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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh13 - Look Forward to His Gracious Presence



Han Yanran was stunned, then she was so anxious she started jumping about and shouted, “How could you let him sell those beasts? Did you forget that you had promised to give them to my brother! They already belong to my brother!” MfoNw8

“What right does your brother have to think they belong to him?!” Yan Tianhen glared at Han Yanran, then straightened his back and said, “Those two tiger cubs were given to me and my Dage by our Daddy. Your big brother had never really cared about my Dage from the beginning. Both of you obviously know that my Dage’s in a pretty bad situation right now and don’t have much money, and yet you guys still dare to come over here to ask for treasures, don’t you think that’s too much?”

Han Yanran was berated so thoroughly she immediately felt like she had lost all face, and was shamed into anger as she said, “Who do you think you are? You actually dare to lecture me?”

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Soon after, she began to talk in a coquettish manner towards Lin Xuanzhi and acted like she had been maliciously wronged, “Xuanzhi Gege, look at him trying to drive a wedge between us, who knows how badly he speaks of you behind your back! He even caused Lin Shushu’s1 death! He’s such an ugly baddie who has an even uglier heart!”

Yan Tianhen’s face immediately paled. Even though his face was covered by those ugly cracks, one could see from his shivering body that at this time, he must have suffered a tremendous shock. b7Br k

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Han Yanran was frightened by the sudden burst of pressure that Lin Xuanzhi emitted. She held back her shock and angrily said, “Lin Xuanzhi, you dare to go back on your words?”

“What I said in the beginning was that I would make a decision after discussing it with my Didi, since my Didi is unwilling, then I cannot give them to him.” Lin Xuanzhi said coldly.

Han Yanran was so angry her face had turned red, she didn’t expect that the Lin Xuanzhi who had always fulfilled Han Yuran’s every request obediently would suddenly be so hostile – this change had completely caught her off guard! ysW6fk

Han Yanran tried to appear fierce though she was cowering inside, she didn’t want to lose without putting up a fight, “Lin Xuanzhi, aren’t you afraid that my Gege would break off the engagement in a fit of fury?”

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Break off the engagement?

He he, please do.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “I look forward to his gracious presence.” RfOdnS

Han Yanran didn’t manage to reap any benefits, and instead left the Lin family with a belly full of hot air.

Yan Tianhen lowered his head and silently placed the vegetables he had plucked on the kitchen’s chopping board, then picked up a kitchen knife and began chopping the vegetables.

These spiritual plants that absorb dew and spiritual Qi everyday didn’t need to be cleaned; they were already naturally rid of impurities and taste deliciously sweet.

Lin Xuanzhi walked into the kitchen. He stood beside Yan Tianhen, looked down at the vegetables and said, “Let me cook today.” Ur ESZ

Yan Tianhen was a bit surprised as he looked up and said, “Dage, you know how to cook?”

In his past life, Lin Xuanzhi did uphold the principle that cultivators should discard their desires for good food and didn’t worry about matters concerning the kitchen. Even during the period when he was resting in the Lin family, he never had any qualms about eating the food Yan Tianhen cooked, and was even extremely picky. He often criticized the taste of Yan Tianhen’s food for being hard to swallow.

But after Yan Tianhen died, he suddenly missed the food that Yan Tianhen made terribly.

Sadly, he could never recreate that taste again. vQEnid

For the sake of recreating the taste of Yan Tianhen’s food, he experimented countless times and eventually became quite a good cook, but he was still unable to recreate the taste from his memories.

1. Uncle

T/N: Break it off break it off break it off

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