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It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Chapter 11.2


Translator: mii

Editors: sleepchaser, con M6qgkD

The hero’s cottage stood at the top of a hill.

It was surrounded by forests and fields. A path led from the front of the cottage down to a road that ran alongside the river, with a mountain range visible beyond.

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And said river acted as the boundary of this world.

After accepting Sig’s invitation, I had imagined it to be an easy walk. But it wasn’t anything as relaxing as that. We headed towards the area behind the house first. Past the well and continuing on, we entered the forest and began the climb up the mountain. X9DfOu

It was intense. We were jogging, but it was definitely a different thing altogether to keep a good pace in such a steep area. Once I started to gasp for air, Sig grabbed my hand, letting me leaning on him for support as he scaled the mountain. What’s up with this guy? Why’s he able climb all the way up these slopes without sweating?

“This place should be good,” Sig muttered, announcing that we had arrived at the destination while still keeping a hold on me. We’re finally here, huh? I, whose stumbling feet had already been worn to the bone, took a deep breath as I stepped onto the rocks.

We stood on a large boulder that cut through the mountain ridge. The place from which we had emerged was further up than the surrounding trees, giving us a view of the area below.

Peering down in the direction of the house with Sig by my side, I could make out the field and the mountain stream beyond. On the other side of the river lay a deep, thick forest.


“I discovered this when I walked around yesterday,” said the hero. “Can you see it, Minoru?”

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Without realizing it, I scanned over my surroundings. And I gasped in surprise.

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“All the scenery beyond the river is an illusion. It doesn’t really exist.”

A breath of relief escaped from my lips. It would be bad if after I had purchased the bridge, I ended up reaching that city instead.

“I just want to know if you’re familiar with that city.” Nid5oC

“No, I’ve never seen it before,” I said, shaking my head. From the way he said that, it sounded like he didn’t know the city either.

There wasn’t much to look at other than that city, only rocks and hills as far as the eye could see, and we hopped down from the boulder.

Even so, the illusory city looked real. It might be a mirage of a real city somewhere.

After heading back down the mountain, we followed the road along the river and arrived at the “entrance to the world” where I had gotten lost a few days ago. qs5hPl

As I approached the riverside, the hero grabbed my shoulders from beside me.

“Be careful, Minoru. This river is dangerous.”

He said the same thing as God, with a serious look on his face. Maybe he could sense something sinister from this place, unlike I. I obediently nodded, leaving with him as he pulled my arm.

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“You came here a lot yesterday.” c8Gkfz

My eyes went wide at that unexpected statement. It was true that I had come here yesterday. In fact, I had visited this place many times ever since I had accidentally trespassed on to this world. I never missed a day, holding on to a small hope that I could cross the river some other way. But yesterday especially, I had come numerous times when I was trying to contact God.

So he saw me, huh?

“What are you worried about?” Sig asked, staring straight into my eyes.

Should I tell him the truth? That I was just a “lost child,” and I wanted to get out of this place? uCgkV2

I was at a loss, but after a moment I decided not to say anything. Sig was kind, but nobody liked to know that they had been deceived. In this small world, I didn’t want to lose his trust.

I looked at the other side of the river, thinking about how to dodge the issue.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ah, how about this?

“I’m waiting for other people.” wx7TpX

“No one will come.” Sig’s voice was calm and low. “You should have noticed it as well, right? This place is completely closed-off. There’s only me and you.”

Under the sun, Sig’s eyes occasionally appeared a shade of pink.

“I told you about my job yesterday, right?”

“Yeah, you were asked to take care of me.” yEMW1a

“That’s correct. But other than that, I need to keep the house and field clean…”

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The hero nodded, a serious look on his face. I looked away from those sweet-looking eyes, turning my gaze to the place the bridge used to be.

“Once I finish my job, a bridge will appear right there… Then a wonderful person will cross over and come here.”

I wasn’t lying, of course. Once I crossed the bridge and left, the hero’s bride would arrive at this miniature garden. 0z2yGA

But it’s not like I could just say “your bride is coming soon,” so I ended up giving him a pretty lame response… Would the hero accept that explanation?

I glanced at Sig’s face, sweat clinging to the back of my neck. Those purple eyes never left me, his surprise apparent.

“Cross the bridge… and come here?” Looked like he accepted my answer, no matter how stupid it had sounded.

…Was he really okay? Since yesterday he had believed everything I said without question; this hero was too pure. Even my chest was starting to hurt. AtBJ0G

But hero, I was talking about the bridge just now, so why didn’t you turn that stare at the other side of the river? Why did you instead look at me?

My heart thrashed against my chest. I felt anxious under the scrutiny of those beautiful eyes.

Had I said something bad?

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  1. Minoru….I like you and all, but why make everything so complicated? You are starting to annoy me….

    This is something I really dislike from japanese stories, I guess it’s their culture?, the need to not say things straight.

    I’m someone who likes to be straight-forward, and can’t stand this wishy-washy way of talking. Why didn’t you told him everything from the start? Why don’t you tell him now? What’s wrong with saying “your bride will come soon”?

    You can’t build a relationship, friendship or otherwise, on secrets and half lies. It’s too insincere. THAT is what’ll make people mad at you when they find out, because they WILL find out.

    I didn’t want to complain but I couldn’t help it in the end.

    Anyway I still wonder if Sig thinks the one who’ll come is their future child haha~

    Thank you very much for the chapter~🌸

    (Btw, why can’t we like the chapter or the comments?)

    • 1) it’s a character flaw( though very common but its good for plot devices and making the plot move along)

      2) lets be honest here, nobody is straight forward i mean come on. We always dance around because we are afraid of hurting others or ourself.

      3) “your bride is going to come” is so forced? There wouldn’t be any room for the hero and the girl to slowly sprout romantic feelings

      4) i mean🌚, if after working hard being a hero and dying single and i wake up to find some girl next to me and her telling me that it was actually supposed to be a hot dude Who would take care of me instead, that i was supposed to spend the rest of my retirement with? id be kinda pissed too.

    • Minoru isn’t exactly a strong minded person. And he’s been depressed for a while…he got fired, his pet died, and now he’s stuck in an a different world. He doesn’t know Sig that well and probably doesn’t want to make things awkward. ‘Hey I actually didn’t want to be here, am practically imprisoned, and need to work enough to get the points needed to leave, also a god gave you a bride.’ is a little much lol.

      And there’s a little thing at the top of the site that says why likes have been disabled.

      • I know it’s part of his character and it’s not like I hate him or anything, but I think he should at least tell the most important parts or try to communicate!

        I can tell he’s awful at communication and it bothers me because I feel like a relationship needs communication very much. Hopefully he’ll improve with time, because if they both are this bad at talking then I worry about their future.

  2. Thank you for the chapter!

    *Little Theatre*

    ML: Are you abandoning me, wifey?

    *activates puppy dog eyes*

    MC: *gets hit by a love arrow* Urk-! Too much cuteness! No-!


  3. What a dissapointment for Sig if he thinks Minoru is waiting for someone else when he’s already satisfied with just the both of them in there.

    Thanks for the chapter!