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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh157 - Young Master Bai


Translated by: Zryuu

Edited by: Zryuu and Atsam pHIeEm

Baili Yunsong took a deep breath and secretly recited ten times “you can’t hit your Didi you can’t hit your Didi”, then slowly exhaled. He said through clenched teeth, “Baili Yunshan, don’t think that I won’t dare beat you up when we’re outside. Ask one more question and I’ll beat the crap out of you!”

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Baili Yunshan immediately put on an ingratiating smile. He scratched the back of Baili Yunsong’s hand and said all docile, “Second brother, Second brother, I was wrong ma. I just knew you weren’t the kind of person who would play such underhanded tricks. My Second brother is an upright and honest person, you’re a great person!”

Baili Yunsong rolled his eyes at him and turned to face the platform. “Look carefully and remember them, when we get back I’ll send some people out to look for those materials.” HyNxkG

Baili Yunshan shook his head regretfully and said, “I’m afraid that most of those materials aren’t found in the Five Continents’ mainlands. Even if they were, we’d only be able to bump into them by chance in Mysterious Lands that aren’t easy to explore. Some may even be extinct, so don’t waste our resources.”

Baili Yunsong didn’t say anything and just rubbed Baili Yunshan’s head.

His younger brother has always been this sensible.

Only Lin Xuanzhi remained on the platform. gbBUmC

Boss Bai cast a disdainful glance at Lin Xuanzhi. “Please, go ahead. I wonder how many materials Craftsman Lin has heard of out of all the ones here.” Sneers could be heard below the platform. Someone raised his voice and laughed, “For someone as amazing as Craftsman Lin, instead of merely hearing about them, he should’ve even seen them with his own eyes before ba!”

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Cold sweat trickled down Yan Tianhen’s face; he was afraid that Lin Xuanzhi would get shamed in public.

However, Lin Xuanzhi just smiled lightly and said to the one who had spoken below the platform, “You do have rather good judgment to know that I have seen them before.” 5 Rgb1

After he spoke, Lin Xuanzhi turned to look at the first material and smiled, “This material is called Cold Moon Jade Butterfly; it resembles a butterfly, but it’s not one, and is in fact a kind of stone. It prefers dark and humid deep valleys, and under the moonlight, it can produce an illusion of butterflies dancing in the sky. Due to such a characteristic, it is often used by auxiliary Array Cultivators to refine the cores of auxiliary arrays, and it can also be used to refine illusory items. As for the material’s level…he, profound grade seventh level, which is quite good, and it’s scarce in supply too. I just don’t know if there would be anyone in the Bai family now who would dare to use it in their refining processes.”

Lin Xuanzhi paused for a moment before saying to Boss Bai, whose face had paled considerably, “I wonder if I’m right?”

Boss Bai was in utter disbelief. This Cold Moon Jade Butterfly was clearly from the outer world, and it was rare too, so it was impossible for someone like Lin Xuanzhi — who has never left the Five Continents’ mainlands and wasn’t from a craftsmen family — to know of its existence!

In fact, only a few pupils of the Bai family had the right to experience this Cold Moon Jade Butterfly for themselves. 02YZj

“So is he right or not?” Someone from below the platform asked.

“Yeah, he made it sound so incredible. I’ve never heard of such a material before.”

“It can produce butterfly illusions? That’s so unique, I’ve never heard of it before either. He shouldn’t have just made it up on the fly ba.”

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Lin Xuanzhi had always maintained a gentle, yet pressing smile on his face. CWdxwH

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【Jbiv Zbbc Ajvf Deaafgois, ugbkr lc vjgx jcv tewlv vffq njiifsr, qgbobecv ugjvf rfnfcat ifnfi rabcf wjafglji, liierlbcr bo yeaafgoilfr klii jqqfjg ecvfg atf wbbc, jc liierbgs lafw jcv boafc erfv ys jezliljgs Cggjs Jeialnjabgr ab mgjoa mbgfr.】


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Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air as they stared at Lin Xuanzhi in disbelief. MKPbwH

Yan Tianhen cheered, “Dage’s the best! Dage guessed it right!”

Duan Yuyang breathed a sigh of relief too. “Amazing, amazing. I’ve never even heard of it before, how does he know about it?”

Ji Yunwei couldn’t stop applauding. “Brother Xuanzhi is indeed extraordinary and wonderful. It’s fortunate that I hugged his thigh in advance.”

Duan Yuyang turned his head to look at Ji Yunwei, “Young Master Ji, as the young master of the Ji family, don’t you feel embarrassed for saying such words?” FANr4M

Ji Yunwei looked back at him and said, “Don’t tell me Young Master Duan doesn’t think the same?”

Duan Yuyang, “…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ji Yunwei, “…”

Both of them revealed a smile that seemed to say ‘we both know it’ at the same time. g2ibSy

Of course they had to hug such a big thigh in advance!

On the platform, Lin Xuanzhi still laughed without a hint of arrogance. “Boss Bai, is my guess considered correct?”

Boss Bai could barely maintain the smile on his face, but he still nodded. “Of course, of course it is.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “Then I’ll guess the second one.” EFCkPA

Boss Bai’s face instantly paled even more — he still wanted to guess the second one? Was guessing one right not enough for him??

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Lin Xuanzhi ignored how Boss Bai was feeling and walked straight to the second material. He cast a glance at it and said, “This is the inner core of a black turtle, and is at least 3000-years-old. I’m guessing that the black turtle’s cultivation must at least be of the  Transformation Stage. The attributes of the black turtle are water and metal, its core is most suitable for refining medicinal liquid or medicinal pills, but it can also be used to craft equipment. I think it would be most appropriate to be embedded in weapons and serve as additional Qi. Black turtles have never appeared on any of the Five Continents’ mainlands before, and not only so, it is a demonic beast that had gone extinct 10,000 years ago. People have even said that in order to preserve the continuity of their species, the black turtles have long since hidden in the caves at the depths of the sea, and would not easily appear. Thus, no one would have seen a black turtle before, let alone their inner cores.”

This time, everyone held their breath and waited for Boss Bai to reveal the answer.

Boss Bai glared at Lin Xuanzhi with a deathly ashen face. He gritted his teeth and forcibly endured the urge to vomit blood, then said through clenched teeth, “Craftsman Lin, you’re so amazing to even be able to tell what this is, but I wonder how Craftsman Lin managed to identify this material?” gynSFk

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, “Everyone has their own fortuitous encounters. I might have seen this kind of material in my past life, so the impression lasted until this life.”

Boss Bai wanted to say ‘you’re just spouting nonsense’. Who would have known if he was a human or a dog in their past life? So where would the memory come from? But right now, he couldn’t even utter a word.

Boss Bai slowly opened the scroll, and the second answer appeared.

Lin Xuanzhi had guessed it right again. He had even guessed the age of the black turtle’s inner core very accurately. n7DIWE

This time, those who thought that Lin Xuanzhi was just lucky to have identified the first material all changed their minds — the first might have been a coincidence, but the second couldn’t be!

Baili Yunshan’s eyes were bright. He felt so excited that he couldn’t help but cry out, “Lin Dage, hurry and guess the third one ah!”

Baili Yunsong couldn’t stop Baili Yunshan. This kid had actually changed his form of address to ‘Dage’ now.

As soon as Baili Yunshan spoke, everyone else who was there to spectate the show began cheering, “Continue guessing ah, Craftsman Lin, take everything there ba!” 5Shzsl

“Take them all, take them all!”

Boss Bai almost crushed his teeth into pieces. He glared at the ones who spoke — take them all?

Damn, just those two materials alone made him feel like his heart was on the verge of being smashed into pieces.

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However, Boss Bai continued saying through clenched teeth, “Continue guessing ba.” sFO2U7

He doesn’t believe that Lin Xuanzhi would really be able to take them all.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and smiled lightly, “Boss Bai truly is a straightforward person. I’ll continue then.”

He came to the front of the third material and said, “This is called Tianshi Cloud Ghost Eye, it is an eye born after a Cloud Ghost tree cultivated into a spirit.”

Boss Bai stepped back unsteadily and almost fell to the ground. Mdx93a

Yet Lin Xuanzhi didn’t continue speaking, and instead turned around and grinned as he said to Boss Bai, “Boss Bai, why don’t you go look for the one who’s really in charge of your family first? Otherwise, I may really take everything here. Don’t let the Bai family come crying to me then.”

When he heard this, Boss Bai’s expression changed, and the emotions in his gaze changed from contempt and disdain to fear and awe — he actually felt like Lin Xuanzhi wasn’t just saying that in order to scare him, but that he was serious!

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If that were so, then it would truly be too terrifying!

Boss Bai immediately broke out in a cold sweat. These seven items are all the Bai family’s treasures. If they were all taken away by Lin Xuanzhi in one go, then the consequences would be unthinkable. qEI 4l

Moreover, the insight and judgment displayed by Lin Xuanzhi was definitely not something that an ordinary craftsman would possess. It was probably on par with the Bai family’s ancestor who had lived for nearly 700 years!

Who on earth is Lin Xuanzhi?

Boss Bai wasn’t a fool. He completed a full bow to Lin Xuanzhi and said respectfully, “I’m the one with eyes who couldn’t recognise Mt. Tai. Why don’t Craftsman Lin take a seat first and wait for a while? I’ll be back soon.”

Lin Xuanzhi had evidently displayed his sincerity. WB9KRM

As an elite family, the Bai family naturally prioritises their reputation, so they couldn’t go back on their words. If Lin Xuanzhi continued guessing today and kept all seven of these materials, then the Bai family could only suffer the loss silently.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, Lin Xuanzhi took the initiative to offer the Bai family a way out after guessing the third material. And he had done so after the Bai family was pressing down hard on him in all respects and had even insulted him.

Boss Bai instantly felt very ashamed. He prepared to leave with a flushed face to go look for the real steward of the Bai family to report the matter.

However, before he left, he saw his Young Master who was walking over through a path cleared by the crowd. XfWoRy

“Much thanks to Craftsman Lin for your mercy.” Young Master Bai, who was sitting on a wheelchair, gently knocked on his handle, and his wheelchair landed on the platform.

Yan Tianhen’s eyes widened. “Yi, I’ve seen that person before.”

Duan Yuyang was stunned. “Who is he? Why have you met him before?”

Yan Tianhen scratched his head and said, “Isn’t that the Young Master of Hidden Tools Pavillion? When Gege and I went to sell equipment, we’ve even chatted with him before. He personally kept my Dage’s magic tool. But why would he be here?’ x6PJTI

Ji Yunwei kept staring at Yan Tianhen and said in disbelief, “Your Dage sold an equipment to Young Master Bai?”

“Yeah, what’s strange about that?” Yan Tianhen was a little puzzled, because the Hidden Tools Pavilion itself was a place where magic tools are traded.

Ji Yunwei and Duan Yuyang looked at each other, and they couldn’t help but sigh ruefully at the same time.

“Henhen, you must know, a magic tool that a craftsman would take the initiative to collect won’t be anything ordinary.” Duan Yuyang said with great emphasis. iEaTcS

Yan Tianhen stuck his tongue out and said, “So Young Master Bai is a craftsman too?”

Ji Yunwei pondered, then said, “That may not necessarily be so. This Young Master Bai has always been a mysterious figure. Not only does he rarely appear in public, but not many know what path he cultivates either. However, for him to be the Young Master of such a prestigious Bai family, he must have areas that he excels in. Moreover…”

When he spoke up to this point, Ji Yunwei stopped talking.

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Moreover, his legs seem to be crippled. kJlErP

After they stared at one another silently for awhile, Ji Yunwei couldn’t keep his calm and said, “The Hidden Tools Pavillion is actually part of the Bai family’s business as well.”

Duan Yuyang’s expression made him seem like he had a toothache. He pursed his lips and said, “Rich, they really are rich.”

The Hundred Treasures Pavilion belonged to the Bai  family, and the Hidden Tools Pavilion belonged to the Bai family too. Was  there still any fairness in this world?!

Ji Yunwei and Duan Yuyang looked at each other and couldn’t help but think, if only the Ji family/Duan family were that richI9Wx4y

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