain the news of Han Yuran and Yuran Tianwen’s affair?”

Yan Tianhen was heating up tea as he said, “Yuyang Ge was the one who told me. He said that these two dog men were kissing in the forest behind your back, and he had caught them red handed!”

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Lin Xuanzhi paused, and the doubts in his heart grew.

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Tejc Kljckfc xcfk jybea tlr fcujufwfca klat Ljc Tegjc, rb tf wluta tjnf qegrefv Ljc Tegjc, yea tf vfolclafis kbeivc’a mbwwla jc jma atja batfgr mbeiv erf jr j atgfja jujlcra tlw. Coafgjii, atf Tejc ojwlis’r geifr jgf gfijalnfis raglma.

And Yuan Tianwen can be considered as someone with good self-restraint, he wouldn’t do anything improper.

Lin Xuanzhi said, “If Duan Yuyang could have seen what they did with his own eyes, he would’ve definitely been discovered by Yuan Tianwen. He couldn’t have just been uttering nonsense, could he?”

Yan Tianhen didn’t think much of it, he was evidently very trusting of Duan Yuyang. He pondered for a bit then said, “Yuyang Ge has so many treasures on him, he definitely has his ways.” NJDSUH

When Lin Xuanzhi heard those words, he didn’t try to gather any more information from Yan Tianhen.

In his past life, Yuan Tianwen did marry Han Yuran not long after the annulment of their engagement. But soon after, Yuan Tianwen fell out completely with Han Yuran for some reason, and had even wanted to kill him.

At that time, Han Yuran had two white tiger spirit beasts protecting him so he didn’t suffer many injuries and managed to escaped. When he reappeared, he was already a primary level cultivator and was capable of crafting top-grade magic treasures, which garnered him the protection of many strong cultivators. By then, Yuan Tianwen was even less likely to be able to lay a finger on him.

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There was definitely something fishy about this…… EcdeXN

A slight twinkle appeared in Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes. He decided to find Duan Yuyang one of these days to find out what actually happened.


The moon hung up high in the sky, and not a sound could be heard on this silent night.

Yuan Tianwen’s door was lightly knocked on from the outside. 4Ltho

“Come in.” Yuan Tianwen said.

Han Yuran opened the door and entered. He adorned a thin gown, and his slender figure looked even more slim and frail under the glow of the luminous pearl2.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Han Yuran’s appearance might not be considered top-notch, but his features were extraordinarily delicate and exquisite which could strongly incite a man’s protective tendencies.

Yuan Tianwen got up, then walked over and said, “Yuran, for you to come over this late at night, is something wrong?” JDdT6E

Han Yuran sat down, then shook his head with a face filled with sorrow and said, “During my birthday banquet today, Lin Xuanzhi let everyone know that our marriage contract wasn’t equal, and that I was the one who had to subordinate to him by being under him. To me, that was the biggest humiliation I’ve ever had to go through in my life.”

Yuan Tianwen nodded, his heart ached terribly as he said, “That engagement was indeed unfair for you.”

Han Yuran sighed, then his expression immediately turned cold as he said, “Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen obviously knew that annulling the engagement would result in that kind of outcome, yet they insisted on doing so on my birthday banquet. Weren’t they obviously trying to utterly humiliate me in front of everyone?”

“Why does Yuran need to work yourself up over such matters. The engagement has already been annulled, they can’t do anything to you anymore.” Yuan Tianwen placed one hand on Han Yuran’s shoulder, then brought him into his embrace and said, “But, they did go a bit overboard. Even if they wanted to annul the engagement, they need not have chosen to do so today.” UodQYv

“They deliberately did so to antagonise me.” Han Yuran’s eyes turned red. He grabbed Yuan Tianwen’s sleeves, looked up at him and said, “Ever since his Dantian was destroyed, his personality had undergone a huge change. You never know when he would turn against you3, and he would always accuse me of coming up with all kinds of ways to trick him and harm him. Today he humiliated me like this in front of everyone, then tomorrow he might try to kill me!”

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“That……” Yuan Tianwen slightly furrowed his brows, then said, “It’s unlikely that he would go that far.”

“How could it be unlikely?” Han Yuran wept and said, “I heard from the Lin family that not too long ago, because a servant had uttered a few inappropriate sentences, he used his Ground Splitting Hammer to directly smash the other party’s head into brain paste. Just from this you can tell that he’s no longer able to control his own emotions ah!”

Yuan Tianwen was slightly taken aback, then said, “Something like that actually happened?” wZNre8

Han Yuran nodded, then said, “Not just that, he often mixes around with people from Tyrant Martial Hall and had long gone insane. Tianwen Dage, I’m really so scared!”

Han Yuran’s wretched appearance riled up a growing dissatisfaction towards Lin Xuanzhi in Yuan Tianwen’s heart. Initially, Yuan Tianwen had admitted to have wronged Lin Xuanzhi by snatching away his fiance; but right now, as he saw how Han Yuran was suffering from restless nights because of Lin Xuanzhi, he had to seriously consider whether or not he should go give Lin Xuanzhi a good warning.

He made up his mind, then Yuan Tianwen rubbed Han Yuran’s back as he said, “Yuran, leave this matter to me. I guarantee that he won’t ever trouble you again in the future.”

Han Yuran was stunned, then said, “You’re going to look for him?” ZViFTz

Yuan Tianwen said, “I’ll just give him a small warning, that should be enough.”

A cryptic light flashed through Han Yuran’s eyes, then he said, “But if he doesn’t heed your warning, and provokes me again?”

“Then don’t blame me for not holding back against him.” Yuan Tianwen lightly said, “No one can bully my beloved4.”

Han Yuran’s eyes teared, he fixated his eyes on Yuan Tianwen, then stood up and threw himself into his arms. He hugged Yuan Tianwen tightly and said, “Tianwen Ge, it feels so great to have you by my side; how lucky must I be to have met you.” Nc0H2G

Yuan Tianwen’s heart stirred as Han Yuran took the initiative to throw himself into his arms; his arms began to caress Han Yuran’s waist flirtatiously.

He, it should be my blessing of three lifetimes, or because we are we are fated to be that I would have met you when I needed you the most.” Yuan Tianwen’s began to breathe heavily. He effortlessly carried Han Yuran into his arms and was about to bring him to his bed…….

“Tianwen Dage no!” Han Yuran’s face suddenly stiffened, then he struggled to push Yuan Tianwen away. He bit his lower lip and grabbed his lapel that had already been.

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Yuan Tianwen didn’t sound too happy as he said, “You already belong to me, why do you keep rejecting me? In the past you said it was because you were engaged so you couldn’t be with me. But your engagement has already been annulled, so what’s the reason now? Don’t tell me, you still have Lin Xuanzhi in your heart?” 6JX2RG

“Of course not, Dage don’t misunderstand!” Han Yuran hurriedly explained. He looked up at Yuan Tianwen with tear-filled eyes and his face flushed red as he said in a small voice, “Dage, I’m not ready yet, after we get married……”

“So you’re agreeing to my marriage proposal?” Yuan Tianwen had been a bit unhappy about being rejected, but after he heard the underlying meaning in Han Yuran’s words, his eyes instantly lit up.

Han Yuran nodded, then said, “I’ve always had you in my heart, and belong only to you, so I shouldn’t be rejecting you. But, I’m really a bit scared of this kind of intimate……”

When he spoke up to this point, Han Yuran stopped talking. aT2Wbz

Yuan Tianwen immediately felt great remorse and heartache, then said, “The last time we had engaged in intimacy was when I was undergoing a Qi deviation and couldn’t control myself, so I ended up scarring you. For you to be afraid of this kind of intimacy is my fault, I shouldn’t be so impatient.”

Han Yuran said, “At that time……I was perfectly willing.”

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Yuan Tianwen recalled the period of tenderness he had with Han Yuran in the past, then his originally hardened heart turned incomparably soft.

Yuan Tianwen gazed upon Han Yuran warmly, then said, “Ok, whatever Yuran says go. I’ll wait for the both of us to formally become husband and wife before we make love.” dL1ZS0

Han Yuran gratefully said, “Thank you Tianwen Ge, how lucky must I be to be the recipient of Tianwen Ge’s love.”

Yuan Tianwen said, “I should be the one saying those words. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t even be alive right now.”

It was pretty late, and Han Yuran had already achieved his goal so he quickly left Yuan Tianwen’s room.

1. There are a few meanings behind this phrase. It could mean that you were oblivious to the things around you, or you were blinded by money/riches/beauty and lost your conscience, or just that you were blind lmao
2. Luminous pearl:

3. The actual phrase meant that Lin Xuanzhi’s personality could be rainy one day then sunny the next i.e. very unpredictable, you never knew when he would like or hate you
4. YTW said something along the lines of “my person/man” but I thought both sounded weird so I replaced it with ‘beloved’ vQDW3u

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    I guess it was apparent by now the ex scum fiance was definitely not the one that save Yuan Tianwen in the first place, seeing mc recalled there’s a fallout between those guys in his past life. To be honest it’s quite a pain to see stupid Yuan Tianwen getting fooled by the ex scum fiance. The one thing they didn’t know is that they were getting off pretty lightly by both mc and didi. If only the mc showed everyone the evidence of their affair… how I’d love to see that.
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