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Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingCh21 - Fleas?



“Very good, that’s the attitude I’m looking for.” Lin Xuanzhi was satisfied with Ah Bai’s anger, then said, “Also, if I see you slandering me in front of Ah Hen again, I’ll skin your brother.” 2MDleQ

Ah Bai: ……

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Tyrant! Bastard! Devil! Just one disagreement and he wants to skin us, that’s too cruel! P UpyY

The Ah Bai who had opened its mouth to curse in ao aos was stuffed with something that melted the moment it entered his mouth.

Ah Bai was so frightened the colour drained from his face, he thought that the big devil had fed him some poison that would erode his intestines. He was just about to puke it out when he felt a warm air current flow out from the demonic pill. fI1Ned

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His whole body felt like it was sinking onto a bed of soft and warm cotton, it was so comfortable that the demonic beast couldn’t help but roll about on the ground.

That was a supplementary medicinal pill that would help stabilise a demonic beast’s meridians and demonic core. It’s called demonic delight fruit, and even though it wouldn’t greatly enhance a demonic beast’s powers after consuming it, it would make them feel very comfortable, increase the stability of their body’s foundations and nourish their demonic cores. Even if one consumes a lot of it, there wouldn’t be any side effects. 6oCmEI

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For a demonic beast, this kind of demonic delight fruit can be said to be their favourite medicinal pill, and some demonic beasts have even been tricked by human cultivators because of these fruits.

Ah Bai quickly absorbed this high-grade demonic delight fruit. It stuck its tongue out and softly let out two ao aos. KqwLVa

Lin Xuanzhi put down the Ah Bai whom had just been bribed.

“Dage, the carriage is ready, we can head out now……yi?” Yan Tianhen had just entered the yard when he saw the tiger cub who was rolling about beside Lin Xuanzhi. EJMPag

Yan Tianhen, “……”

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When Ah Bai saw his master, he immediately stopped looking like an idiot and put on a serious expression as he turned over and stood up. fRJ4cC

Ah Bai and Yan Tianhen stared at each other, then within a short moment, Ah Bai opened up his four little legs and jumped at Yan Tianhen to ask for hugs.

Lin Xuanzhi waved his sleeves and brushed Ah Bai to a side. Lxn3Sv

Ah Bai was flung onto the floor, then he crawled up and looked all around him in confusion.

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Yan Tianhen asked, “What was he doing?” 608Dv

Lin Xuanzhi smiled dubiously as he casted a glance over Ah Bai, then dragged Yan Tianhen out while he said, “There’s a flea on his body, so he’s jumping around to try and get rid of it.”

“Flea?” Yan Tianhen said, “How could he have such a thing? Ah Bai has always been very clean!” dH3VqM

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Maybe he rubbed his body against some dirty surface yesterday in the mountains, so don’t hug him anymore today.” Lin Xuanzhi said.

Yan Tianhen looked at the howling Ah Bai who wasn’t refuting Lin Xuanzhi’s words with pity, then nodded and said, “Ah Bai, go and take a bath and clean yourself thoroughly today, you need to get rid of the bugs on you.” xGMLjF

Ah Bai was fuming but he didn’t dare to say anything. He had wanted to expose Lin Xuanzhi’s lies, but after he thought about it carefully, in order to get more delicious demonic delight fruits in the future, it could only tearfully admit that it was a demonic beast with fleas on his body and temporarily leave his Master’s warm embrace.

Yan Tianhen drove the carriage while Lin Xuanzhi and Ah Bai were the passengers as they drove towards the Lin residence’s door. ZkUG3p

On their journey, there were countless people casting all kinds of looks at this carriage that didn’t match the Lin family’s status. Most of these looks were looks of scorn and condescension, after all, even the more useless ones in the Lin family would use demonic beasts as their means of transportation, who would use this kind of animal to travel?

Originally they still restrained themselves, but not long after people started whispering. QbdVOt

“The person sitting on that carriage can’t be Lin Xuanzhi right?”

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“Yeah, we’re talking about the one who had the highest chance of breaking through to the primary level realm before the age of twenty in the Lin family – the genius Lin Xuanzhi! I heard that he was still at the martial hall yesterday, and was almost killed by a mere Refining Qi stage first layer martial artist!” RBO1dy

“He’s such a disgrace to the Lin family, I really don’t get why they haven’t thrown him out and cut all ties with him yet.”

“Yeah, the Lin family is not one to raise good-for-nothings. Don’t even know how many elixirs they threw away to try and cure him, it’s purely a waste of resources!” DdwVLl


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    Ah Bai: Obtain one demonic delight fruit
    Payment – leaving Master’s embrace for a day

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