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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 23.2


Editors: sleepchaser, con

Ring. 6nugbF

At that moment, my phone let out a sound I’d never heard before. What just happened?

Sig continued to talk, but I could only stare at him in wonder. “It’s a hassle to inform me every time you want to use the water and wood, right? Also, the wife is the one who takes charge of the family’s wallet.” 

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“…Eh, ‘wallet’?” With that one word, I understood straight away. I told Sig to hold on for a minute as I checked my notifications. 

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[Allowance: 1,231,100 PT | Sig (Husband)] lTIsj2

Ct, pera jr P atbeuta. P gfmflnfv rbwf wbcfs… Lfs, atja’r cba atf cbgwji jwbeca obg jc jiibkjcmf, bxjs!

Ktf wliilbcr bo UK kfgf qgbyjyis Vlu’r “vfqbrlafv qblcar,” gluta? Dfmjerf tf rjlv tf’v “fcagera fnfgsatlcu” ab wf, tlr rjnlcur kfgf jvvfv ab ws bkc. 

Ktja kjrc’a atf bcis cbalolmjalbc flatfg. Coafg atf “Ciibkjcmf” bcf, lc qbqqfv j cbalolmjalbc ybz atja kjr j mbibg P tjvc’a rffc yfobgf.  

[Occupational Skill (Purse Strings) Acquired.] UjMa0S

It was the first time I’d acquired a skill.

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I checked my status with a timid heart, and the new skill was displayed under my inherited skill, “Illustration.” 

[Purse Strings: Authority to use PT possessed by family members (Limit of 80%)]

This… Looking at it literally, did that mean that I’m holding the purse strings? bDrZ0z

If that’s true, that means I had acquired a nasty skill!

Judging from the previous “Allowance” notification, this Miniature Garden Life app saw Sig as my husband, my “family.” In other words, I could use the PT he earned as I pleased. How they arranged the 80% limit was also pretty realistic, in a way.

“I’m sure you can calculate and manage our income and expenditure better than me, Minoru.” 

I came back to my senses in an instant and looked up. Sig had a faint smile on his lips as he leaned against his chair.  oHSlnZ

He certainly told me before that he was no good with understanding the details of accounting,  but… I wonder if the shining halo on his head was actually from the sun’s glare?

“Sig… Thank you very much.”

“I’ve told you before that I will help you too. It’s not much, but I hope it will at least assist you a little” 

No, 1,231,100 PT 1 PT definitely could not be considered a small amount. H5 wVg

I bowed my head low, accepting his kindness.

Author Notes:

Occupation (Wife) Inherited Skill [Purse Strings]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


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  1. I want to scream and cry!! (´Д⊂ヽ

    Why does this have to play with my heart! Ny heart has been crying since two days ago!! Poor sigmund! *endless crying*