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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh106 - Another Wave


Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu
Edited by: Butter


Lin Jiang, who was sitting on a seat for elders, also received gazes of admiration and congratulations from everyone around him.


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“Third Brother, you’re not being a very good friend ah, you’ve been back for so many days yet you didn’t even disclose the slightest bit of news.”


“Third Brother, you’re really good at educating children.” Madam Bai might’ve been smiling on the surface, but she was so jealous inside that her stomach was churning inside out.


“Lin Jiang, you gave birth to two such great children. From now onwards, you can basically do whatever you want in the Lin family.”


“You’re too kind.” Lin Jiang said quickly.

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“But isn’t it true? Inner disciples of Sky Peak Sect have First Elder of Sky Peak Sect as their backer. Not to mention the Lin family, even Profound Sky Sect won’t dare to touch the vanguards of their main sect!”


“Lin Jiang, ever since you returned to the Lin family, we have never had much time to get together. Why don’t you come over to my place afterwards to drink. I have a 500-year-old excellent wine over at my place~”


“I’ve just invited a food cultivator over to my place, Jiang Ge can come over to try his dishes and see if its fits your tastes.”


When Madam Bai looked at all these side branches who used to surround her were now revolving around Lin Jiang, and were fawning over him and trying even harder to establish connections with him than before, she felt very displeased.


But, she still had to maintain her smile in front of all these people, and she couldn’t reveal her jealousy on her face. This was extremely stifling for her.


Below the stage, Lin Yaer also had a very glorious appearance. She walked over to Lin Xuanzhi, the corners of her lips curved up as she proudly said, “Lin Xuanzhi, don’t be too arrogant. My Gege is much more amazing than you.”


Lin Xuanzhi lightly cast a glance at her, “Un, then I’d like to congratulate your older brother.”

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Lin Yaer’s fist had landed on a bed of cotton. She immediately sneered, “Lin Xuanzhi, don’t be such a hypocrite. You must be both jealous and scared of my brother. What, now that you know that my brother is not only a Foundation Stage second layer cultivator but also one of the inner disciples of Sky peak sect, you’re regretting your provocations toward me and my brother?”


“You’re overthinking it.” Yan Tianhen spoke before Lin Xuanzhi did, “Your brother got beat up not because his cultivation level was low, but because he had a despicable mouth and even more despicable hands. Also, my Dage and I have never taken the initiative to provoke you guys. It’s always the two of you who always forced your way to squeeze into our line of sight.”


“What nonsense are you spouting?!” Lin Yaer immediately pulled a long face, then sneered, “You ugly idiot, your ugly appearance has probably twisted your heart as well, which is why you keep slandering my Gege. Actually, in your heart, you must be going crazy with jealousy because of how outstanding my Gege is ba?”


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Yan Tianhen sneered and pointed at his nose, “I’m jealous of Lin Yangzhi? Which part of him is worth being jealous of? If you’re talking about appearance, then my Dage is 10,000 times more handsome than him. If you’re talking about cultivation levels, my Dage is a Refining Qi Stage seventh layer craftsman right now, and, my Dage is only 17 years old, but your Dage is already 24 years old!”


He, you never know what your Dage will be like when he’s 24.” Lin Yaer said maliciously, “He could even turn into a good-for-nothing again by then.”


“You….” Yan Tianhen gritted his teeth. This vicious and stupid woman actually dared to curse his Dage!


“Ah Hen.” Lin Xuanzhi interrupted at a suitable time and pulled Yan Tianhen behind him, “Didn’t Dage tell you before that there’s no need for you to argue with outsiders?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


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Yan Tianhen angrily responded, “But she’s really speaking without a filter, was she even speaking a human language?”


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Olc Wejchtl rwlifv, “Pa’r olcf jr ibcu jr sbe ecvfgrajcv.”


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Lin Yaer flared up, “Who did you call a dog?!”


“The one who responded.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


“Shut up!” Lin Yaer’s voice rose a few decibels.


“Lin Yaer.” Lin Xuanzhi suddenly called out Lin Yaer’s name. When she looked at him, he spoke with a cold and indifferent look on his face, “I’m different from Ah Hen, I don’t like to argue with others. However, I’ve always been the type to give my opponents a direct strike.”


Lin Yaer’s body immediately stiffened up.


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“If you want to use your Foundation Stage second layer level to challenge the magic treasure in my hands, then I, Lin Xuanzhi, would be willing to accept it at any time.”


Lin Yaer’s face turned pale. She clenched her slender, jade-like hands, and after a short moment, she threw out the words ‘just you wait’ before she turned around and walked into a group of Lin family pupils.


Lin Yan uttered two tsks, “What a coward.”


Yan Tianhen nodded firmly, “That’s right. That Lin Yaer has big breasts but no brains, and she’s as blind as a bat.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Lin Yan shook his head, “But there is one thing that she was right about.”


Yan Tianhen was about to ask Lin Yan what she was right about, but when he turned around, he saw that Lin Yan was staring at his face so he immediately rushed forward to cover Lin Yan’s mouth, “You’re not allowed to say it! You’re not allowed to, just shut up ba!”


Lin Yan was about to die from asphyxiation. He pried Yan Tianhen’s hand away and rolled his eyes, “I wasn’t going to say that you’re ugly, I just wanted to say that when Lin Yaer talked about how we wouldn’t know how your Ge would be like when he turns 24, it was very reasonable.”


Yan Tianhen was stunned. He thought about it for a bit, then nodded and actually revealed a slight smile on his face.


He patted the bewildered Lin Yan, “I knew you had good judgment. Don’t just look at how my Dage is just a Refining Qi Stage seventh layer cultivator right now, by the time he’s 24, he might be a primary-level xianshi who’s both a craftsman and an elemental cultivator. Yanyan, you have good judgment indeed.”


Lin Yan, “…”


What he meant just now, should be the complete opposite of what Yan Tianhen had just imagined ba?

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However, when Lin Yan looked at Yan Tianhen’s expression that was full of joy and confidence, he couldn’t bear to deal a blow against him, so he nodded without the slightest bit of reluctance, “That’s right, my judgment has always been pretty good.”


“Thank you for your auspicious words. When my Ge becomes a primary-level xianshi who’s both a craftsman and an elemental cultivator, I’ll definitely treat you to a chicken drumstick!” Yan Tianhen’s eyes turned into small crescents as he smiled.


Lin Yan thought that he probably wouldn’t be able to eat that chicken drumstick he was promised.


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When Lin Xuanzhi heard Yan Tianhen’s words as he stood beside him, he involuntarily revealed a sincere smile on his face.


In Yan Tianhen’s eyes, this Dage of his probably has nothing he can’t do, and nothing he doesn’t know how to ba?


The test was about to end. Fifth Elder stood up and walked to the middle of the testing platform, then said unhurriedly, “In this test, there are a total of 10 pupils who are below 27 years of age and have already reached the fifth layer of their Refining Qi stage — Lin Xuanzhi, Lin Yangzhi, Lin Zezhi, Lin Yaer, Lin Yurou, Lin Yan, Lin Yufan, Lin Yao, Lin Cheng and Lin Dong. Out of these 10 Lin family pupils — aside from Lin Yangzhi who can’t take part in the competition because he has already become a disciple of Sky Peak Sect– the other 9 pupils will have to focus on their cultivation from today onwards, so that they will be able to fight for the honour of our Lin family in the Hundred Families Gathering that will be held in three months!”


Enthusiastic cheers and applause erupted below the stage.

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Fifth Elder was somewhat delighted. The quality of pupils this year was much higher as compared to the ones who took the test for the Hundred Families Gathering 30 years ago.


They not only had a cultivator who was half a step away from his Foundation Stage, but they also had a craftsman. Moreover, they had even produced a pupil who was now an inner disciple in the biggest sect of the Five Continents — Sky Peak Sect. This was truly a great fortune for them.


Fifth Elder was about to announce the next item in high spirits when he suddenly heart someone raise their voice from below the stage, “Master, there is a question I would like to ask.”


“What question?” Fifth Elder looked at the Lin Yangzhi who had just spoken with much more recognition for him than before.


“When I left Sky Peak Sect, I heard my mentor say before that every family who participates in the Hundred Families Gathering would have an entry permit that would allow its holder to enter the last segment of the competition straight away. May I ask if Master has that permit in your possession?” Lin Yangzhi asked unhurriedly.


Fifth Elder nodded, “Of course I have one.”


All the Lin family pupils below the stage immediately looked extremely keen. They couldn’t help but pray that such a precious placing would fall into their hands.

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“I feel like that place should go to me. I’m already at the fourth layer of my Refining Qi stage, and I’m only half a step away from the fifth layer, so I’m the one with the most potential.”


“I have both metal and earth spiritual roots, though I’m only at the fourth layer.”


The pupils all chimed in at the same time, then looked expectantly at Fifth Elder who was standing in the middle of the platform.


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Fifth Elder coughed lightly and looked at Lin Xuanzhi, who was standing below the stage, “As for this permit, I’ve already passed it to Xuanzhi for him to deal with. If you have any questions, settle it with him.”

  MiK c3

After he was done speaking, Fifth Elder waved his sleeves and disappeared from the platform.


Third Elder spoke in a profound tone, “Fifth Brother must have triggered a lot of dissatisfaction because of what he just did ba. Wasn’t that too unfair?”


Second Elder grinned and stroked his beard, “The Lin family has never been a place where fairness is emphasised. In the cultivation world, the strong is king. Since Fifth Brother gave it to Lin Xuanzhi, he must have had his reasons for doing so. We just need to see how Lin Xuanzhi will resolve this ba.”

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Third Elder thought about it and couldn’t help but sneer in his heart, that entry permit in Lin Xuanzhi’s hands is just like a hot potato now. So many people are eyeing it. If he doesn’t allocate it fairly, or he messes up somehow, it would lead to unimaginable consequences.


As for who Lin Xuanzhi would pass that entry permit to……it goes without saying.


Lin Xuanzhi stood below the stage. He watched Fifth Elder as he disappeared after throwing the blame to him, then laughed bitterly in his heart as he scolded “old fox”.


Yan Tianhen rubbed his hands together a bit in apprehension.


Lin Yan clicked his tongue and asked out of curiosity, “I wonder who Lin Xuanzhi will pass that entry permit to.”


Yan Tianhen blinked and feigned ignorance, smiling innocently, “No matter who my Dage passes it to, he must have his reasons for doing so.”


“That’s true.” Lin Yan nodded.

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Lin Yan chuckled twice before whispering into Yan Tianhen’s ear, “Looks like your Dage’s going to be in trouble soon.”


Yan Tianhen could tell even without him saying that.


Lin Yangzhi walked through the crowd to stand before Lin Xuanzhi, then shot him a malicious sneer, “Xuanzhi Tangxiong, since the entry permit is in your hands, and all the pupils in the Lin family are coincidentally gathered here, why don’t you tell everyone now who you intend to pass that entry permit to?”


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Lin Xuanzhi casually glanced at Lin Yangzhi.


Lin Yangzhi’s plan was indeed insidious. He wanted to make him seem unjust.


But, Lin Xuanzhi wasn’t afraid. After all, his status as a craftsman could bring him many benefits.


Under the gazes of all the pupils present, Lin Xuanzhi lightly said, “I will of course leave that pass for my Jiadi, Yan Tianhen.”

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Lin Yan abruptly raised his eyebrow and looked at Yan Tianhen with amusement.


Yan Tianhen’s small face turned pale for a short moment, but very soon, he held his head up and returned to normal. He couldn’t disgrace his Dage.


The Lin family pupils were in an uproar.


Ha, Lin Xuanzhi, aren’t you too selfish?” Lin Yaer took the lead, “Everyone knows that Yan Tianhen is a good-for-nothing, and he’s so ugly that people can’t even bear to look at him. If we send him, he would just disgrace the Lin family.”


“That’s right, Xuanzhi Tangxiong.” Another pupil added, “He might be your younger brother, but you can’t ignore the family’s reputation and casually give such a precious place to a useless person.”


“Xuanzhi Tangxiong, why don’t you reconsider it? There are so many outstanding pupils in the Lin family. Any random pupil you pick would be more worthy of the pass than Yan Tianhen.”

Translator's Note

can’t recognise what a more perceptive person could/unaware of what she’s dealing with

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