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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch4.1 - Weed Removal Rank A (Day 2)


Translator: mii

Editor: sleepchaser oseu8U

The moment I woke up, I was met with the sight of a handsome man.

My mood instantly plummeted.

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“I have to get used to this soon… I’m sorry it’s cramped on the bed, hero.”

Bowing once to the handsome man still asleep on the space next to mine, I climbed down the bed. eWvC1f

The reason why I was sleeping next to him is simple: that’s the only place I could sleep.

The sole bed was occupied by the hero, and when I was about to buy a sofa, I realized there was no place to put it. The house was too narrow. Plus, even if I had tried to buy the sofa, I was unable to select it.

As a result, to avoid the miserable situation of sleeping in a sleeping bag, I reluctantly shared the bed.

“That’s great! I also think that it will be pitiful for that kid to sleep alone.” Qwop7U

And since God gave me permission to, it looked like for now I had solved the issue of finding a place to sleep.

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P tjv ab mbcagbi ws fzqfcrfr ugfjais ogbw cbk bc. P tjv jigfjvs rqfca wbgf atjc 2,000 bo 10,000 UK lc atf gfrfgnf. Mbg oeaegf erf, P rtbeiv qglbglalhf ws vjlis cfmfrrlalfr jcv atf lafwr atja kbeiv yf erfoei obg ws kbgx.

“P kjr fzqfmalcu atlr jii ab yf j vgfjw, atbeut.”

Something like the trope of “once I wake up, I find that everything was a dream.” KwAC3E

But the place in which I had come into consciousness was not my room or the gas station parking lot. Rather, a bed in a different world. The moment I saw the hero’s divine profile, the faint hope I had held shattered.

Well, I couldn’t just mope about the whole day either.

I removed the sweatshirt and sweatpants I wore in place of pajamas, changing into a set of clothes from my sports bag. Today I’d be working all day, so jeans and T-shirt should be okay.

While filling my cup in the living room, I stared at the “meadow” spreading through the distance outside the window. fk N1z

How many days would it take to clean it out?

The PT Exchange shop didn’t list a lawnmower, so I could only weed the area by hand. Grandma used to use a sickle. Maybe I would try that out at least.

I didn’t have to do everything at once. Although time moved at the same pace here and in my original world, there was a limit to my physical fitness. I’d just start from the place that seemed the most efficient to begin with, such as the field or around the house.

After drinking a cup of water, I went outside empty handed. JOsprY

Finding an area free of weeds around the house was even more difficult than further out the “meadow.” The house was also damaged. Grass sprang from the roof, and some of the tiles had fallen off.

“This is pretty terrible. I have to do something before it rains.”

But I had no experience in repairing roofs. I wondered if I could do it.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

…There’s no could or could not do in this matter, however. I must fix the roof no matter what. ZvgLOi

After browsing the job list, I found the cost versus gain of work under the dwelling category to my liking. The better the house’s appearance, both inside and out, the more bonuses I could accumulate in addition to the rewards given after a task’s completion. The table I placed in the living room last night was no exception.

Weed removal also fell under this dwelling category. That’s why I planned on weeding by hand today.

But there were things I had to do before that. Namely, obtain water.

“Er, where is the well?” vWJgOs

Water for everyday activities other than drinking could be obtained free of charge from the well.

After searching around for a while, I found something that looked like one behind the house. It wasn’t round, like the type I usually saw in historical dramas, but one with a hand pump.

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“This place is also full of grass… Let’s clear it up a little.”

I moved to pluck the grass around the well, not a bit bothered by the dirty work. UMnV5k

The same species of grass covered the well, small pink flowers blooming here and there. Each weed took up a lot of space, its blades of grass tall and wide. They seemed like they would be hard to pull out. After preparing myself for this, I managed to remove the weeds without much difficulty. Maybe the roots were buried shallowly. Since one weed occupied so much space, it felt satisfying to remove them.

As I walked around the well, I heard the sound of a notification from my pocket. Taking out my smartphone, I checked the screen.

[Weed Removal Rank A: 25 PT*4 = 100]

As I thought, the rank of the weeding task around the house would be higher. The PT was five times more than that of the C rank version. phdGLg

Afterward, I returned to the homescreen of the “Miniature Garden Life” application and checked my physical strength gauge.

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Fourty-nine. According to my calculations, removing one thousand stalks of grass would consume one unit of physical strength. After using up all 50 units of physical strength, I would have gained 5,000 PT. Since one thousand stalks of grass was equivalent to two tatami mats, then weeding a hundred tatami mats would bring me…

This was amazing.

It’s doable in reality too. If I could recover 50% of my physical strength with a single rice ball, and take a break once during the day… then didn’t that mean I’d receive 10,000 PT?! CuIdeJ

Author notes:

One tatami mat = 1.6 square meters.

Since writing it in square meters would be too long and sloppy, I converted it into tatami mats. Please imagine the size of your bedroom.


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    Thanks for the chapter!