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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh50 - Sold Himself Out



Lin Xuanzhi shook his head. Regarding this question, he chose to keep silent and didn’t answer Yuan Tianwen. c4ou6

Yuan Tianwen is indeed someone with a strong sense of justice. Towards the end of Lin Xuanzhi’s past life, Yuan Tianwen had become Breaking Sword peak’s master and was the young sect master of Profound Sky Sect; he was next-in-line to be Profound Sky Sect’s sect master.

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Yuan Tianwen had good affinity with people, anyone who had interacted with him had nothing bad to say about him. whqKxu

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t want to involve this kind of person in his troubles.

“Why did you come over to find me at this time of the night?” Lin Xuanzhi changed the topic and said. 7k0c9F

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Yuan Tianwen then remembered his original goal for running over in the middle of the night. He saw that Lin Xuanzhi wasn’t willing to speak any further on the previous topic and thus didn’t continue chasing him for answers.

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“What you did today was not something the old Yu Huarong I knew would do, don’t you think you were being too petty.” Yuan Tianwen dove straight into the topic, blatantly showing that he was here to get even with Lin Xuanzhi. A3Rfct

Lin Xuanzhi casted a light glance over Yuan Tianwen, then said, “Even though I’m unclear on your relationship with Han Yuran, but I can be sure that based on the kind of person Han Yuran is, just exploiting you alone is far from being enough for him.”

Yuan Tianwen said, “What do you mean by that?” LIuN8X

Lin Xuanzhi said, “There are some people whom you need to look at with your heart before you can see through their true natures. There’s not much use in talking any further, if you’re here to warn me, then you can go back now. The conflict between me and Han Yuran is not something you should meddle in.”

Yuan Tianwen felt unsettled. From what he understood from Lin Xuanzhi’s words, it meant that Lin Xuanzhi will continue pestering Han Yuran and wouldn’t let him off! TQpfqs

That’s absolutely out of the question!

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Yuan Tianwen fumed and said, “I admit, I’ve had intimate relations with Yuran so I’ve wronged you; afterwards I continued pestering him – that’s an undeniable fact too. If you harbour any resentment because of these things, then why not settle it with me. What do you want me to do? Just say it, I don’t mind being hit or scolded or used or hated, but Yuran was forced to do all this because of me, he’s completely innocent. You need not target him specifically.” 2seK0

But this time, it was Lin Xuanzhi who was stunned.

Lin Xuanzhi said, “You actually had intimate relations with him?” 14W06f

Yuan Tianwen said, “You actually didn’t know?”

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Lin Xuanzhi and Yuan Tianwen looked at each other, then Lin Xuanzhi laughed grimly and said, “Then I wish for the both of you to live happily together and live to a ripe old age, then die without descendants ba.” pvmdXG

The edges of Yuan Tianwen’s lips twitched. He had thought that Lin Xuanzhi knew everything, which was why he bore grudges. But he didn’t expect to have sold himself out.

“Since you didn’t know, then why are you making life difficult for him?” Yuan Tianwen asked. aD EUz

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled in a light manner, but the more Yuan Tianwen looked, the more he felt that his smile looked really strange.

“Since the both of you have already had intimate relations, based on Yuan young peak master’s personality, I guess you must become Dao companions with him then.” e4bqDC

“Of course.” Yuan Tianwen lifted his chest and raised his head, then looked askance at Lin Xuanzhi and warned, “Since he is my, Yuan Tianwen’s person, then I definitely wouldn’t allow anyone to humiliate him.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “Since we belonged to the same Sect before, I’ll give you some face. I can promise you that if you refuse to yield, then no matter what I would not take the initiative to cause trouble for Han Yuran. How’s that?” Vh3ZP2

Yuan Tianwen’s expression turned stern as he said, “Do you mean what you said?”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, then said, “I have never went back on my words before, you don’t need to worry about that.” Ev5P8w

Yuan Tianwen solemnly said, “Then I’ll trust you.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yuan Tianwen had resolved the knot in his heart and thus didn’t stay a second longer. Before he left, he said to Lin Xuanzhi, “Just like you said, since we belonged to the same Sect before and were both part of Profound Sky’s Four Swords, we are naturally fellow comrades. Plus, I owe you for this, so if you wish to pursue that person in the future, I’m willing to lend you a hand.” rpGdlj

Lin Xuanzhi lightly smiled, then said, “If I require Yuan young peak’s master’s help in the future, I naturally wouldn’t hold back.”

T/N: Now you know why YTH is such an idiot and is so easily tricked……. He’s a pampered lil’ young master d2WlSB

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  1. He’s so cute though… justice for Zero IQ YTW. Please get paired with DYY instead lol.

  2. Isn’t both mc and didi’s heartfelt wish to Yuan Tuanwen was identical to each other?
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  3. “I can promise you that if you refuse to yield, then no matter what I would not take the initiative to cause trouble for Han Yuran. How’s that?”. I didn’t understand this part. What did he mean? Thank you

    • Sorz I thought this part may have been a bit weird, but basically he’s saying that as long as YTW refuses to harm Han Yuran, then LXZ won’t do anything to Han Yuran either. So it’s yield in the sense that YTW will not yield to the idea of letting Han Yuran get hurt

      • Thanks, I wasn’t sure either & had to reread, lol. This promise is quite ambiguous. “I’ll wait for your to discover his true nature before I settle my accounts.” Or something of the genre. Basically, he’s giving the naive young man face…

  4. Well. He’s been completely hoodwinked, but he doesn’t seem like a bad guy.

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  5. So easy to bamboozle. But he seems to be a genuine nice person…let him get a good guy! Wonder how he found out that his fiance was not the guy he was looking for in the first timeline.

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    • Chapter 48, ” The moment he gets intimate with Yuan Tianwen, based on how strong Yuan Tianwen is, he’ll immediately figure out that he isn’t the person that he was looking for. By then, it won’t be an easy matter to resolve anymore.”

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