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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch18.1 - 3.5 Million PT


Editors: sleepchaser, con

There certainly was a bridge in the PT Exchange List. FioJ60

I didn’t know when, but I seemed to have reached the proper level to unlock it. Although it was still grayed out and I couldn’t select it, I was moved to tears knowing that there was still a “way home” for me.

“God… Is this okay?”

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“A husband and wife should love each other after all. I believe in you.”

God’s voice was calm, as if he were just praying for his son’s happiness. He believed we would become a family.  zvhILl

Even I wanted Sig to be happy. Up until now, I’d been doing the work of the future bride whose face I had never seen. 

Even so, there wouldn’t be anyone like that coming here.

How troubling… I didn’t think that this would happen.

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“Yes, yes. Minoru. I’ve delivered the congratulatory gift, so open the box later to receive it, okay?”


“Jbcugjaeijabgs uloa? Qjrc’a atja atf mtjcufr ab atf tberf?”

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Vqfjxlcu bo ktlmt, P mbwqifafis obguba ab atjcx Xbv obg atja.

I told God about how the house had grown larger this morning, but he denied any part in it. “That’s something else entirely.” 

Vb ktja jmaejiis tjqqfcfv ab atf tberf? bvjrMk

Llr fzqijcjalbc fzmffvfv ws fzqfmajalbcr.

“This Miniature Garden is growing.”

Cmmbgvlcu ab Xbv, atf kbgiv kbeiv “ugbk” joafg mfgajlc mbcvlalbcr kfgf wfa. Ktf alwlcu pera tjqqfcfv ab bnfgijq klat atf wjggljuf oljrmb, rb P wlrecvfgrabbv la ab yf tlr mfifygjabgs uloa. 

The conditions were:  YwLMAF


  1. Remove the weeds from the garden and field (90%)
  2. Grow more than five crops in the field (80% harvest)
  3. Heat the bath (Achieving [Water-drawing Rank B] and [Woodchopping Rank B])
  4. Repair the roof (90%)


If I wasn’t not wrong, I achieved the first condition yesterday, the second one on the seventh day, and the third and fourth on the fourth day, which was when Sig woke up.

I checked each of the boxes yesterday. Thus, the world changed last night. aDBYZL

By the way, even if the changes were referred to as “growth,” the area of the miniature garden itself didn’t change.

“Only the house had a noticeable change this time, huh? I think the soil in the field has also been upgraded… The more the miniature garden grows, the better a place to live it will be. I think you’ll love it too, Minoru!”

“Ah… yeah. I’m looking… forward to it.” Facing God’s pressure, I forced out a stiff smile. He must have completely seen through my desire for a hot spring…

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My current life was fun. Sig was a good person, and someone I admired as a man. I’d learned a lot from our time living together.  dnwf63

But I had to go home.

I had my job, family, friends, and even the beat-down car that I lost that day. I liked Sig, but I couldn’t just leave the life I had been living halfway.

Would he be disappointed when I told him I was leaving?

It was hard for me to leave him alone too. yj25kS

Well, I couldn’t start anything without buying the bridge anyway, and it didn’t mean that we had to part straight away. I believed that I could talk to him about the issue over time.

But why was the bridge grayed out?

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Was there a purchase condition, like how I hadn’t been able to place a sofa in the bedroom previously due to insufficient space? 

I reviewed the section of the exchange list where the bridge was listed, and faced a tough reality. yqoDKr

[Bridge: 3,500,000 PT | *There are usage conditions.]


Minoru: As I thought, God is unfair, God is biased!!!!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ


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  1. Oh, it’s still greyed out?

    No wonder…

    Thank you for the update ❤️

    I wonder how he’s going to collect that amount of PT…

  2. He’s never going away! That’s a lot of points. If he tries to gain more with the care category, then he’ll get attached to Sig and won’t want to go away from him. You’re smart, God!

    Thanks for the chapter!