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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh124 - Focusing on Cultivation


Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu
Edited by: Butter


Yan Tianhen thought about it for a bit, and though he was a bit reluctant, he still nodded, pursing his lips, “Okay then, we won’t see them today. Hopefully, the next time we see them, Ah Bai and Hu Po would have turned into true demonic beasts!”

Yan Tianhen imagined how Ah Bai and Hu Po would let out a roar that resounded through the mountains and forests and couldn’t help but feel more at ease. He even revealed a longing look on his face as he smiled contentedly.

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Golden Eyed Leopard was still muttering in his heart at first, wondering if these two owners would get angry and demand a return of their fees after seeing the two despondent tiger cubs with swollen faces. But it didn’t expect that Lin Xuanzhi seemed to have predicted all these, and didn’t even take a look at them. He even fooled the one who obviously spoiled those two tiger cubs the most, his brother Yan Tianhen.

Golden Eyed Leopard immediately looked at Lin Xuanzhi with admiration. LK1w7B

An expert, truly an expert indeed.

It would be good to learn from him.

Lin Xuanzhi had a good idea of the circumstances the two tiger cubs were in right now and he didn’t want to make Yan Tianhen upset and worried about Ah Bai and Hu Po all day, which was why he prevented him from visiting them for now.

But Lin Xuanzhi himself didn’t care any less about those two tiger cubs than Yan Tianhen does. MxZo3d

Thus, Lin Xuanzhi said to Golden Eyed Leopard, “Those two tiger cubs were brought up by my younger brother, so I hope Master Golden Eye will take care of them.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Golden Eyed Leopard had never seen such considerate parents before. It nodded its head in an aloof manner, “You can rest assured that after two months, when you take the two spiritual beasts away, I dare guarantee that they will at least be of the infant stage five stars level.”

“In that case, we’ll entrust them to Master.”

Lin Xuanzhi and Golden Eyed Leopard looked at each other, both revealing a knowing smile. 5wx1BY

Before leaving, Yan Tianhen took out a whole package of demonic delight fruits from his small storage bag and told Golden Eyed Leopard to secretly give them to Ah Bai and Hu Po.

Meanwhile, Lin Xuanzhi gave Golden Eyed Leopard a pair of wine cups that he had crafted.

After all, proper bribes were absolutely indispensable if they wanted Golden Eyed Leopard to spend more effort on those two spiritual beasts.

However, the pitiful Ah Bai and Hu Po who wanted to leave the terrifying Demonic Beast Institute even in their dreams perfectly missed their only opportunity to do so — by acting coquettish towards Yan Tianhen and begging him to take them away. h8W9fr

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The Lin family pupils that had passed the test aside from Yan Tianhen all entered the cultivation room as well.

After all, they might only have this one chance in 8 to 10 years to enter the cultivation room for free. Those who were ambitious in obtaining a good placing in the Hundred Families Gathering and catching the eye of a major sect would definitely not let go of such a god sent opportunity. Although the cultivation room wasn’t very big, at the very least it still had individual compartments. 6uFISq

The cultivation room was built entirely from stone materials. The temperature inside was quite low and it had a frigid style as well. But it was constructed on the dragon head of Qing city’s leyline, so it could be considered the place with the most concentrated spiritual Qi in Qing city. Usually, only elders of the family and pupils who could afford to pay for the room were eligible to enter it.

Aside from Lin Xuanzhi, the other juniors from the main branches of the Lin family had cultivated here before, only differing in the number of times they came.

However, those juniors from the Lin family’s side branches had never once felt how it was like to cultivate here.

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After one night passed, one of the room’s stone door opened, and the stone door next to it was pushed open from the inside as well. CBRF1

A happy grin was spread across Lin Dong’s face, and he looked like he had been smashed in the face by a pie that fell from the sky.

At this time, the stone doors of the two adjacent rooms opened as well.

Lin Cheng and Lin Yao came out of these two adjacent rooms.

Lin Dong sighed, “I didn’t expect that the cultivation room would have such concentrated spiritual Qi.” nZuo36

“Yeah, it really is concentrated, and it’s very pure as well. We’ll probably be able to advance by leaps and bounds in the near future.” Lin Cheng clenched his fists and his face, which was usually expressionless, now showed an irrepressible look of excitement.

“The main branch indeed gets good treatment. How could my family have such a cultivation room to train in?” Lin Yao felt a bit sour and even suspected that the emergence of so many high level cultivators in the Lin family’s main branches was probably because of the exceptional advantages they gained from this cultivation room.

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Lin Dong was slightly discontented with the main branch as well, and sourly said, “My cultivation rate yesterday was at least ten times faster than usual. If I had been cultivating in such a place since childhood, my cultivation level might be the highest in the Lin family right now.”

“It’s hard to say.” Another door opened, and Lin Yurou walked out adorned in a pink gauze dress. She looked at Lin Dong, who had just made such a bold speech, “Don’t just look at how terrifying the concentration of spiritual Qi here is and how it could facilitate the rapid progress of your cultivation; the family’s control over the usage of the cultivation room is very strict. The position at the dragon’s head of the leyline and the usage of spiritual Qi here has a lot of restrictions. If there were too many people coming here to absorb the spiritual Qi and cultivate, it would cause the leyline to wither. So even those from the main branches rarely have the opportunity to come in here to cultivate for a long time.” Lin Dong had always been very polite towards the direct descendants of the Lin family, so he was full of smiles as he flattered, “Yurou Jie is right, I was the one who was overthinking things.” 0NP UE

Lin Yurou pondered for a bit, “But, there is one person who always cultivated in the cultivation room ever since his talent was detected, all the way until he entered a sect.”

A name suddenly surfaced in everyone’s minds.

That person must have been Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Dong frowned, “Isn’t that too unfair?” 7x9rta

Lin Yurou nodded, “Which is why a lot of pupils from the main branches don’t like him very much. After all, all these resources were poured into just that one person, so anyone who sees just biased treatment would be unhappy.

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Lin Dong looked like he could empathise and quickly nodded, “That would make people feel dissatisfied.”

However, Lin Cheng, the one who rarely talks, spoke, “But I heard that at that time, Lin Xuanzhi’s cultivation made rapid progress, and the Lin family at that time was on the decline and needed a heaven-defying genius to emerge and stabilise the Lin family’s status. That was why they let Lin Xuanzhi cultivate every day and overload himself.”

Lin Yurou paused, “Well, I’ve never heard of that before. After all, I was still young at the time, and the elders wouldn’t tell me about such matters regarding the Lin family.” RSqKLG

Lin Yufan walked over, her gaze lightly sweeping over Lin Yurou. “Lin Xuanzhi truly was forced to cultivate with great intensity. Whether or not it was for the sake of the Lin family…anyone with a brain would be able to figure that out.”

Lin Yurou’s face turned pale and said a bit awkwardly, “Jiejie, are you trying to say that I should be able to figure it out?”

Lin Yufan said, “No, I’m trying to say that you have no brain.”

Lin Yurou, “……” cVY2HX

Lin Yufan repeatedly targeted Lin Yurou, everyone else could see that. But Lin Yufan and Lin Yurou were both from the main branches, while Lin Dong and the rest were from side branches, so they couldn’t and didn’t dare to interject.

Thus, Lin Yurou, who wasn’t adept at arguing with others, could only bite down on her lower lip forcefully as she watched Lin Yufan leave in a carefree manner.

Lin Yufan walked outside of the cultivation room and took a deep breath.

She knew in her heart that Lin Yurou wasn’t lying. After all, they seldom saw Lin Xuanzhi when they were kids, and when they did, Lin Xuanzhi was always cultivating in full view. i6cjd3

The younger generation of the Lin family rejected, feared and admired Lin Xuanzhi.

No one knew when the younger generation’s hearts started to be full of jealousy whenever they saw Lin Xuanzhi.

They obtained quite a bit of benefits from Lin Xuanzhi, but at the same time as they enjoyed these benefits, they took it for granted that this was what Lin Xuanzhi should do after he snatched so many of their resources. As a powerhouse, they found it a given for him to do such things.

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It was only after Lin Xuanzhi turned into a good-for-nothing and was worse than the junior who had the worst talent in the Lin family when those who had enjoyed his graces without a shred of gratitude in their hearts spectated and mocked him from a side. They even felt quite comforted in their hearts. ceJO1M

Lin Yufan shook her head inwardly. This bunch of Lin family pupils were really too embarrassing to be seen with.

If it wasn’t because Lin Xuanzhi was still holding up here, the Lin family would probably be in even greater crisis in the near future.

The Duan Residence.

In the courtyard, Duan Yufei was squatting on the ground and propped his chin with his chubby hand. He looked at the kitten demon who was gnawing on a demonic delight fruit happily and muttered to himself. xa6lc5

Duan Yuhao would pass by occasionally, and walked over when he saw this scene.

As soon as Duan Yuhao came close, the kitten demon ran up a tree as if it was threatened by something, and it was so frightened that even the demonic delight fruit in its mouth dropped.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Duan Yufei stood up. When he saw Duan Yuhao, a huge grin spread across his face and his eyes turned into slits. He pounced towards Duan Yuhao and hugged his waist, “Gege, I haven’t seen you these days. Where did you go?”

Duan Yuhao didn’t like this younger brother of his that much, but this kid was doted upon by his parents a lot, so as his biological older brother, he would of course have to maintain a superficial pretense of brotherhood with him. 4SpvdL

Duan Yuhao hid the disgust in his heart and rubbed Duan Yufei’s head, and was obviously showing off a bit as he said, “A few days ago, the demonic beasts I raise all won a competition in the city’s demonic beast arena, so I earned quite a bit.”

Duan Yufei immediately revealed a look of admiration, “Dage you’re so amazing. How do you train your demonic beasts? Why are my demonic beasts all so dumb and silly?”

Duan Yuhao sneered and thought, because demonic beasts are like their owners. You’re a dumbass who’s retarded in the first place, so how smart and amazing can the demonic beasts you raise be?

But Duan Yuhao just narrowed his eyes and stared at the kitten demon that hid behind a bunch of leaves and was shivering uncontrollably, “Didn’t Dage teach you before that you could just kill any demonic beast that’s disobedient and useless? You don’t need to keep them alive, they’ll just be wasting food.” DcgRyw

Duan Yufei was still young and he didn’t really have anyone to guide him either, so he lacked the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When he heard Duan Yuhao’s words, he nodded and said, “That’s what I thought so too. But, when I went to the Demonic Beast Institute, I met two little Geges who had two round white tigers with them…”

“Lin Xuanzhi?” Duan Yuhao’s expression changed. He grabbed Duan Yufei’s collar, “You saw Lin Xuanzhi? What did he say to you?”

Duan Yufei was taken aback by the sudden change in Duan Yuhao’s expression and began to stutter. wkrTIH

“I, I don’t……know who they are. They said, that the kitten demon wasn’t strong because, because it didn’t have much to eat or drink. If I feed it well, the kitten demon would……would become powerful, and become even more powerful that those two tiger cubs!”

When Duan Yufei finished the latter part of his sentence, he seemed to be able to see his kitten demon conducting a large-scale massacre, so his mood suddenly improved a lot.

Yet Duan Yuhao narrowed his eyes coldly.

Recently, as soon as he goes out, he would hear other people discuss Lin Xuanzhi. And, unlike all the previous slanders and belittling words they threw at him, Lin Xuanzhi had now become a role model who rose from the ashes and prevailed against all odds without giving in to his horrible circumstances. FGuID4

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