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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh28 - The Siblings’ Schemes



Han Yanran angrily stomped her foot and scolded, “That shameless bastard, doesn’t he know how to piss and take a look at his own reflection? He definitely wants to marry me, but he can keep dreaming!” 3MBDhk

“He’s just a toad who wants to eat swan meat1, he.” Han Yuran laughed coldly, then slowly said, “Don’t worry, Xiaomei2, in the future you’ll definitely marry a powerful overlord as the first wife like Dajie3. Dage wouldn’t let this guy get in your way.”

Han Yanran patted her chest, and with a face that looked like she hadn’t recovered from her shock, she said, “I’m relieved to hear Dage say that. The fortune teller said that I was born with a phoenix’s fortune, so of course I’ll have to marry an important figure in the future.”

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Han Yuran nodded and appeared to have silently consented.

Not long after, Han Yuran saw their two chamberlains run back in a panic. JrqbkQ

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“Young master!” one of the chamberlains nervously said, “I just went to ask, that person who had bought the demonic beast tiger cub yesterday had already boarded a Penetrating Clouds Shuttle and left.”

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Jeialnjabgr atja mjc erf j Ufcfagjalcu Jibevr Vteaaif vfolclafis vbc’a ijmx wbcfs. Ktf 1800 ubiv atja tf tjv qgfqjgfv lr qgbyjyis cba fcbeut ab fzmtjcuf obg atbrf akb rqlgla yfjrar fnfc lo tf mjamtfr eq ab atja meialnjabg.

Han Yanran anxiously jumped up, but she hadn’t thought as far ahead as Han Yuran, “The guy ran off, but what about those two tiger cubs?” nyVeTa

The other chamberlain said, “Those two tiger cubs, we heard that they were taken away by Lin family’s young master!”

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Han Yuran abruptly narrowed his eyes, then said, “Lin Xuanzhi has already redeemed them?”

“Yes.” the chamberlain nodded.

Han Yanran let out a sign of relief, then said to Han Yuran, “Dage, luckily those cubs are in that trash Lin Xuanzhi’s hands, let’s go find him now. In order to gain Dage’s approval, he’ll definitely pass those tiger cubs to you without a second thought. If we return home right now, we might even see Lin Xuanzhi at our doorstep with those two tiger cubs in hand– he came to redeem those tiger cubs so early in the morning, it must be because he was thinking about Dage.” ZGF2TA

Han Yuran was pleased with how much Han Yanran was flattering him. Even though he felt that other than his face, Lin Xuanzhi was useless in all other areas and wasn’t worthy of him, but who didn’t like to have a brainless, poor but generous suitor by their side.

Han Yuran nodded slightly, then said, “That’s right, he had already promised to give me those tiger cubs for my birthday. My birthday is coming up soon, Lin Xuanzhi probably doesn’t have anything else appropriate to offer me as a birthday gift other than those cubs.”

Han Yuran had already believed 80 to 90% of what Han Yanran had said, and he thought to himself, Lin Xuanzhi is the kind of person who likes to go beyond his means to save his face, afterall, he is an influential family’s young master who had been at the centre of attention ever since he was a kid. He’s the type who would only ride on demonic beasts when he leaves his residence, and only eat and drink the most expensive things. Even though he’s in dire straits right now, he definitely wouldn’t want to lose face at his own fiance’s birthday banquet where respected figures from all around the continents had been invited to.

Han Yuran thought of all these, then instantaneously relaxed. odsSgW

“Then Dage, do we go and ask for the tiger cubs now?” Han Yanran asked.

Han Yuran shook his head, then said, “Showing up at their doorstep to ask for the cubs directly looks too impetuous. Since those two tiger cubs had already been redeemed, then they can’t escape Qing city. Let’s wait until my birthday banquet in half a month, where Lin Xuanzhi will take the initiative to give me those tiger cubs himself.”

Han Yanran nodded too and smiled, “Dage is the smartest.”

Han Yuran said, “Lin Xuanzhi is just too easy to see through.” eNS98Q

He has no money, yet he’d rather die than lose face, so he’ll definitely offer a gift that stands out from the rest.

That pair of rare amethyst white tigers are the best gifts he can offer right now.

Of course, Han Yuran still wanted that piece of Mysterious Ice Jade hairpin. But, he needs to properly conceive a thorough plan to get that hairpin, he can’t be impatient.

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1. A toad who wants to eat swan meat = to yearn for something that one is not worthy of eg. an ugly man wanting to marry a beautiful woman
2. Xiao = little, mei = younger sister; xiaomei = younger sister
3. Da = big, jie = older sister; dajie = eldest/older sister dwzb65

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