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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 4.2


Translator: Mii

Editor: sleepchaser Zjo LC

No, no, I needed to stay calm. Suddenly depleting my entire physical fitness meter really scared me. Either way, I didn’t think there were enough weeds around the house to act out my outrageous idea.

The problem was the field.

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“It’d be nice if the job of weeding the field is the same rank as the job of weeding the house.”

After that, I finally started drawing some water. The water pump had been provided from the start. How convenient. 1Bdigu

Since it’s the same type of water pump used at Grandma’s house, I remembered how to operate it.

However, since I must manually draw water for use, I probably should recycle the water for a few uses before throwing it out. On the other hand, while it’s important to conserve water, if I didn’t take a bath, I’d feel miserable…

As I was deciding what to use this bucket of water for, I was surprised by the sound of a notification.

[Draw Water Rank C: 200 PT] xuYGO8

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Ciatbeut P tjv xcbkc fjgilfg atja vgjklcu kjafg kjr mbcrlvfgfv j “pby,” jcv kbeiv ugjca UK eqbc lar mbwqifalbc, P kjrc’a jkjgf la’v ulnf atja wjcs qblcar.

Coafg vbeyif-mtfmxlcu atf kbgx ilra, P regf fcbeut rjk atja fnfgs 100 O vgjkc gfkjgvfv 200 UK.  Pc batfg kbgvr, atf meggfca yemxfa tfiv j nbiewf bo 100 O, atbeut la vlvc’a rffw rb ja olgra uijcmf.

The water in the bucket disappeared once I looked away from it for a while. After checking the bottom of the bucket, I didn’t find any holes. 4Plh7M

As I tilted my head, puzzled, I received a message from God. “Once drawn, the water from the well is designed to fulfill every task you need it for all at once.”

It’s the same principle as the lamp. If I filled a bucket of water, it would automatically fill the water tank in the house. The rank of the “draw water” job was directly linked to the capacity of the water tank, and the capacity could be increased if I met certain conditions.

I was shocked. After all, there was no way 100L of water could fill a bathtub.

When it came to water for daily use, an adult would use a considerable amount. Moreover, thanks to my influence on this house, there’s a flushing toilet instead of an outhouse, and the bathroom had a shower in addition to a bathtub… Yeah, let’s save water from now on. OatnJc

The good news was, I finally understood how the water system worked.

I checked my physical strength meter. It’s decreased to 47.

“So pumping water from the well consumes 2 physical strength…”

I noted that down in my small notebook. 2kKQ9r

Afterward, I cleaned the area around the well and continued to pluck the weeds near the entrance of the house.

I also bought a sickle to increase my efficiency. Such a good purchase. By saving my time and physical strength, I managed to earn 2,000 PT by noon. My progress was greater than I had expected.

“Maybe I should have a meal soon.”

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I still had plenty of physical strength, but I wanted to check on the hero’s condition. nHkQzJ

As I looked at the home screen in front of the front entrance, other than my physical strength, I found that my energy had also decreased for some reason.


A heavenly voice answered my question without a moment of delay. “You will consume energy every time you use tools that require concentration.” It’s actually by text, though.

Tools… So because I used a sickle, my energy was reduced. Huh. no0zWq

With such a mechanism, there would be some tools that I couldn’t handle. I should be careful with my purchases.

I washed my sweaty face with the tap water outside.

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How many years had it been since I’d last weeded a place? Following a long period of toiling under the sun, my shirt was soaked with sweat. After pulling it over my head, I threw the shirt into a basin of water, scrubbing it with my hands. Then I wrung it dry.

Now that I had thought about it, there’s no washing machine in the house. I was stuck hand washing everything. Maybe I could exchange some PT for soap… UGjYge

To dry the shirt, I hung it on the branches of a tree in front of the house. Then I returned to the bedroom to change clothes.

As I was putting on a new shirt, I sneaked a peek at the sleeping hero through the gaps. He hadn’t changed his sleeping position since morning. After almost half a day of hard work and sweating outside, it felt pleasant just relaxing in such a peaceful atmosphere.

“There’s really such a handsome person in the world, huh?”

Fixing his blanket, I studied his face. His eyebrows gave him a strong appearance. His eyelashes were long, his nose was straight, and his lips were thin. All traits pleasant to the eye. AJeCL6

His looks were what people coined “blessed by God.” If I didn’t feel the warmth coming from his skin and see the rise and fall of his chest, I would have thought he was a beautifully crafted doll.

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Come to think of it, there wouldn’t be another opportunity to look at such a good-looking person up close. Once he woke up, I’d ask if I could make a sketch of him. If he would not allow a nude drawing, then I would ask for at least his upper body. His muscles were really beautiful…

After that, I made my way to the living room and ate the onigiri and miso soup I had purchased yesterday.

If this miso soup was the same as the ones back home, then I should be able to make it myself. Should I grow soybeans for the miso? Alright, let’s check out the field in the afternoon! 1cVnf5

When I once again checked the screen on my smartphone, I saw that my physical strength and energy had completely replenished.

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  1. 10,000 likes for the nude sketch!!!!!!!!!

    YES, I see both Minoru and I have our priorities straight!

    Can’t wait for Sig to wake up and meet his wife~

    Thank you as always for blessing us with so much goodness~🌸

  2. Thank you for the chapter, Mii!

    WHOA, asking for a stranger to be a model sure is a brave thing for Minoru to do… Not to mention that stranger is going to be his lover sooner or later… ;)))

    Mueheh, can’t wait to see more of the jobs and the hero waking up soon!

  3. AU where Minoru leaves and begins drawing a new series, under the pseudonym “Araki”….. All of his characters are muscular and based on Sig xD

  4. Hahaha, a nude sketch! Well I can understand. Anyway, this reminds me a lot of Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons games lol. A refreshing idea! 😄

    Thanks for the translations so far! 😊