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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh12 - Wicked Thought



Lin Xuanzhi saw that Yan Tianhen had withdrawn into his shell again, so he couldn’t help but feel even more distressed and his tone became much gentler, “Prepare some of your favourite ingredients, go and wash them clean.” xtdhXc

Yan Tianhen thought that Lin Xuanzhi was hungry, so he quickly nodded and ran off.

Right outside of their yard was a vegetable field. Yan Tianhen had planted many different kinds of spiritual plants and vegetables in the field. He carefully watered the field everyday, and used what little Qi he had to promote the growth of the plants, so the spiritual plants all looked pretty fresh, one look would whet your appetite.

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Yan Tianhen picked the biggest cabbage that was most concentrated with spiritual water, then began to ponder on how to cook for Lin Xuanzhi that night.

Within the yard, Lin Xuanzhi calmly glanced over Han Yanran. moPIWl

Han Yanran’s line of sight had always been on the jade hairpin in his hand. Han Yanran came from an influential family of cultivators, so naturally she had seen her fair share of treasures – she could tell at a glance that this hairpin was extraordinary.

Han Yanran thought, from how the spiritual Qi was rushing towards the room just now, this hairpin is definitely at least a high-grade tool.

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Han Yanran had an idea, a smile spread across her face as she said, “Xuanzhi Gege, what are you holding in your hand?”

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Lin Xuanzhi calmly said, “A hairpin that someone had given me.”

Han Yanran’s eyeball turned slightly and she said sweetly, “Xuanzhi Gege, who gave you this hairpin? It looks so pretty, that kind of colour is rarely seen and would go really well with my brother’s jade feather robe, they’re like a match made in heaven.”

Lin Xuanzhi sneered in his heart. Z50qIa

Even though Han Yuran was his supposed fiance, it was an engagement that had been decided by their fathers. He didn’t have any ill feeling towards Han Yuran, and he didn’t want to make matters awkward for his Dad, so naturally he treated Han Yuran with due respect.

Plus, Han Yuran is a famous craftsman in Qing city, and had already been accepted into Profound Sky Sect. Not long after, he would enroll in Profound Sky Sect and become an official disciple. Lin Xuanzhi had thought that a marriage between a magic cultivator and a weapon cultivator was acceptable, so he never felt dissatisfied with the engagement.

As a descendent of an influential family, as well as being a cultivation genius ever since he was young who was second to none, Lin Xuanzhi was naturally quite generous and wouldn’t mistreat Han Yuran when it came to material possessions.

It was to the point where whenever Han Yuran asked him for something, Lin Xuanzhi would always casually give him what he wants generously – he was never stingy in this area. nmZW1x

But, ever since Lin Xuanzhi turned into a good-for-nothing and returned to Qing city, even though Han Yuran still showed him some superficial concern once in awhile, he never really thought of marrying Lin Xuanzhi.

In fact, after Lin Xuanzhi’s assets were plundered clean by Han Yuran, he had ruthlessly kicked him to the curb and turned Lin Xuanzhi into the joke of the three big families in Qing city.

And now, the hypocritical Han Yuran still pretended to be kind to Lin Xuanzhi because he knew that he could still squeeze some value out of Lin Xuanzhi.

After he had seen through Han Yuran’s true colours, Lin Xuanzhi’s expression didn’t change as he said, “This does match Yuran very well, and it’s a treasure that my Dad left behind as a dowry for his son-in-law.” T imdE

Han Yanran’s eyes immediately brightened and she anxiously said, “Then Xuanzhi Gege, I’ll bring this hairpin to my brother right away. Once he sees it, he’ll definitely be very happy.”

As she was talking, Han Yanran actually extended her hand towards the hairpin and wanted to grab it!

Lin Xuanzhi turned his hand and immediately kept the hairpin in an interspatial ring and Han Yanran ended up grabbing air.

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Han Yanran’s face tinged with an awkward blush. 9V1SrA

“After we’re married, I’ll naturally pin this hairpin onto my wife’s head personally. I don’t need to trouble little sister with this kind of matter.” Lin Xuanzhi lightly said.

Han Yanran smiled and said, “Why be so particular about when you’ll give it, it’ll belong to my brother sooner or later anyway.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s heart was filled with utter contempt, it’ll belong to him sooner or later? That’s not necessarily true– no, that is absolutely impossible.

Han Yanran realised that she probably won’t be able to get her hands on that high-grade hairpin, so she could only give in for now. She quickly turned to anger instead and complained, “Xuanzhi Gege, do you know that servant of yours actually sold your pair of amethyst white tigers without letting you know! And he only sold them for a thousand gold! Don’t even know where he spent the money on, maybe he’s colluding with someone with ulterior motives and wants to murder you for your money!” 1bE7Mw

The Yan Tianhen who had plucked quite a bit of vegetables concentrated with spiritual water heard Han Yanran complaining to Lin Xuanzhi just as he entered the yard.

Yan Tianhen bit his lower lip and walked to Lin Xuanzhi’s side. He said, “Dage, I used that money to…”

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“I know, you don’t need to explain.” Lin Xuanzhi cut Yan Tianhen off, and coldly looked towards Han Yanran and said, “I asked him to sell those amethyst white tigers, do you have anything to say about that?”

T/N: The one who wants to murder him for his money is you  ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ) iupZgd

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