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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch2.1 - Miniature Garden


Translator: mii

Editor: sleepchaser CUqKuz

I was supposed to be relaxing right now, spending an indefinite vacation at my grandma’s house. I was supposed to be basking in the warmth of her comfort, forgetting all the sufferings of the world.

But one bad thing happened after the other. I took a wrong turn while driving, lost my car, and now even the bridge back to civilization had vanished. Why was this happening to me?! If this was a dream, please let me wake up now!

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I stared at the my smartphone’s screen. Gripped the damn thing tight.

That voice from before scared me. “Who are you,’” they had said.  Z5dvJ2

I really didn’t know how to respond. Yet for some reason, a conversation had stretched between us, and I ended up hearing many outrageous things.

“I still can’t believe it. Especially the part where this is a different world.”

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“There’s nothing else you can do but believe it, though.”

Vbbc, atf rec kbeiv rfa yfsbcv atf tbglhbc. P ifjcfv yjmx jujlcra j agff agecx ktlif mgbemtlcu bc atf ugbecv, atf uglq jgbecv ws mfiiqtbcf ibbrfcfv rilutais ogbw ws yfklivfgfv rajaf. Dlgvr atja ugfjais gfrfwyifv mgbkr mjkfv lc atf vlrajcmf, oislcu yjmx ab atflg cfrar.


Ktf wjlc mjerf bo ws tfjvjmtf gluta cbk kjr atf lvfj atja P kjr agjqqfv lc j “vloofgfca kbgiv.”

As if I’d believe such idiotic thing.

However, after spending an hour to explore my surroundings, I started to grow receptive of the words of the so-called God. Upon closer inspection, this land surrounded by deep valleys seemed slightly different from a typical Japanese landscape. Even the crows seemed different, if they were crows at all.

The important part was that it only took me one hour to explore the entire place. uTzo7B

In other words, this world was surprisingly small. Making a round along the perimeter would only take thirty minutes.

“By the way, the border is the river, so no matter what, don’t jump in. Even I can’t predict where you’ll end up after trying to force your way out of this world.”

At the sound of those words, my grip on the cellphone once again tightened. I took a moment to compose myself before saying, “Please add guardrails to the bridge, God.”

If I slipped, then there went my life. WIiKLh

But instead of assuaging my worries, the self-proclaimed god merely said in a carefree manner, “Guardrails can be installed using PT.”

Yes, the most troublesome hurdle was this thing called “PT.”

No matter the world, the fundamental human needs would remain the same. For example, I was hungry now, but I didn’t have anything to eat. Before my current predicament, I could solve that problem by buying lunch from a neighborhood convenience store.

But there were no convenience stores in this world, and the money I had on me was useless. Instead, the currency used here was “PT,” or points. Nr9Hzn

It seemed I could receive PT as a reward by doing designated “work.” By exchanging various things with PT, I could satisfy my basic human needs. It’s quite similar to the system in most video games.

Which meant I needed to save PT as best as I could from now on.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to get out of here.

“God… I don’t think I can do this alone. How long will it take to save enough PT anyway?” The words came out practiced even when I pled pitifully, as if I’d done this countless times before. Though to be fair, I had. nSvmdt

And God’s answer was merciless as always. “I’m sorry, but when you first crossed through the border, this world had already been booted up. I don’t know what will happen if I intervene. In the worst case, the road out of here would distort and disappear… When it’s all said and done, you were the one who came here without permission, Minoru.”

A wail escaped my lips.

When he put it like that, I couldn’t find a good rebuttal. This was the result of being careless, of relying solely on GPS without contacting my grandma and family first for directions.

But confinement in another world seemed like too big of a price to pay. MXsphm

“For now, there is only one way to get you out of here. Purchase the bridge with your accumulated points. As an example, can you pluck some grass around you?”

I plucked a relatively large weed without another thought.

After pulling a few more weeds under God’s urging, I heard a soft noise. A noise that sounded suspiciously similar to a notification. Checking my phone, I saw that a notification has indeed popped up on the screen.

[Weed Removal Rank C: 5 PT * 1 = 5] fcAIyh

Surprise hit me.

Where did this notification come from? I carefully checked through my phone, catching sight of a dubious application that I didn’t remember installing. The icon was a sprout and a fork, the words “Miniature Garden” displayed. 

What was this, a game?


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  1. Oh!! It’s finally starting for Minoru. Would really like to see his reaction towards his future missions~

    Thank you for the update, Mii-sama! Take a good care of yourself~ ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

  2. Eh ??! Why does this remind me of the game GARDEN AND HERO?

  3. I don’t really know why but I am unable to imagine the mc as a male. Instead I am imagining a female…..😕

    (And I am a bl fan, not a person who is for the first time trying bl)

    • Another avid BL reader here – for all it’s worth, you’re not alone in this feeling. 😳

      Minoru is supposed to be a 25-year old male who’s already joined the workforce and has some experience living on his own, yet throughout the story he behaves like a (stereo)typical damsel-in-distress time and again. I found this contrast really jarring at times.