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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 3.2


Translator: Mii

Editor: sleepchaser eDBpwc

The man sleeping in the next room would probably live with me for a while. So it would be an issue if I knew nothing about him. What kind of person was he, and why was he sleeping here? Not to mention, sleeping naked. There were so many things I wanted to ask.

A pause, and God texted, “His name is Sig. He comes from a world different from you and is revered as a hero there.”

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“A hero…”

Then God texted me some more information. The hero’s body certainly looked tempered from steel. With that appearance, I couldn’t help but believe that he’s a hero. ORPbQw

Looked like apart from this miniature garden, God also watched over other worlds. Including the world of that blonde man, Sig.

There, two powerful races fought for absolute dominance, a bloody feud lasting generations. And Sig was the only person who managed to stop it.

In addition to power, he seized the heart of everyone with his rare charisma. Yet such a nature ultimately led to him sacrificing his life to end the war.

I see. So he was truly someone deserving of being referred to as a hero… Wait a minute. Did I read that correctly? jiNJC7

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“K-atja qfgrbc, lr tf vfjv?”

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Mjmf qjif, P fvufv j yla ojgatfg ogbw atf vbbg ab tlr gbbw.

Yt ws ubv. Rbk kbcvfg tf vlvc’a kjxf eq ktfc P yjgufv lc atfgf!

Then God sent me a response. “Calm down. You’ll know just by touching him that he’s alive. His breathing and heartbeat are normal.” 0HFO y

St, kjr la bxjs obg wf ab abemt tlw pera ilxf atja? Qjrc’a tf atf tfgb atja rjnfv tlr kbgiv? Cirb, tf’r cjxfv, sbe xcbk?

“This kid had to choose a difficult path because of his outstanding ability. And he doesn’t regret it at all. But don’t you think it’s too pitiful for such wonderful kid to die as a virgin?”

Shocked, I read the message again in case my eyes had played tricks on me.

Did God misspeak? No, it seemed like the word “virgin” was used correctly due to the context. iFABrZ


“I made this miniature garden for him. The plan was for him to wake up with a girl curled up by his side, gazing at him with a smile. Before long, the two of them would fall in love, leading to his loss of virginity. And then they’d be surrounded by many children and live happily ever after.”


“However, something inexplicable and urgent occurred. While I was looking for a suitable partner for him, an unfamiliar ‘man’ wandered into my miniature garden! I tried to quickly expel him, but it was already too late. That man opened the front door just like that…” 5xcYqk

“God, I’m really sorry. Tomorrow I will work myself like a horse so that I can purchase the bridge and leave this place as soon as possible! But anything more than that…”

I slammed my forehead onto the flat screen of my smartphone as I kowtowed to it.

God then said that this world had started to “move.” If that’s the case, then this miniature garden was supposed to activate once a “beautiful maiden” had arrived.

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A feeling of dread in my stomach, I checked the smartphone screen. Sure enough, a new message appeared. aC2bMY

“Since it has already come to this, Minoru will make this miniature garden beautiful. My first plan has been ruined, but there is still plenty of time. Until you finish building the bridge, I’ll carefully search for that child’s ‘bride.'”

Yeah, I knew it. God’s biased as always.

I mustn’t cry. I was the one who trespassed anyway. Plus, I just needed to build the bridge to return home.

Not only that, everything felt like part of a game. It’s interesting. The fact that I received a game-like currency from weeding the garden was already bizarre. MPIiOp

“Until then, please take care of that kid, Minoru.”

“Even if you say ‘take care’… What, should I give him water or help him get dressed or something?” Hopefully, my nonchalant words would influence God, so that he would want to see that guy dressed.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

There’s someone who had to look at him, namely yours truly. And his nude state made me uncomfortable.

“He doesn’t need that kind of care, it’s his own wish to be nude anyway… All I ask is for you to be as close to him as possible.” zJdQ4y

A sigh escaped my lips. “I understand.”

It’s surprising that he didn’t need to eat or drink, but for me to have to stay as close as possible to him as an exchange…

This was troubling. However, I’d already planned to work hard starting tomorrow. I wasn’t aware of it before, but perhaps I was the type who easily became lonely.

From now on you would occasionally see my face, so please forgive me, hero. PN q1y

I still didn’t understand what you had said before though, God. What did you mean by “it’s his own wish to be nude?”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Author notes:

“He’s completely naked at night.”


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  1. Uuh? When did the god say that “it’s his own wish to be nude?” ?

    Was it last chapter? Or it’s in this one but i somehow missed it?

    Lemme just read it again

  2. My theory is that in his world Sig was gay and couldn’t live that life cause of discrimination and now that he’s in this new world specially made for him he „tampered“ whit gods plan by bringing Minoru (^▽^)

    • I love your theory. Looking forward seeing if Sig really is as pitiful as described. I honestly thought mc’s the pitiful one, though.