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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh257 - Lovers Unite


Lin Xuanzhi taking Duan Yuyang into his home had naturally not been concealed from Fifth Elder. These days, Fifth Elder had heard a lot of rumours outside, and he especially asked Lin Xuanzhi to explain the matter.

Fifth Elder reviewed the Yuan family’s current position; how could one not know what they came for? vITaVQ

Lin Runru’s eyes narrowed slightly, “I’ve heard that Young Master Yuan also seems to have a sweetheart.”

“Yes.” Yuan Zheng clicked his tongue after sipping his tea, “And he’s been dumped. So far, he hasn’t been able to chase his wife until now.  “

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Yuan Zheng’s face was full of disdain and he gave Yuan Tianwen a sidelong glance, “It’s the first time in so many years that our old Yuan family came out with this kind of bastard who can’t even chase his wife successfully. He really makes our eight generations of ancestors lose face. I’d like to see what face that little rabbit should have to meet the ancestors of Yuan family! “

“Dad! Can you stop talking?”  Yuan Tianwen asked, rolling his eyes in a helpless manner. He was very displeased that his father would tear down his face in front of outsiders. QzHUXy

Yuan Zheng raised a corner of his mouth, not intending to save any face for his son, “What’s the matter? Is your father wrong? You can even mistake the person you like. I’ve never met such a stupid person. I’m really embarrassed to admit that you’re my son when I go out.  “

Yuan Tianwen pursed his lips together and spoke directly to Su Mo, “Dad, can you take care of him?”

Su Mo laughed, “When we return, I’ll tell you some of the stupid things your father did before.”

Yuan Zheng immediately said, “I was wrong. I didn’t say anything. My son is the best. Who dares say my son is stupid? I’ll finish him!” 1ksDfm

Yuan Tianwen, “…..”

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Fifth Elder, “…”

What is love in this world? It’s just a matter of reducing someone to new lows.

After chatting about things for a long time, Su Mo stirred the conversation towards the main topic. bO7P54

Su Mo began, “This time, to be honest, I’m actually here for the sake of my son.”

Although Fifth Elder had long guessed it, he still pretended to be ignorant, “What’s the matter?”

Su Mo smiled faintly, “Let my dog of a son speak for himself about this.”

After being deprived of the opportunity to speak before, Yuan Tianwen immediately cut to the chase, “I’ve come for Yuyang. He is my sweetheart and my destined companion. I’ve wanted to take him home even before coming here.” eA6Zrf

Fifth Elder raised his eyebrows, “During this period of time, the Duan family’s eldest son has become very famous. I heard that he got pregnant by a man, and that the other father of this child is our family’s Xuanzhi.  “

Lin Xuanzhi, who was shot even when he was lying down, looked unperturbed and responded lightly, “Duan Yuyang and I are just friends. Please don’t get me wrong.”

How could he not understand that Fifth Elder was being deliberately sarcastic?

Yuan Tianwen wouldn’t have mistakenly misunderstood Lin Xuanzhi. Although he had been unhappy seeing how close Lin Xuanzhi and Duan Yuyang were getting before, he was extremely grateful to Lin Xuanzhi now. tH6NIk

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Yuan Tianwen was a little ashamed, but he still bluntly stated, “The child in his womb is actually mine.”

Mloat Sivfg qgfafcvfv ab yf regqglrfv, “Yt?”

Tejc Kljckfc ybkfv ab Mloat Sivfg, “P pera mjwf ab qlmx eq Tesjcu jcv tjnf tlw ifjnf klat wf. Vbwf alwf jub, P tjv j ofk atlcur ab vfji klat, rb P vlvc’a gfaegc klat Tesjcu. P’nf mbwf tfgf atlr alwf ab oeiolii ws ecolclrtfv qgbwlrf.”

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Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “Yuyang is in my other courtyard. I might as well take you to meet him now.” FfKAbI

Yuan Tianwen’s eyes brightened and he secretly praised Lin Xuanzhi’s sense. He had long since wanted to see Duan Yuyang. He didn’t want to talk about empty things here with the Lin family’s elder, but his two dads were sitting beside him. If he didn’t properly behave, he would be lectured about a lot of things when they returned home, so he wasn’t able to take the initiative to leave.

But Lin Xuanzhi gave him the perfect opportunity.

Yuan Tianwen nodded at once, “Then I’ll bother Xuanzhi to lead the way.”

Su Mo glanced at Yuan Tianwen, “Your father and I will not follow so as to not scare the child. Remember, if he is unwilling, don’t be too insistent; I am talking about your mouthof course, the things you’re supposed to do still needs to be done.” IAtmav

Yuan Tianwen nodded hastily, “I know.”

Anyway, if Duan Yuyang wasn’t willing to go with him to Profound City, then he would stay here with Duan Yuyang instead. It was all the same.

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Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help but click his tongue in admiration. This Su Mo really deserved to be a powerful man who could make people change their tone with some words. The meaning of his words was to let Yuan Tianwen continue to repeatedly pester Duan Yuyang anyway.

Like father, like son. The ancient people did not deceive him. Rosvuy

Lin Xuanzhi took Yuan Tianwen to the other courtyard.

On the way, Yuan Tianwen seized the opportunity to whisper, “You have helped me a lot this time. I owe you one.”

Lin Xuanzhi raised his brow, “You owe me several favors.”

Yuan Tianwen was not ashamed, “I will return them when the time comes.” yTahfu

Lin Xuanzhi smiled faintly, “Since you say so, I won’t be polite.”

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“What are you being polite for?” Yuan Tianwen replied.

If Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen hadn’t arrived on time, the child in Duan Yuyang’s belly might have been lost, nine out of ten times. The Duan family believed that pregnant men were bad omens and that by going against the will of heaven; it would put the whole family in great trouble. Combined with Madam Duan’s maliciousness, Duan Yuyang would not have won.

Since the Lin family had been promoted to a first-class family, they had enough confidence to speak up. Lin Xuanzhi brought Duan Yuyang back to his family, but not without any risks; how could the Duan family let Duan Yuyang leave so easily? eg7WYD

When some of the Duan family members came to the house several times, they were turned away and rebuffed several times. If it had been a weaker family, who would dare offend the Duan’s for an outsider?

Lin Xuanzhi also withstood a lot of pressure. When he brought Duan Yuyang home, Fifth Elder asked him about the child. Lin Xuanzhi sold Yuan Tianwen out without hesitation, to which the Fifth Elder only nodded in answer.

After all, a child of the Yuan family’s Young Master still had hope of being saved.

In Lin Xuanzhi’s other courtyard, Duan Yuyang was having a tug-of-war fight against Yan Tianhen with his luggage. mtCHXI

“Yuyang Ge, what are you running away for? You don’t owe him!” Yan Tianhen held the luggage back and didn’t let Duan Yuyang go. The two tiger cubs were biting on either sides of Duan Yuyang’s trousers, making sure he couldn’t leave.

Duan Yuyang was speechless. He rolled his eyes, “I don’t owe him anything but he’s already here. They must want to take me back so that I could give birth to a baby for him. Although I want this baby, I don’t want to give birth for him!”

Yan Tianhen shook his head, “Yuyang Ge, you’re angry again.”

Duan Yuyang clicked his tongue and smacked Yan Tianhen on the head, “What nonsense are you thinking about, boy?” 5xV7dI

Yan Tianhen took a firm attitude, held Duan Yuyang’s arm and pouted, “I just don’t want you to go. If you don’t want to see him, I’ll let my Dage drive him out of the Lin family’s gate. You haven’t done anything wrong anyway. Even if you want someone to leave, it shouldn’t be you. “

Duan Yuyang was stunned. When he thought about it, it sounded reasonable enough.

Just then, Yuan Tianwen stepped into the moon gate of the courtyard. In a glance, he saw Duan Yuyang standing in the midst of luminous peach blossoms, his stance as graceful as pine trees.

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“Yuyang.” Yuan Tianwen’s voice trembled slightly. sJz8Xn

Duan Yuyang froze. He looked up at the gate and found Yuan Tianwen standing afar.

Duan Yuyang’s uneasy mood suddenly calmed down.

Yuan Bao blinked and took the luggage off Duan Yuyang’s shoulder. He shrewdly said, “Young Master, it’s windy outside. Let’s go in and talk there.  “

Lin Xuanzhi came in and raised his eyebrows slightly. “Where do you want to go?” hVA8Ji

Duan Yuyang suddenly returned to his senses. He glared at Lin Xuanzhi and said through gritted teeth, “You fucking betrayed me. Alright, honourable me will remember this.”

He never would have imagined that Lin Xuanzhi wasn’t on his side and instead went and told Yuan Tianwen the news!

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Yuan Tianwen walked up to Duan Yuyang and revealed a somewhat evil smile, “You really shouldn’t blame Xuanzhi for this. When I received his news, people were already gossiping about it halfway from Profound City to Qing City. Even if he didn’t tell me, I would have known about it from elsewhere. The Yuan family has spies in Qing City. I asked them to report to me about you. I know that when you first returned to Qing City, you slept in the Drunken Red Mansion for ten days in a row.”

Duan Yuyang suddenly blew up. He stared at Yuan Tianwen in astonishment, “Y-You fucking! How dare you spy on me?” XiP1H2

Yuan Tianwen smiled, “No, I just care about you. Fortunately, you just went to the Drunken Red Mansion to sleep, otherwise, I would have torn down the place myself.”

Duan Yuyang was so angry he couldn’t speak.

Yan Tianhen blinked and touched his chin, “Dage, why do I feel like Brother Tianwen is not the same as before?”

Lin Xuanzhi lifted his eyes and calmly answered, “This is natural. Do you think he can act like a grandson for a lifetime?” VCERzD

Yan Tianhen, “…..”

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Yuan Tianwen smiled when he heard this, eyes relaxed. His handsome features were a little less simple and honest now, and a bit more evil. Reaching out to carry the luggage from Yuan Bao, Yuan Tianwen stared unblinkingly at Duan Yuyang, “In fact, I shouldn’t have been pretending to be a grandson for a long time. When I act like that, you think that I have a one-track mind, am silly as hell, and that I won’t get angry at you no matter how much you tease me.”

Duan Yuyang felt that this kind of Yuan Tianwen was extremely dangerous. He wished he could step back and run.

However, he couldn’t. HUJLxT

He didn’t want to lose face in front of Yuan Tianwen and act like a pussy.

Duan Yuyang asked dryly, “When did I tease you?”

Yuan Tianwen nodded, “In Pill Limit Mysterious Land, you started to mess with me but ended up abandoning me halfway. Isn’t that teasing?”

“Fuck you!” Duan Yuyang was astonished. He never imagined that he’d hear the words “abandon halfway” from the mouth of Young Master Yuan. 8WxDHn

Duan Yuyang pointed to his nose, “I abandoned you? Are you serious?”

Yuan Tianwen raised the luggage, eyes flashing, “And he’s prepared to flee from his crime.”

Duan Yuyang couldn’t speak. He stared at Yuan Tianwen for a long time before he laughed and sneered, “Precisely, I’m fleeing from a crime, but so what? Don’t tell me that if you block my door and force me to take responsibility for you, then I can’t just wave my hand and quit?”

“Of course you can.” Yuan Tianwen smiled, “But I’ll be honest, even if you flee to the ends of the earth, you can’t escape from the palm of my hand. In fact, from Flying Luan Peak, you should have known then that I, Yuan Tianwen, am a stubborn person. What I want, even if it is by some underhanded means, must end up in my hands. “ nkfcEG

Duan Yuyang’s expression became dark, “Are you threatening me?”

Yuan Tianwen stepped forward and held Duan Yuyang’s shoulder. He lowered his head to gaze at him, “How could I dare threaten you? I just want to be with you too much. Yuyang, you have been turning me down and rejecting me all this time. I know it’s because I treated another as you and hurt you. I can’t go back to Flying Luan Peak, nor can I change the mistakes I’ve made in the past. I won’t ask you to forgive me for the sake of the child, but since I’m here today, I will never leave again.”

Duan Yuyang listened to Yuan Tianwen’s words and felt extremely sour in his heart, an inexplicable complex emotion rose inside him.

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How could he forget that Yuan Tianwen was actually a man who was tyrannical and overbearing. eaOz1n

When he was a child visiting the Yuan family, he only remembered that the extremely good-looking little Gege was always so dignified. Although he was young, everyone would lean over and listen to him whenever he spoke which made Duan Yuyang admire and adore him.

Editor’s Little Theatre:
DYY: Abandon halfway??
YTW: Indeed, abandon halfway.
YTH: Dage, how did DYY abandon him halfway if he now carries his child?
LXZ: …
DYY: …
YTW: …

Sarah: So we learn in this chapter that YZ is a whipped man, YTW is both stupid and dangerous, and Su Mo is great as always 😀 4SYLOo

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