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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 39.2


Editors: sleepchaser, con

Minoru tLVMYy

“…noru, Minoru.”

The moment I opened my eyes, a handsome face came into view. Thinking this was normal,  I closed my eyes, but I changed my mind as soon as I did. 

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I was in Sig’s arms. My back leaned against Sig’s knees as he supported me, my legs stretched out on the grass. Bleary-eyed, I scanned my surroundings and could see the canopy of the God’s tree above me. Beyond that, a sky covered with thin, diluted layer of ink. 

Apparently, Sig discovered me after I lost consciousness. nImJvQ


Little by little, my mind grew clear. Then my face paled in an instant. 

As I panicked and jumped while waking up, Sig held me in place. “You shouldn’t move so suddenly.”

“…Sig.” xpgHF

“Minoru… What a relief.”

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The face of the man whose expression went lax in relief was so youthful that I couldn’t think of him as the father of two children. He looked almost the same as “that man” I knew. My heart grew more and more painful. Even though I knew I shouldn’t cry, my tears spilled over on their own.

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A painful silence stretched on. This was bad. What was I talking about? That question was too delicate. Even Sig showed a bewildered expression, and I was aware of it. I scrambled for another topic, but he spoke before I could open my mouth again. 

“I dislike judging people by their personal appearance.”

I didn’t expect Sig to confess his complex. He answered with such a serious face too. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing even though I felt bad about it.  LNZdHh

Silent, Sig stared at me as I laughed. Eventually his eyes narrowed softly, and he said, “Even so, I think my wife is a very lovely person.”

…Hm. Did his youngest child resemble his wife? That cuteness was something that needed to be preserved for a thousand years. 

I was reminded of Mel’s sharp eyes, and the gloom within my chest cleared up. 

I corrected my sitting posture and clenched my hand into a fist on my lap. There were more important things to talk about than this. And yet. “That person is definitely someone important to you, right?”  zY1uBG

Sig was silent for a while as he looked into my eyes. I didn’t care if he could see through me. I was a narrow-minded, greedy coward. In fact, I wanted him to choke me to death.

Sig held my hand, as if my trepidation was conveyed to him. My expectations couldn’t help but grow from his reassuring hold. 

“Yeah. They’re hard-working, even with their small body. They’re courageous, and most importantly, they love me… They’re a very wonderful person.”

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What a relief. JyGpk0

Joy filled my heart. This person was really happy. He met his loved one and he even had such adorable children… His dreams had been fulfilled.

Contrary to my feeling of relief, my chest began to hurt. I looked forward and pressed my forehead against Sig’s hand. The chill of his hand also seemed the same from the past. Which was colder, his hand or my tears?

“Sig, I’m sorry.”

Forgive me. 5WH6KB

This might be too late, but please let me say this.

“I… I’ll always, always love you. From now until forever.”

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Sig gently accepted my meaningless confession. He wrapped his hands around my back and hugged me tightly.

This warmth was enough for me. Qf0EIq

“Thank you, Minoru. I also love you so much that I can’t put it into words.”


Were his words just now an illusion born from my desire? I looked up and was met with Sig’s youthful face. 

He wiped my teary, messed up face with his large hands.  D tCoV

No, he wasn’t just youthful-looking, but he was the genuinely young Sig. The estimated forty-five year old Sig. 

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What did that mean? When did I return from that “future” to my original timeline?

Or was it all a dream?

“Sig, I―” XAZwSm

And his soft lips crashed onto mine.

Somewhere nearby, the smartphone I thought I had lost chimed.

Author Notes:

※Reminder about Sig’s age: je2tuZ

The calendar in the hero’s world: 25h / day, 21 days / month, 10 months / year. 45 years old is 27-28 years old by Earth’s calculation.


T/C: Happy Chinese New Year!


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