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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh154 - Bai Family’s Competition


Translated by: Zryuu

Edited by: Romana p1W0jw

Ji Yunwei rubbed the wine cup and couldn’t bear to let it go. He licked his lips. “I can’t wait to have a taste now.”

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Yan Tianhen licked his lips as well and shook Lin Xuanzhi’s hand. “Dage, hurry and take it out ma.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled and took out a bottle of wine, then poured a cup each for the three of them. 846qMS

Ji Yunwei and Yan Tianhen downed their cups without waiting; only Lin Xuanzhi leisurely took a sip.

Ji Yunwei and Yan Tianhen let out a satisfied sigh at the same time.

“Such a good brew ah.”

“It’s so delicious!” hXYHzU

Yan Tianhen and Ji Yunwei looked at each other, then laughed together.

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Ji Yunwei said.“I didn’t expect that the younger one to be a drinker instead of the older one..”

Yan Tianhen licked his lips and reminisced the taste, “I didn’t think wine tasted that good in the past, until I used this cup.”

Ji Yunwei nodded and sighed, “That’s why I say, craftsmen are the most miraculous people in this world. They can bring to us countless unexpected surprises with their skillful hands.” 9gokxy

Yan Tianhen stared at Lin Xuanzhi without even blinking, “Dage, what do you think?”

Lin Xuanzhi, “…”

Must he praise himself? That is still a little embarrassing for him to do.

Lin Xuanzhi swept a glance over Yan Tianhen, who was grinning at him, and couldn’t help but laugh, “Still okay, I guess.” 5i 3d0

“This is just ‘still okay’?” Ji Yunwei raised an eyebrow involuntarily, “Brother Xuanzhi, it’s not right of you to say that. Don’t tell me you think that this sort of crafting skill is just ‘okay’? Don’t tell me that I’ve been really out of touch with the world? I think that the forging level of this cup can be considered to be unrivalled in this world.”

Lin Xuanzhi put his fist to his lips and chuckled, “What else can I say? Must you force me to boast of being quite good and unrivalled in the world?”

When he said that, Ji Yunwei instantly felt like he had been struck by lightning.

He was in a trance for a moment, his eyes widened so much that they almost popped out of their sockets. He said in utter, pleasant surprise, “And I was wondering too — so this was your masterpiece! Aren’t you concealing too much of your talent?!” vOKFIM

Lin Xuanzhi raised his glass and said, “I’m not concealing it, it really is too difficult to talk about.”

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Ji Yunwei frowned, not comprehending as he asked, “How could that be difficult to talk about? Your standard is already comparable to that of a crafter from the Bai family.”

Olc Wejchtl rjlv, “Szqfgar ktb gfjiis remmffv jcv yfmbwf ojwber vfolclafis kbeivc’a wjrr qgbvemf atflg wjulm agfjregfr, jcv ktjafnfg atfs mgjoa jgf gjgf jcv fzdelrlaf qgbvemar. Dea ws xlcv bo…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Qtja’r kgbcu klat sbeg xlcv?” Al Teckfl jrxfv. AdEMzP

“Zs Gjuf’r xlcv bo wjulm agfjregfr jgf mgjoafv ab fjgc wbcfs, jcv atfs jgf jii wjrr qgbvemfv abb, ktlmt lr mbcagjgs ab atf rasif bo mgjoarwfc.” Pa kjr jr lo Tjc Kljctfc tjv wlcv-gfjvlcu rxliir jr tf fzqbrfv ktja Olc Wejchtl kjr atlcxlcu.

Ji Yunwei was stunned, then stared at Lin Xuanzhi with a baffled gaze.

A moment later, Ji Yunwei couldn’t hold back anymore and said, “Are you sure that the mass production you speak of isn’t just a roundabout way of showing off to me?”

Lin Xuanzhi, “…” N3kAJs

Yan Tianhen, “…”

Yan Tianhen said righteously, “I don’t think so. Is my Dage the kind of person who likes to show off?”

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Ji Yunwei, “I wouldn’t think so in the past, but it may not necessarily be so right now.”

Lin Xuanzhi, “…” jSkvge

Ji Yunwei burst out laughing, “Alright, I won’t joke around anymore. Although your mass produced magic treasures are very different from the vast majority of craftsmen in the world, I do think that the original intentions of craftsmen should have been like yours…”

“Sell equipment to earn money in order to make a living?” Yan Tianhen interrupted.

Ji Yunwei couldn’t hold back from glaring at Yan Tianhen, then said helplessly, “It’s to bring benefit to others and share the joy.”

“Oh.” Yan Tianhen’s mouth opened wide, then he rubbed his head, puzzled, “But, isn’t the ultimate goal of all craftsmen to earn so much money that they wouldn’t be able to finish spending it all?” do2NQm

Right after he finished speaking, someone knocked on Yan Tianhen’s head.

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Lin Xuanzhi said leisurely, “It’s to seek the great Dao, and to seek immortality. You’re really a small money grubber.”

Yan TIanhen was somewhat embarrassed as he stuck his tongue out. He held a wine cup up and smiled awkwardly, “Come, let’s drink. Drinking is good.”

Ji Yunwei smiled as he drank a cup of wine, and finally shifted the topic of the subject away from the wine cups and Lin Xuanzhi. tPDa3k

After a full meal and drinks, it was close to the shen period.

Ji Yunwei rubbed his stomach and burped, then said lazily, “It’s really been a pleasure to talk to you two.”

Yan Tianhen said, “Shouldn’t chatting always be like that?”

Ji Yunwei shook his head, “Not necessarily. You must know that not everyone can talk so easily to one another in this world, and there has never been a lot of people whom I could talk with either.” CRxAZa

Yan Tianhen looked at Ji Yunwei with a gaze filed with pity, “Ji dage, you sound like you have no friends ah.”

Ji Yunwei thought about it for a bit, then nodded, “I have quite a lot of bad friends, but not many real ones.”

Yan Tianhen was quite surprised, “How could that be? Ji Dage, you’re both rich and powerful, and you’re famous and amazing as well. Everyone should like you very much and want to be your friend ah.”

Ji Yunwei looked at Yan Tianhen with a profound gaze, “It is precisely because I’m rich, powerful, famous and amazing that it’s difficult for me to find true friends.” fD3BI

Yan Tianhen was utterly baffled, he couldn’t really comprehend it.

Lin Xuanzhi, however, had some insights, and said to Yan Tianhen, “Perhaps, the higher the position you hold in this world, the more requests and expectations others would have of you, so he doesn’t know if most of the people who associated with him do so because they like him as a person, or because of the power and authority he represents.”

Yan Tianhen nodded, not fully understanding him as he said in distress, “Then if I were to become strong in the future, wouldn’t I have to worry over something like that too?’

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“You won’t.” Lin Xuanzhi said. k5usrh

Yan Tianhen and Ji Yunwei looked at Lin Xuanzhi at the same time.

But Lin Xuanzhi just looked at Yan Tianhen with a tender expression, “Because I will accompany you by your side, and shelter you from any storm.”

Yan Tianhen looked moved, while Ji Yunwei felt like his heart suffered a heavy blow.

He used to think that Lin Xuanzhi treated this younger brother of his with unusual affection, and now, that kind of feeling was becoming more and more clear. pfWguO

Ji yunwei couldn’t help but think sourly: is he bullying me for not having an older or younger brother!

After leaving Drunk Immortal Restaurant, Ji Yunwei stood at the entrance and said, “Do the two of you have any important things to do?”

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Yan Tianhen pulled Lin Xuanzhi’s hand and said eagerly, “Gege and I are going to participate in the Bai family’s Hundred Treasures Pavllion’s Treasure Appraisal Convention in the West side of the city.”

Ji Yunwei’s eyes lit up and he clapped, “So the two of you know about that too. I was about to go there to watch the show, why don’t we head over together?” Ib1amL

So the three of them chatted and laughed as they walked towards Hundred Treasures Pavillion that wasn’t too far from Drunk Immortal Restaurant.

A platform had already been set up outside the Hundred Treasures Pavillion, and under the platform, there were many cultivators who had come forth to participate in the convention. Among them, not only were there cultivators who had come for the Hundred Families Gathering, but there were also cultivators from Sky Peak City, as well as cultivators who had caught wind of the news and especially made the trip down. There were even quite a few craftsmen from Sky Peak Sect who had rushed over.

One must know, the treasures of the Hundred Treasures Pavillion were true treasures. Even if they couldn’t be taken away, just catching a glimpse of them from afar would be enough for most people.

Boss Bai stood on the high platform, and behind him were all sorts of bottles and cans covered with a black cloth. He looked at the familiar faces below and instantly felt like he had a lot of face. Iixwu4

When Boss Bai’s line of sight fell upon Huangfu Jin and Leng Jixue, he shrank back at once.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Boss Bai hurried off the stage and walked to the side of these two people who were standing in the crowd, with a flattering smile plastered on his face, “Young Master Huangfu, Xiangshi Leng, why are the two of you here today too? Why don’t you spectate the competition in the VIP room instead?”

Leng Jixue smiled gently, “There’s no need for that much trouble. We’re just passing by here to take a look, and will be leaving shortly.”

Boss Bai dared not insist, and after exchanging a few pleasantries with these two, he drifted back onto the platform. bNifjC

Boss Bai’s action had completely exposed the where abouts of Leng Jixue and Huangfu Jin within the crowd.

However, this didn’t bother them at all. After all, as primary-level cultivators, they naturally radiated a domineering pressure, so even if someone wanted to butter up to them, they had to first consider whether or not they could withstand the pressure of a primary-level cultivator first.

Leng Jixue swept a glance over the crowd, and wasn’t surprised to find Lin Xuanzhi.

Leng Jixue smiled, then easily walked through the crowd and came to Lin Xuanzhi’s side, “Fellow Lin, little friend Yan, we meet again.” nFzjhI

When Lin Xuanzhi saw Leng Jixue, he was slightly startled, then he nodded gently, “Fellow Leng, what a coincidence.”

Leng Jixue smiled, “It’s not a coincidence. I was thinking that as a craftsman, you would probably be interested in the Bai family’s Treasure Appraisal Convention, so I came over to take a look. I didn’t expect to really bump into you.”

Ji Yunwei couldn’t help but cast a few more glances at Leng Jixue.

The Leng Jixue in his impression was not someone who could get close to someone like this so easily. PikhD

Although he treated people quite gently, and seemed kind to everyone, in reality, Leng Jixue is the person who finds it most difficult to open up his heart to other people. He had never thought of taking the initiative to make friends with anyone either, but unexpectedly, Leng Jixue would actually come forward to look for Lin Xuanzhi of his own will!

Lin Xuanzhi was puzzled, “Is Fellow Leng looking for me because you have something important you want to talk about?’

Leng Jixue returned his question with another question, “If there’s nothing important, am I not allowed to look for you?”

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Lin Xuanzhi was stunned, and his gaze softened a little. “Of course not.” gkV2SA

Leng Jixue’s smile returned to his face, “Then isn’t that right? Some people would feel like old friends right at their first meeting, while others would feel like strangers even after a hundred meetings. Fellow Lin should understand what I mean by this.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, while he felt incredibly complicated.

Lin Xuanzhi’s response made Yan Tianhen feel a little uncomfortable at once. He always felt like this Leng Jixue’s attitude towards his Dage was very unusual, and different from anyone else.

Even if it’s because Leng Jixue understood his Dage’s good points and wanted to be friends with him, it was a different feeling from the kind that Duan Yuyang, Ji Yunwei and other people give him. abnmw8

As if…as if Leng Jixue was here to snatch his Dage from him!

As soon as this thought surfaced, Yan Tianhen heard Huangfu Jin’s slightly cold voice.

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“Shixiong, the sect just sent us a message and asked for you to go back.”

Leng Jixue looked back and said, “Did Shifu say what’s the matter?” 830bzB

“Nothing was said, he just asked for you to return at once.” Huangfu Jin was talking to Leng Jixue, but his gaze was always fixed on Lin Xuanzhi.

Leng Jixue looked at Lin Xuanzhi with his warm eyes, then said to Huangfu Jin, “Since that’s the case, I’ll return right now, just in case Shifu has something urgent to talk about.”

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