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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh41 - No Invitation



He, what a courageous boy, you dare say that I’m discourteous?” Duan second elder didn’t have Han Wuyun in his sights at all, and because of his bad temper, he immediately threw out a palm at him. 4Cr7aM

“Careful!” Yuan Tianwen’s frowned and immediately flew over; his hands formed a seal which activated his whole body’s Qi to receive Duan second elder’s palm.


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The floor made of limestone that was as heavy as 10 000 catty was lifted up by the explosion and shattered into pieces in midair.

The crowd all revealed a shock look on their faces as they scurried backwards. M1XLZe

Yuan Tianwen landed on the ground; the blood and Qi within the depths of his heart were raging. Even though he was the leader amongst his generation, his level was still far from that of Duan second elder; he wouldn’t even be able to stand up to Duan second elder’s single finger.

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Yuan Tianwen clasped his hands together and said, “Duan second elder, please calm down, if Tianwen had done anything wrong then I sincerely wish to be advised on my wrongdoing. However, today is Yuran’s birthday celebration, so please have mercy!”

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Yuan Tianwen was shocked, then said, “What do you mean by that?”

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Han Yuran’s face immediately turned from green to white.

Duan second elder looked like he wanted to continue, but he was interrupted by a frivolous voice that travelled over—

“Grandpa, it’s such a nice day, what are you getting so worked up for.” Duan Yuyang adorned a bright red robe and was covered in all kinds of magic tools and treasures from head to toe; he looked like a red butterfly as he strolled over. 9hvZWj

And by his side was a short, ugly young man who was limping on one leg.

When he saw Duan Yuyang, Duan second elder’s black face immediately underwent a 180 degree change as he turned into a smiley, peace-loving old man.

Duan second elder waved his hand and beckoned as he said, “My good grandson, why did you come?”

Duan Yuyang walked over to Duan second elder and pulled out the chair next to him to sit down, then pointed at the Yan Tianhen beside him and said, “My little friend has some important business here to take care of. I was afraid that he’d be bullied if he came alone, so I had to follow along. But I didn’t think that the moment I arrived I would see Grandpa fuming so badly —— Grandpa, who provoked you again?” 1ULHxV

Duan second elder uttered a cold hng and said, “I just can’t stand the sight of that muddle headed rascal.”

Duan Yuyang looked at Yuan Tianwen. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Even if he’s an eyesore, you shouldn’t let your anger with him ruin your health. There are countless fools and idiots in this world, just don’t bother with them, or else Grandpa would be unhappy everyday.”

This grandpa-grandson pair took turns calling him a fool and an idiot, which showed how little face they gave Yuan Tianwen.

But, Yuan Tianwen had excellent upbringing, he would never exhibit any kind of rage in front of his elders. At this moment, he was only trying to recall if there was a time he had done something to offend this Duan second elder. qlRIEw

But even after he thought back and forth for awhile, he still couldn’t think of a reason for Duan second elder’s dissatisfaction with him.

Han Yuran heard how Yuan Tianwen was ridiculed in public and immediately wanted to fall out with the Duans. However, the Han family was situated in Qing city and was just a third-class family, most of the time they still had to follow the orders of the Duan family and rely on the Duan family for their resources, so naturally he couldn’t chase them away.

Han Yuran thus shifted his line of sight to Yan Tianhen.

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He waved his sleeves and said, “It seems like we didn’t send you an invitation for humble me’s birthday banquet?” lCAe84

Yan Tianhen’s notoriety in Qing city definitely didn’t lose to his Xiongzhang Lin Xuanzhi.

The atmosphere had turned incomparably awkward when they heard the exchange between the Duans and Yuan Tianwen. Everyone had wished that they had arrived a bit later so they could’ve avoided their confrontation. At this time, Han Yuran turned his target towards the Yan Tianhen whom they could all step on, so they quickly followed suit and hurriedly stepped on him themselves–

Yo, this ugly kid couldn’t have came in place of his Xiongzhang Lin Xuanzhi ba?”

“He came to attend the birthday banquet? Empty handed?” HPDpFo

“How could someone be this ugly, with that kind of appearance he shouldn’t even be out and about, it’ll just scare people to death!”

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  1. Hahahah. This pair of grandpa-grandson is my new idol duo group.
    “The Bashers” or, maybe, the “Insult the Pompous Ass Until they Vomit Blood” duo.
    But, I’m still gritting my teeth, DM-brah. I wanna get in a boxing ring with these Han and co, with me using vibranium gloves.
    Thank you!!!!

  2. The other gege is too sly. It was obvious his grandpa wants to tell something bad about the scum fiance, and he just had to interrupt that. Though of course, I had no sympathy to Yuan Tianwen. It’s his own fault to be (deceived?) by the scum fiance.
    All those idiots that thought little Didi was easily bullied, they going to regret this soon.

  3. I’ve already noticed that cultivators can be very rude people…Han Yuran is that kind of person that”s better lose then find.

  4. Ah what a heartwarming sight. Grandfather and grandson, spending quality time together roasting the hell out of people over an open fire.

  5. wtf i’m so mad rn i’m going to kill this creature- thank you for translation ~–T0T—-~

  6. this uncle Duan sure is a good guy, always supportive of his nephew hahahaha~~