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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch3.1 - Tragic Hero


Translator: Mii

Editor: sleepchaser PBnGe7

By the time I arrived at the broken-down house, night had already fallen. Fortunately, the moon and stars existed in this world. Even if there’s no artificial lightning, just the glow of the moon was enough to see my way.

However, this was not the case indoors. Afraid of the dark, I couldn’t move a single step once inside.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

“H-hey, can you at least provide me with utilities? If possible, ones that are solar powered.”

Since this is a god I was talking to, I wouldn’t hold back on the additional requests. MiIr 6

Sweat clung to my back and my heart was pounding hard. I really couldn’t stand the dark. For now, I could only rely on the light from my smartphone.

Although I was thankful that my phone battery hadn’t decreased, the phone’s functions had become quite limited. I hope they would be restored once I was out of this place.

“If you can’t see, then just go to bed. If you really need light, you can buy a lamp for a reasonable price.”

God completely ignored my questions. Ah, I felt like crying…


We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

I closed the chat function and opened the PT Exchange shop.

C ijwq mbra 250 UK. Coafg jvvlcu atf jwbeca P kjcafv ab ws rtbqqlcu mjga, P kjr ktlrxfv jkjs ab atf qjswfca mbcolgwjalbc rmgffc.

Ycf qegmtjrf ijafg, P kjr ifoa klat 9750 UK. Rb ajz ja jii.

Pc atf gfji kbgiv, vfilnfgs wfc kbeiv vfilnfg atf lafwr ab ws jvvgfrr. Dea atlr qgbmfrr vlv cba fzlra tfgf. d0OyKF

Instead, there was something even more convenient available.

“There is a delivery box at the entrance. Try to open it. If you made a purchasing error, you can even cancel the purchase before opening the box.”

“Is this it? It is surprisingly small…”

Since I’m standing right at the entrance of the house, it took me only a moment to find the box. It looked like a cooler, the length approximately one meter. 7PTMdj

I remembered the list of items available at the PT Exchange shop. With this size, how would larger items like tables and sofas fit inside? Even farming tools like hoes would barely fit.

A message from God came immediately.

“Opening the box only means that you agree to the purchase, not necessarily that your product will be contained within. So you can receive large items without any issue.”

That meant if I purchased a sofa and opened the delivery box, the sofa would automatically appear in a predetermined location. A2wqNl

I removed the lid. Inside was a lantern and enough fuel for seven days, the latter part of a new-customer promotion.

In other words, I would need to buy the fuel separately, huh? What a cruel world..

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The lantern looked somewhat old fashioned, but it’s simple to ignite. Once the fuel was in place, a mere touch would call forth a flame. How convenient.

What surprised me was that as soon as I turned it on, the whole room became brightly lit. A single lantern shouldn’t have that much cover. When I asked God about this, he said he didn’t pay much attention while building this world, so impossible and illogical things like this were bound to occur… Sorry, but I’d already lost interest in his explanation about halfway through. Y3suEO

“First, I want a table and a chair.”

Now that I was no longer stressed from the darkness, I would purchase the necessary items all at once.

I scrolled through the PT Exchange shop for a set of one wooden table and one wooden chair. Displayed on my smartphone’s screen was a top-down view of the every room’s layout. I just needed to drag and drop the furniture where I wanted them on the screen, before pressing the “OK” button. Like God had said, once I opened the delivery box, the table and chair materialized in the positions I had set for them.

The cost of potable water would be automatically charged from my account. I selected the 200 PT tier for now. AgF6ZG

After that, I purchased miso soup and a rice ball. They’re surprisingly decent.

I was glad. With this, I wouldn’t starve to death.

“The items available for exchange are influenced by the host. That’s why things like… miso soup are purchasable. How curious.”

Looked like God was curious of miso soup. I see, so my presence in this world influenced everything here…  No wonder the house and fields outside gave me a sense of nostalgia. oXCM R

By the way, the absurd and illogical quality of things that God mentioned earlier applied to my energy intake too. It’s apparent just by looking at the items’ display text.

[Riceball: Physical recovery (Medium) | Preservation 3 days]

[Miso soup: Energy recovery (Small) | Preservation 3 days]

I understood what the words were trying to say, but I didn’t like it at all… F8iMzY

God said that I could make anything on the exchange list as long as I had the materials. That’d save me a lot of PT. And like using the well, I would earn PT just by cooking too, which went toward my environment level.

Cooking, huh? Uhh… Just by looking at the status screen, I had a bad feeling. I wondered if it’s possible to raise my cooking level. After all, I could only make some simple things for now.

If I had known I’d be in this situation, I would have practiced cooking for myself more seriously.

I poured a cup of water from my purchased water tank. x6Ewvf

One chair and one cup. A pair of chopstick and a bowl came with the miso soup, and a plate came with the rice ball. With only one set of every piece of furniture, utensil, and the like, it felt as if I was living alone.

But there’s no way I could forget that there was still another person in this house.

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“Hey God, who’s that person lying on the bed?”


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  1. Thank you for the chapter, Mii! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

    “Hey God, who’s that person lying on the bed?” Definitely your future husband, dear!! /slaps

  2. Well, If that man is asleep, he won’t need anything for the moment. But a bed is needed! Otherwise they’ll sleep together!

    Thanks for the chapter!