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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh251 - Escape Through the Night

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Feng Jingyu understood that Lin Xuanzhi wanted to confirm the relationship between Yan Tianhen’s parents and whether they could be relied on in the future, so he thought about it and answered truthfully, “If his father had known from the start that his dad was a Divine Devil, then I’m afraid that not only would he not have allowed Yan Tianhen to be born, but he would also never marry Yan Tianhen’s dad as his consort either.”

Lin Xuanzhi, “…” z1YltG


There seemed to be a lot of information in this sentence.

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According to Feng Jingyu, Yan Tianhen seemed to have come out of the belly of a male Divine Devil.

However, male pregnancy had happened in the Nine Lands before. When he was a soul in his last life, Lin Xuanzhi traveled throughout the Nine Lands and saw many things, so he didn’t act like a person who had never seen the world before. Ub3wpD

Lin Xuanzhi considered it and didn’t worry about the gender of Yan Tianhen’s parents. “So, you mean to say that the relationship between Ah Hen’s father and consort is currently not good.”

“Not just bad; ever since a prophet divined that Yan Tianhen would be the Divine Devil who brought chaos to the world and an exceptional furnace, his father and consort completely fell out with each other.”

When Feng Jingyu mentioned these past events, he sighed with emotion, “The previous generation’s battle over the throne actually ended only after Yan Tianhen was recognized as a mixed-blood containing the bloodline of Divine Devils. Originally, his father was already the heir apparent of the Qianyuan dynasty and was only one step away from ascending the throne. However, at such a critical time, a prophet released such shocking news, which made Yan Zhonghua’s hundred years’ of hard work all evaporate into smoke and collapse.”

“I’m afraid that it’s not only due to the loss of power.” Lin Xuanzhi recognized the crux of the matter. FCQw6r

Feng Jingyu nodded. “Yan Zhonghua, this person, had been first in line for the throne ever since he was born. His innate talent was exceptional, and he was deeply loved by the previous emperor. He was probably the prince who had the most authority and lived the best life in all the Nine Lands. He had a very prideful nature, such that he couldn’t tolerate even a single wrong or betrayal. However, the consort that he found for himself was clearly a Demon Venerable concealing his own identity and pretending to be a common Daoist cultivator; he cheated Yan Zhonghua’s feelings, which was the most unbearable thing for Yan Zhonghua.”

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In the earlier years, Yan Zhonghua could be considered crazy for You Ming. He even staked his claim to the throne in order to marry this sweetheart of his, whose social status was way below that of his own.

It was precisely because of this Dao companion Yan Zhonghua had found for himself that he angered the Qianyuan emperor of that time, resulting in his date of ascension being delayed for several years.

After that, You Ming’s identity was exposed, and Yan Zhonghua became someone pointed at and ridiculed by a thousand people, completely losing any chance of ever taking the throne. The two lovers who had once made others envious to death now became enemies, breaking up and even trying to kill each other. 9VYUvB

You Ming took advantage of the long night to escape from the Royal Heavenly Capital with Yan Tianhen towards the devil kingdom but was chased down by Yan Zhonghua’s people halfway on the road. Grievously injured and on the verge of death, You Ming was forced to seal the devil blood within Yan Tianhen and entrust him to a former friend.

That friend then gave Yan Tianhen to Lin Zhan.

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The rule of orthodox Daoism wasn’t stable, spiritual Qi was dissipating, the devil tribe was invading; all of these troubles indicated that a new round of great war was approaching. CGM5YO

At this critical time, the ruler of the Northern Land, the family of prophets, set up a great divining array on the Astrological Divination Platform, pouring out their entire family’s resources and using a total of 81 diviners to deduce the movements of the celestial bodies and divine the future of the world of immortals. They actually found two hidden stars, one red and the other gold, slowly rising, one from the East and one from the West. Their radiance gradually became stronger, and the two stars developed in tandem simultaneously, which was extremely unusual.

They also deduced that one of those stars was a Star of the Devil, who would bring chaos and destruction upon the world, while the other was a Star of Fate, who would bring salvation to the world. Even though they still didn’t know who the Star of Salvation was, but as for that Star of Destruction, by combining the date of its appearance and the identity of the bearer, very soon, someone quickly deduced that that person was none other than the half-devil Yan Tianhen, whose whereabouts were unknown ever since his disappearance seven years ago.

However, in the Nine Lands, no one knew Yan Tianhen’s exact whereabouts except for his dad, Demon Venerable You Ming. Even Feng Jingyu, who had been unable to resist You Ming’s pleading in a moment of softheartedness — not only did he let You Ming go, but he had also guarded You Ming for several days and nights as he set up the array, even Feng Jingyu didn’t investigate in depth on where You Ming had ultimately sent Yan Tianhen.

But now, Feng Jingyu knew. b4YR0m

And now, by chance, he coincidentally saw this youth, whom all the forces from the Nine Lands were crazily searching for.

After Lin Xuanzhi heard the entire story, he considered Yan Tianhen’s current situation and couldn’t help but feel a headache.

It was still fine if Yan Tianhen only had half-devil blood, but that damned prophet just had to mention that he was an exceptional furnace as well.

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In addition, the two forces behind Yan Tianhen were fighting both in the dark and in the open, so once someone detected Yan Tianhen’s whereabouts, he’s afraid that afterward, Yan Tianhen would no longer have a say in what would happen next, and things would spin out of control. QmRbWx

Feng Jingyu saw that Lin Xuanzhi’s expression didn’t look good, so a rare moment of kindness overcame him as he comforted, “You don’t have to worry too much either. In any case, it’s not easy to leave the Five Continents, and it’s also difficult for outsiders to enter. Even if, by some rare occurrence, some useless troops stumbled about and found this place, it would still be extremely difficult to spread the news. If you want this king’s opinion, you might as well take advantage of the present to quickly raise your own cultivation so that, when those people actually arrive, you won’t lack the strength to protect yourself.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes were cold as he looked at this baby bird, from which not a trace of a phoenix’s future magnificence could be seen. “Many thanks for the warning, I will ponder these things myself. However, I hope that you won’t breathe even a word of today’s conversation to Ah Hen in the future.”

Feng Jingyu was somewhat astonished. “Such a big matter concerns his future whereabouts, as well as life and death. Don’t tell me that you’re not planning to disclose even a little of this so that he can prepare ahead of time?”

Lin Xuanzhi’s long lashes slightly covered his gaze. He lightly responded, “Currently, he’s at the age where he should be carefree and without any worries. I don’t want to see these complicated matters influencing his mood and affecting his life in the future.” bJRO T

Feng Jingyu stamped his small foot. “But he’ll have to face it sooner or later…”

“I know that he’ll have to face it sooner or later; I’m also aware that sooner or later, he’ll know where he came from and where he’ll go,” Lin Xuanzhi interrupted Feng Jingyu without any trace of politeness and swung his sleeves in anger, “but before that, you also just said that it’s difficult for outsiders to enter the Five Continents, and it’s also not easy for the people inside to leave. The people who want to find Ah Hen will still need several years at least, so there’s no need for him to worry so early.”

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When he said that, Lin Xuanzhi’s voice suddenly stopped.

He was stunned for a second, then he and Feng Jingyu stared at each other for a moment. Suddenly, he turned around and opened the door behind him. 9dbEfL

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes met a pair of eyes that were still bright and beautiful, even in the dark.

Yan Tianhen originally held a luminous sphere for lighting in his hand. At this moment, he was frightened, and the luminous ball fell to the ground with a bang.

Yan Tianhen suddenly shuffled his feet uneasily as he unconscious bit his lower lip, saying apprehensively, “Dage, I, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, Dage don’t be angry.”

Lin Xuanzhi stooped down to pick up the luminous ball that had rolled to his feet and pulled Yan Tianhen’s right hand, putting it back in his palm. He asked softly, “When did Ah Hen come?” lFh9mt

Yan Tianhen felt the warmth from Lin Xuanzhi’s palm.

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“I just came, I didn’t hear what you guys were talking about, I really didn’t hear anything. Dage, don’t be angry, all right?” Yan Tianhen said in a low voice.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him and chuckled lightly. “If you heard it, then you heard it. Why lie?”

Yan Tianhen’s head drooped down gloomily as he mumbled uncomfortably, “But……I don’t think Dage wants me to know, so I don’t know anything.” uv4GaT

Yan Tianhen thought that Lin Xuanzhi would be angry and even scold him, but he didn’t expect to fall into a warm embrace.


“You are such a little fool.” Lin Xuanzhi sighed incessantly, his heart hurting for Ah Hen, “I don’t want you to know because I’m afraid that you won’t be happy, that your little brain will let your imagination run wild, making you unable to sleep at night and lose all appetite during the day, rather than because I think that there is no need to tell you.”

Yan Tianhen softly whispered, “Dage”, sniffled, and spoke with a sobbing tone, “Dage, I would rather that I didn’t know. I used to always believe that my parents were forced to throw me away because they were harmed by villainous scoundrels, but unexpectedly, they actually despised me for having impure blood and didn’t want me anymore, I…my heart hurts.” vn2LV1

These words stabbed into Lin Xuanzhi’s heart. “It’s not your fault, Dage believes there are no parents in this world who do not love their own child. At the very least, your dad only entrusted you to others in order to save your life. He must love you very much in his heart.”

“Like I care.” Yan Tianhen pouted and sniffed bitterly. He reached out and tightly hugged Lin Xuanzhi’s waist as he acted coquettishly in Lin Xuanzhi’s embrace, “I only need Daddy and Dage, as for the others, I don’t care.”

“Since you don’t care, don’t cry anymore.” Lin Xuanzhi pulled Yan Tianhen back and reached out a hand to wipe Yan Tianhen’s face, feeling all the wet tears.

In all these years, Lin Zhan really did spoil Yan Tianhen too much, making him very coquettish. He would readily cry when feeling even the slightest bit wronged; mentally, he matured much later than other youths his age. However, Lin Xuanzhi never thought that there was anything wrong with that. At the very least, he knew that Yan Tianhen would feel much better after he cried, which was much better than keeping it pent-up in his heart without making a sound, letting it ferment. 59md40

It’s just…seeing Yan Tianhen crying and distressed, Lin Xuanzhi still felt his heart hurting.

Yan Tianhen looked up at Lin Xuanzhi with tears in his eyes and asked, full of grievances, “Dage, am I really that kind of most cold-blooded and evil Divine Devil who will eat people?”

“Utter nonsense.” Lin Xuanzhi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He wiped away Yan Tianhen’s tears, “There are both good and bad people in this world, as well as good and bad Divine Devils. Although the roads are different, all the routes will lead to the same destination one day. Ah Hen is so kind and clever; even if he’s a Divine Devil, he’s most certainly a good Divine Devil.”

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“But……” Yan Tianhen paused, then continued, “in the storybooks, in the end, Divine Devils were all killed by the great powers of the righteous side, will I also be like this?” fy5egQ

Lin Xuanzhi spoke sincerely and earnestly, “If you go to the devil kingdom and look at the storybooks there, who knows? It might turn into Divine Devils killing all the righteous great powers and controlling the entire Nine Lands. I feel that the probability of Ah Hen killing off the great powers of the righteous path in the future is far higher than the probability of being killed off.”

Yan Tianhen thought that it made sense, so he temporarily stopped crying.

Feng Jingyu stumbled and couldn’t stand firmly, falling onto the table with a bang.

Feng Jingyu wiped his face with his wings and thought in his heart, trembling, this Lin Xuanzhi’s way of thinking is more dangerous than Divine Devils! cymALh

Editor’s Little Theatre:
Birb: This LXZ’s way of thinking is more dangerous than Divine Devils!
Butter: Actually, it’s his beauty that’s the real danger
LXZ: *beautiful and resplendent in all his actions; even a cough summons the butterflies to play*

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If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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