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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch23.1 - Purse Strings (Day 10)


Editors: sleepchaser, con

It had been seven days since I started living with Sig. I never woke up earlier than him. hPKxFy

I could hear the rhythmic sound of wood being chopped in the distance.

Thanks to the thick curtains, the room was dim. But the sun should have risen long ago.

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Crap, I overslept again. I hurried to jump off the bed, but I was hit with a sudden realization. 

I’d gone to sleep on the sofa the previous night, so why did I wake up on Sig’s bed? KUNu0t

There’s no doubt about it. Sig carried me there somehow. 

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He told me the reason as I prepared breakfast in the dining room. “Minoru, it’s better if you sleep next to me.” 

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“P jikjsr offi yjv yfmjerf atf yfv ufar mgjwqfv, yea…” 


“Rb, P kbc’a fnfg ifa sbe ifjnf ws rlvf jujlc.”

I ended up waving farewell to the bed I’d finally earned in under a day. 

Today’s breakfast was a sandwich prepared with thickly-sliced ham, sunny-side-up eggs, and lettuce, all held together with two slices of buttered bread. And some mayonnaise as the final touch. Since we had been eating this kind of breakfast every morning, my “Cooking” title changed to “XX Sandwich” since who-knows-when. Even though it’s only sandwiches, I occasionally received PT from making them, so I might have gotten carried away.

The morning was so ordinary that I felt a little disappointed. I started to think that what had happened yesterday was all a dream. 17n5xk

“Please marry me.” Sig had taken my dirt-covered hand and proposed to me downright. 

Even I knew that Sig was serious. To be honest, I was dubious about the whole thing until I heard Sig himself say it out loud. And when I looked into his eyes and saw the solemn nature of his gaze, I became fully convinced. 

I hadn’t answered him yet.

 I was a man, and I was going to leave this world. Sig should have known that too, and yet…  3wSpL

“I don’t care.”

There had been no hesitation in his gaze. Just remembering those purple eyes made my face burn red. I hid my flushed cheeks behind my coffee mug, bringing it to my mouth. 

At the very least, I wanted to return his “real name,” but he refused that as well. He said that no matter what my answer was, he wouldn’t take it back.

“My feelings won’t ever change from now on.” oUY 8I

Normally, I wouldn’t believe those words.

But I checked last night, and the title under “Care” was “Pure Love.” Plus, God had said that the people of Sig’s race chose one companion for the rest of their lives.

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Sig sat across the table from me, drinking plain old hot water with his usual good posture. The morning sun shone over him, and he almost seemed to sparkle. I stared, fascinated for a while. 

Even if we were the only two people in this world, I wonder why he was so set on choosing me?  ljod8B

I’d asked him about it the night before, pushing through my shame. 

“You are similar to myfavorite animal,” he had answered.

Did he even understand the way I felt when he confessed such feverish passion for his pet? 

I was exhausted just remembering that conversation, but at that moment, Sig raised his face.  OWCXlN

His straightforward look pierced through me, and my heart skipped a beat. 

Setting the cup of water down, Sig straightened his back. “Minoru, I forgot to say one more thing.”

“Y-yes? What is it?” I fixed my posture as well, waiting. I was so curious on what he would say.

Slowly, Sig opened his mouth. “I want to entrust you with everything I have.”   nTwzPm

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  1. EVERYTHING?!!! NANI~~~??!🤤🤤🤤

    (warning: Dirty thoughts detected)O_O

  2. Another arrow…shot through the heart. Will poor Minoru survive this latest attack? 😻

  3. Sig: “I want to entrust you with everything I have.”

    …. (´・_・`)

    Sorry? …. ( ・◇・)?

    Sig was a little abrupt with that declaration/confession at the end. (ーー;)

    Thanks for the chapter ~♡

  4. Yeah Minoru, be worried, he had a thing for an animal xD Well, we still don’t know if Sig was human, a humanoid life form or something else.

    Thx for the ch \(≧▽≦)/

  5. Thanks for the chapter! I love you mii,,, you translators work so hard… AS SOON AS I GET MONEY I PROMISE ILL SUPPORT YOU ON PATREON AND BUY YOU ALL THE COFFEE! ❤️(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)