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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh269 - Esteemed Huai Yu


One should know that Daoist Yi Dao, the Peak Master of Broken Sword Peak, had long since been thinking about this plot of land, and he had the advantage of time and place. According to logic, this land, which was part of Broken Sword Peak’s summit, was naturally Broken Sword Peak’s, and therefore his by default.

But Esteemed Huai Yu was really too powerful. Although he didn’t easily leave his dump of a bamboo house, once he did, he was bound to throw the whole Profound Sky Sect into chaos. Coupled with the rumors that Daoist Yi Dao wasn’t Esteemed Huai Yu’s opponent at all, Daoist Yi Dao could only “endure humiliation and live in disgrace” in front of this fellow who seized another person’s home. S23WtQ

The whole Profound Sky Sect knew that Esteemed Huai Yu and Daoist Yi Dao didn’t deal well with each other, and since Lin Xuanzhi had been under Daoist Yi Dao before, he naturally knew this as well.

When he was still in Broken Sword Peak, he had heard many of Daoist Yi Dao’s rants about this Esteemed Huai Yu, hatefully mentioning that he was shameless and cheeky, and that he was going to destroy Huai Yu’s old nest or something sooner or later.

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Lin Xuanzhi only went up to the summit of Broken Sword Peak once. He was asked by Daoist Yi Dao to borrow spirit grass. Needless to say, the difficulty of walking out of the illusion fog forest was a given, but Esteemed Huai Yu also teased him for quite a while despite his old age. Fortunately, he finally had enough of playing and gave Lin Xuanzhi the spirit grass, telling him to get out of here without disturbing his peace.

From then on, Lin Xuanzhi kept away from the person at the summit and almost developed a psychological shadow. stGOF3

Thinking to this point, Lin Xuanzhi’s surprise gradually turned into depression.

Even if he had only met him once, he felt that Huai Yu was not a decent person.

“Look at your expression. It seems that you’re not quite willing.” Esteemed Lan Yue said, “I know that with the conflict between you and Broken Sword Peak, you naturally wouldn’t allow Yan Tianhen to be used as cannon fodder by them. Although Huai Yu currently resides in Broken Sword Peak, his ability is enough to shield Yan Tianhen from the wind and rain within Profound Sky Sect. Moreover, he is one of the best practitioners of both alchemy and elemental cultivation in the five continents. He’s also someone who rebels against the ideas of orthodox Daoist teachings, so only he can both teach Yan Tianhen and protect him at the same time.”

How could Lin Xuanzhi not hear the deeper meaning behind Esteemed Lan Yue’s words? qr1ybu

Esteemed Lan Yue was emphasizing that, according to the temperament of this Esteemed Huai Yu, he definitely wouldn’t expose Yan Tianhen’s identity nor hold any untoward opinions towards Yan Tianhen just because he found that Yan Tianhen cultivated both the alchemist and demonic paths. And if Lin Xuanzhi hadn’t guessed incorrectly, Esteemed Lan Yue meant that all the same, Esteemed Huai Yu could also provide help to Ah Hen on cultivating the demonic path.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Xuanzhi wasn’t worried that Ah Hen would be bullied after following Esteemed Huai Yu to Broken Sword Peak, but his heart was still a little anxious.

“If you’re still not satisfied with this, then I can only let Yan Tianhen enter Sinking Sword Peak as your servant.” Esteemed Lan Yue didn’t mind. Seeing Lin Xuanzhi’s face was not good, he immediately gave him another choice.

He didn’t care where Yan Tianhen ended up, but he had to have Lin Xuanzhi. OB1RGM

Yan Tianhen’s eyes brightened and he nodded his head rapidly, like a chicken pecking rice. He rushed to say, “A servant? I’ll do it!”

“Don’t utter nonsense.” Lin Xuanzhi knocked on Yan Tianhen’s head, “Esteemed Huai Yu is indeed suitable for you. I didn’t take you to Profound Sky Sect to be my servant. If you really don’t want to cultivate, you might as well go straight home.”

Realizing Lin Xuanzhi’s angry meaning, Yan Tianhen hurriedly admitted his mistake, “Dage, I was just speaking casually. I’ll go wherever you want me to go.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded at that. 3t9ocm

Wan Yitong raised his brows, “Since you’re willing to let your younger brother follow Esteemed Huai Yu to cultivate, why are you so worried?”

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Wan Yitong, “My family’s Ah Hen is simple and lovely with a pure disposition. I’m worried that he’ll be bullied by Esteemed Huai Yu.”

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According to Esteemed Huai Yu’s free and lazy temperament, he wouldn’t have taken the initiative to accept Yan Tianhen as a disciple. Esteemed Lan Yue dragging the two people into this relationship between Master and disciple.

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Lin Xuanzhi would be ungrateful if he said anything more. tpEd10

In light of this, Lin Xuanzhi turned to Yan Tianhen and earnestly taught him, “Remember to check the doors and windows, and also wear the clothes I specially refined for you to sleep in before you go to bed at night. It’s better to put multiple arrays and magic weapons outside the door to prevent people from peeping and stealing in. Even in the daytime, when you interact with Esteemed Huai Yu, you should be careful to not be taken advantage of by him.”

Yan Tianhen, “…..”

Zhan Fengting, “…..”

Wan Yitong almost dropped his jaw, and Hai Kuanglang looked surprised. e1hdXu

There was a faint smile on the usually expressionless face of Esteemed Lan Yue. At the same time, he thought, It seems that Huai Yu, this old fellow who didn’t possess a modicum of self-respect, has left quite a bad impression on his future little disciple, Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi nagged Yan Tianhen some more while the latter just nodded his head. Wan Yitong could no longer listen, “I say, Junior Martial Brother, are you nursing a baby?” He continued to interrupt Lin Xuanzhi, “It’s useless for you to explain more. It’s better to let him interact with Martial Uncle Huai Yu and find out for himself.”

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Hai Kuanglang also despised his actions, “A big man being so nagging and awkward. Do you think you’re his mother?”

Yan Tianhen held Lin Xuanzhi’s arm and grimaced at Hai Kuanglang, “My Dage cares for me. It’s useless for you guys to envy me.” b CKZN

Hai Kuanglang clicked his tongue, “…Tsk

This brat was really asking for a beating, but that was pretty similar to Huai Yu’s personality. If they weren’t of the same family, then they wouldn’t enter the same door. He just didn’t know whether or not Huai Yu would teach Yan Tianhen to be shameless to the extreme in the future.

Just then, a ringing laughter came from behind Lin Xuanzhi.

“Hey, our Youngest Martial Brother is here.” NlKWpL

Lin Xuanzhi raised his head and saw a woman in a palace costume coming up.

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The woman looked to be in her twenties, with a slim waist and fine features. Her hair swayed behind her and her white wrists were accessorized with frost and snow.

Her appearance wasn’t too amazing when compared to other women, but her extraordinarily noble spirit and rare grace allowed her to capture people’s eyes at a glance.

“Junior Martial Sister.” Zhan Fengting greeted. g2xtAP

Hai Kuanglang laughed, “Didn’t lil’ lass go down the mountain to find your sweetheart? Why did you come up so soon?”

“How could finding a wild man be more important than our Junior Martial Brother?” laughed Baili Shuying. “What’s more, how could a wild man be as handsome our Youngest Martial Brother? Isn’t that right, Xuanzhi?”

Lin Xuanzhi had always heard of the reputation of Baili Shuying. This woman was known as a heroine. Although she was a princess of a country, she had none of the charm of one. On the contrary, she had a fated affinity with cultivating to become an immortal. When she was twelve years old, she ran away from home and killed her way to reach Profound Sky Sect by herself. She knelt down in front of the gates and begged to be accepted as a disciple.

You should know that in order not to join the wars and disputes between secular dynasties, there was an unwritten rule for sects to not accept those of royal blood. However, Baili Shuying was too persistent. She waited outside Profound Sky Sect for forty-nine days. Suddenly, a heavenly bolt of lightning fell to the ground and tore an opening in the mountain gates, allowing her to enter. GRr9h

According to the regulations of Profound Sky Sect, if anyone could enter the mountain gate without using any Taoist method, then no matter who they were, Profound Sky Sect would promise the person one thing on the basis that it didn’t violate the rules and regulations of the sect or harm the living beings under the heavens. In the last hundred years, Baili Shuying became the first person to enter Profound Sky Sect in such a strange manner. Her request was that a Peak Master of the sect accept her as a disciple.

Accepting her as a disciple meant also accepting this karma. If, one day, Baili Shuying wanted to return to the secular world and fight for power, then as a Master, it would naturally be easy for the Master to be pulled into these troublesome matters. Therefore, although Baili Shuying had entered Profound Sky Sect, no one dared to accept her as a disciple, which was quite embarrassing. It happened that Esteemed Lan Yue learned of this matter, thought that Baili Shuying was a rare woman, and took her under his wing, making her the third disciple under his door. 

Today, Baili Shuying was nearly thirty years old and her cultivation had shot up rapidly. However, there had been no breakthrough in the past two years, so she listened to the words of Esteemed Lan Yue and went down the mountain with her sword, looking for a chance to make a breakthrough. 

A person whom they hadn’t seen for several months suddenly appeared in front of them. Naturally, the several disciples of Esteemed Lan Yue were very happy.  K CXOY

Lin Xuanzhi smiled faintly, “It’s nice to meet Elder Martial Sister.”

Baili Shuying walked to Lin Xuanzhi’s side and squinted at him with satisfaction, “You didn’t speak very much when I saw you from afar before. Now you know to call Elder Martial Sister and say hello voluntarily.”

Lin Xuanzhi replied, “That’s because I’m afraid that those who surround Elder Martial Sister will misunderstand and make trouble for me.”

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“Ha, our Little Martial Brother can really talk.” Baili Shuying immediately burst into laughter. Everyone liked to listen to words of flattery and praise, and this was especially sincere and touching when spoken by such a person like Lin Xuanzhi. 4BQIGl

Baili Shuying pointed to Wan Yitong, “Take a good look, boy, and see how others act like proper junior martial brothers and compare it with how you act as a younger martial brother.”

Wan Yitong smiled and gathered around Baili Shuying, speaking in a coquettish manner, “My mouth is not sweet, but I can fight. If anyone bullies you, I’ll beat him till his head is bleeding dog blood!”

“Do you think Huarong can’t fight?” Baili Shuying cast him a side-eyed look.

Wan Yitong fell silent. yEY2sa

After a while, Wan Yitong cried out, “Ah!” with his head in his hands, “Lin Xuanzhi, you must leave quickly. As soon as you arrive, I won’t be able to maintain my position!”

Everyone couldn’t help but laugh at his dramatics.

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Although Esteemed Lan Yue was a master, he didn’t prevent his disciples from communicating in this way, though he did not participate much. At most, he just looked on from the side.

After the little uproar, Zhan Fengting said, “Now that everyone has met. Your residence and other things have been packed. I’ll take you there where you can put down your luggage.” lw vZA

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “Elder Martial Brother, please if you will.”

Zhan Fengting laughed, “Don’t mention it, Junior Martial Brother.”

“After you have settled Huarong, take Yan Tianhen to Broken Sword Peak and send him directly to your Martial Uncle without turning a corner,” Esteemed Lan Yue said.

Zhan Fengting asked, “Won’t this leave an opening for those people to take advantage of?” xdwJiH

“Don’t tell me that Huarong and those on Broken Sword Peak didn’t fall out with each other before just because you didn’t leave an opening?” He asked in a flat voice.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Zhan Fengting lost his smile and nodded, “I understand.”

According to the rules, since they were going to the summit of Broken Sword Peak, they should first visit the rulers of Broken Sword Peak. Otherwise, they would be considered rude and their actions could even be regarded as a provocation.

However, the meaning of Esteemed Lan Yue was very clear. It wasn’t necessary to give Broken Sword Peak any face. This was because Esteemed Lan Yue was powerful, so he could be very confident when speaking and taking action. NKnUc7

Although he didn’t fight directly with Daoist Yi Dao, secret battles and internal fights between them had happened before. All of them ended in Esteemed Lan Yue’s victory. However, the most powerful person in Broken Sword Peak was not its Peak Master, but its several sitting elders. Sinking Sword Peak had no elders and relied only on Esteemed Lan Yue.

Therefore, in terms of stability and overall strength, Sinking Sword Peak probably couldn’t compare to Broken Sword Peak.

If in a thousand to one possibility that Sinking Sword Peak’s Peak Master met with an accident someday, it was doubtful whether Sinking Sword Peak would still be able to hold up.

But then again, in a one-on-one battle, probably no one in Broken Sword Peak was Esteemed Lan Yue’s opponent. UHIJ2M

As a result, the balance between the two peaks was dangerously stabilized once again.

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Translator's Note

Means that those who live together often have similar personalities, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to stand each other

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