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It’s Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!

It’s Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero! 住み込みで英雄をお世話する簡単なお仕事です

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Author: Goldfish (金魚)
Total Chapters: 45 (+ extras)
Genre: Comedy, Completed, Fantasy, Romance, Transmigration
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Translators: mii. Editors: sleepchaser, con


Just one step in the wrong direction, and I managed to cross over into a different sphere, a newly-made world of a God.

In the distance stood a small house surrounded by a field, and inside lay a man on a bed.

According to the God, he was a hero. One who had died in a tragic event.

Then the next words of the God threw me into a panic.

What did you mean I needed to save money to return to my original world?

Since there was nothing else I could do anyway, I dove head first into my goal. Plucked some grass. Grew some vegetables. All to earn a steady income.

Apparently, my profession was the “Hero’s Wife,” but that’s definitely a bug, right?

Indonesian Translation here!

Polish Translation here!

Spanish Translation here!

Cover art by Con.


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      • GRacias, eso he estado haciendo desde que tenía 15, solo que algunas veces la traducción en mala y termino por leerlo en inglés. Aunque tampoco ha resultado tan malo, por lo menos mis notas en inglés han mejorado.

        • I’m glad you’re giving the story a try even if your mother tongue is not English! ^^ I’ll try to make sure there’s no typo to make your reading experience better, thank you for reading!

          • Thank you very much for making your translations easy to understand even for someone like me who doesn’t speak English very well

            ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )

            By the way, why here is full of Spanish people and I’m the only Italian!?!? That’s not fair!!

    • Yo también leo con el google traductor y sucede que a veces aparece el texto en ingles (siempre) y una parte del capítulo (una parte pequeña) no se traduce si no que se pone raro como buggeado y tengo que ignorar esa parte (que suelen ser mas de 2-3 párrafos) Todo por no saber ingles ;^; 7^7 7-7

  1. ohoho? a ‘main’ project? lololol

    i like the intro so far, thanks for the ch!


  2. Hello, Mii.

    I’m really interested in this story and want to spread the love by re-translating it into my language, Indonesian.

    May I have your permission?

    Please let me know what you think.

    Thank you.

  3. Hello! I like your translations of this novel very much~! The stroy is getting interesting as well 💞 I would like to translate it to my mother language – Polish. What do you think about it? Please let me know~! 💖

    Thank you.

  4. Thank u so much for translating it. Just found it and already read all the chapters. They’re so cuteeee QAQ

  5. Dear Mii,

    I’m a reader from Thailand and love your translation very much.

    I would like to request permission to translate your translation “It’s Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!” into Thai.

    This translation will not be used for commercial purposes and will be deleted immediately if there is an LC.

    Thank you.

    • Sorry for the super late response!!! ;; Are you still interested in translating it? If you are, feel free to do so! Just make sure to give me credits! 🙂

  6. Hi, it’s me again 🙂

    Please remove the link to the Russian translation. For some reason, I left it for a couple of months and it was replaced without my knowledge by another novel.

  7. I don’t know where to put this, but I’m just letting you know that someone on wattpad is copying and pasting your translation on ‘It’s Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!’ without any credits or permissions besides a ‘stories not mine’ and saying the stories are from Novel Updates on the profile. I know they’re doing the same thing to another translator not on Chrysanthemum Garden as well. The user is YgbraleCoso

  8. Hi , I am interested in the novels that you translate, I want to ask permission to translate in Thai , I will give your credit😍

  9. Hello! chrysanthemumgardenTranslation Team! My name is

    bel-chan, I’m from Indonesia. I have read your English version of

    “It’s Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!” that you have translated and I am

    very happy after reading it. Can I ask your permission to translate your

    version into Indonesian and upload it to my Wattpad account? I will include

    your web name so people can see it and are interested in reading your work.

    My wattpad account link is https://www.wattpad.com/user/Bpis02 you very much for your attention. I will wait for your

    reply soon



    • I’m okay with that, but seems like someone already translated it to Indonesian? Maybe both of you can discuss about it. Thank you for reading! 🙂

  10. I loved the novel very much 💖, I wish you could give me permission to translate it into Spanish, I will pass you the link 🥰