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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 48.2


Editor: con

When I saw the furballs swarming in the sunshine, they were moving delicately, following the morning sun. wh6g2V

Among them, one’s movement was strange. It was a white furball.

As I was staring at it, it rolled out of the group and started squirming in place, like it was in agony. 

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“…Ah! Sig, somehow the furball looks like it’s in pain.” 

“Minoru, your rice will get cold.” Sig remained calm, probably because he was familiar with the sight. He continued to drink his water, back straight in his chair.   rXFTj3

Excusing myself, I put my chopsticks down and stood from the table. My son complained, “Ray too!” so I picked him up, and approached the furball with caution. 

White fur standing on end, the furbal continued to shake. All of a sudden, its body undulated in a way that was hard to ignore, and something jumped forward. No, the furball spit something out.

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It looked like a lump of white fur the size of a ping-pong ball.

“Qtja lr atlr, j tjlgyjii…?” 1Cvpcb

“Uft, qft!” Ejs lwlajafv atf oegyjii jcv rqja bcab atf ugbecv. P rtbkfv rbwfatlcu ragjcuf ab ws akb-sfjg-biv rbc… 

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P ibra ragfcuat jcv lcafgfra bc atf rqba. Ktlr kjr atf rjwf atlcu jr j mja rqlaalcu bea lar tjlgyjii. Coafg jii, atfs kfgf ybat mbnfgfv lc ibcu oeg. 

The next moment, something amazing happened. 

The hairball that had just been spat out moved!  M0gR7o

I almost fell over from shock.

“Calm down. It won’t jump at you.” Sig supported me and kept me upright. When did he get behind me? 

Despite his assurance, my gaze stayed locked on the mini-furball, which was still moving. 

It rolled into the parent furball and slipped into its parent’s body. 5qLUuz

“What happened just now was… splitting?”

“Yeah. Apparently they’ll do that several times and join together with other individuals to become an adult.” 

“This is the first time I’ve seen something like that.” 

After all, the furballs were also living creatures. It seems like there was a way for them to increase. Qjef19

I was at a loss and looked back at Sig. It was a little bit hard to move since I was still in his arms. “Sig… if they’re going to keep increasing like this, what if the house, field, river, and everything get overrun with furballs?”

“The lifespan of the furball is twenty days.”

I stared at Sig’s serious face, speechless. 

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“You didn’t notice?” K2DQyq

I didn’t…

When I looked down, Ray’s face was strangely puckered. He was probably imitating my expression. 

“Minoru, this is Father’s miniature garden. Whether it’s a furball or anything else, they won’t increase so much that they will become a problem.” As he said that, the arms around me strengthened their hold. I hated myself for being able to predict his next words. 

My eyes dropped to the floor and my ears turned red. Sig laughed as he brought his lips close to them. “That’s why we can make an effort with peace of mind. The second seed will be ready soon.”  bQO1y

“I’ll do my best…”

The furball’s story was somehow changing into our child’s.

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Recently, no matter what I was talking about with Sig, it would turn into this. He was probably very happy about the birth of our second child. And I would always, without fail, ask in return: 

“Have you decided on the list of names?”  2OWqPK

Sig’s face puckered, undistinguishable with Ray’s face just now. Since he was a handsome man, no matter what expression he wore, he would always look nice.

Author notes: I like furballs.

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  1. As long as I don’t have fur on my clothes I love furballs as well🤗