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The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path

The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path 仙道第一小白脸

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Author: Yi Shi Si Zhou (一十四洲)
Total Chapters: 210
Genre: Adventure, Ancient, Cultivation, Romance, Time Travel, Xianxia
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Translators: SoyaDumpling, alostcrab
Release Schedule: Monday, Tuesday


I belong to a good sect that has never turned its back on me for my poor potential, has never forced me to study martial arts, and even helped arrange a betrothal for me when I was young.

My fiancée is a much renowned hot-tempered young miss. She’s beautiful, strong, and deeply loves me. Upon my start down the path of the Jianghu, I entirely relied on her to provide cover for me and before long, I became renowned as the #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path.

Yet one day, I discovered that this person is apparently a man. A man in drag!

More unforgivable is that he thought I was a woman dressing as a man!

Me, as if my liver and guts are being cut to pieces: “Brother, what have you done with my fiancée?”

Him, as if a knife has been twisted in his heart: “Brother, what have you done with my fiancée?”

The waters of the Jianghu are indeed murky. Even if I am starving, even if I’m dying far from home, from this point on, I will not eat even a mouthful of rice prepared by him.

—So fragrant.

Somewhat spoilery author’s note:

[User Guide]
1. Third person POV; everyday cultivation; completely fabricated history/AU; no textual analysis please.
2. The gong is the one dressing like a girl; met during childhood; chaotically trying to become Daoist immortals; falling in love, bickering all the while.

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Character list and name explanations

Translator's Note

Spiritual roots/cultivation base.

Translator's Note

So here, I chose to translate this term as “pretty boy,” but it is also used to refer to gigolos and/or male sugar babies who have sugar mamas (or sugar daddies, I suppose). I probably missed a great opportunity to call this story “The #1 Sugar Baby of the Immortal Path” :blobrofl: The direct translation is “little white face” (小白臉 – xiǎo bái liǎn).

Translator's Note

This phrase (literally, “to eat soft rice”) is a derogatory phrase meaning a man is leeching/living off a woman (AKA what our MC has been doing all along before discovering ML is actually a man)

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  1. Uwu. 😅😅😅
    Thanks for sharing this translation!

  2. Synopsis looks good! Gonna follow another one yet again!

    Thanks for the new novel! 🙂

  3. they both thougth the other was the opposite gender XD! this is rich, i need it

  4. I don’t understand, do both of them look feminine? And you, ML! What are you doing cross-dressing as a girl?!? And MC, does your entire sect think you’re a girl in disguise?

    • ML is legit dressed up as a girl, so I see how that could be confusing. But honestly, ML might just be blind LOL because I don’t think Lin Shu is described as being the pretty sort of handsome. Though I suppose women can be described as handsome as well XD

  5. Hello Lanlan-san, thank you for translating this.

    I want to ask if you don’t mind. Can I translate it back into Indonesian?

    I will wait for your reply ^^ thank you

    • Hmm. This is kind of a tricky question. My stance has somewhat changed since I okayed someone re-translating my MGLR translation a few months ago. I can’t give permission for translating something that does not belong to me and this story falls into that category. Instead, it belongs to our lovely author Yi Shi Si Zhou (一十四洲). I would ask her first. She has an active Weibo account—that’s how I got her permission in the first place.

      If she says yes, I’m completely fine with you translating off of my English translation as long as 1) it’s not for profit: you can’t sell or charge for it in any way, and 2) you give our author all credit and link back to her story page so fans can buy the raws to support her

  6. How much are the points? I cant seem to see how much things cost. It’s more complicated than popo :cries: 🙁

    • Shoot, I didn’t see this, sorry! So I think it works out to be about 1 JJ point (or whatever they’re called) per 1,000 characters? I’m going to have to go back and check. The books end up being pretty cheap, though! The way I do it is through my Apple account on my phone (it’s cheaper if you do it through the app). It’s about $17 (USD) or so for I think like 3500 JJ points? I’ve reloaded JJ points maybe twice and have bought around 10 or so complete novels. It’s really worth it!!

  7. M My God! I do not believe that this novel has finally been translated again. Thank you very much sama translator!😭💙💙💙

  8. I’m late to the party as always, but seeing that this is by the same author as Little Mushroom, I’m super hyped! 👏😀