It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!Ch12.1 - Wine (1)


Translator: mii

Editors: sleepchaser, con tYE5dv

How about making a fence along the riverbank?” I said as I placed the miniature chickens in the completed pen, wanting to add that to our future plans. “It would be sad if these chickens fell into the river.”

This kind of physical work was difficult for me to do on my own, and I could only ask the hero for help.

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“That’s right. It’d be bad if something happens,” said Sig, holding a chicken. Then he nodded, his face the picture of seriousness. All the while, his stare never left me. Perhaps in his eyes, I was the one he needed to watch out for, not the chickens.

Was this how dogs felt when their owners gave them free reign to run around? I was… a “pet” after all. 6GghR4

“You assembled this aviary quickly too, didn’t you? As expected, Sig is very skilled. If it were I, I’d take all day.”

“It’s because I’m used to putting things together with what’s available in my original world.”

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I didn’t mean to say something that might annoy him. Luckily, Sig only squinted his eyes. He did not seem irritated.

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Perhaps, Sig’s change was because of our talk about the “bridge.”

Ever since I had mentioned that someone would come once I left, Sig seemed unusually fidgety. I guessed I was right that Sig was unsatisfied living here with just me alone.

I didn’t feel bad since being more open was a positive change for him, but… I did feel a bit complicated.

Two days had passed since Sig awoke. And now, the fifth day since I had been lost in this world was about to end. bI6Ykq

I wanted to take a bath and have a meal, so I asked for Sig’s permission first. Today’s dinner was smoked pork and thick-cut ham, with a side of fried potato. After living with Sig for a while, I’d learned he didn’t eat much at night. So I cut his serving to the size of an appetizer meant to accompany liquor.

Yes, that’s right. I was thinking of having a drink with him tonight.

Maybe since Sig liked drinking alcohol, liquor was available at the PT Exchange Shop. First and foremost, there was no doubt that we needed to start with beer. It was a bit too bitter for my tastes, but Sig drained his cup with satisfaction.

“Sig, do you drink wine?” 8ecGDu

“…We used to drink wine and beer to make up for water.”


So that’s why he still had that expression even after gulping down that much beer. He wasn’t red at all, unlike me, whose face and neck had already gone hot and flushed. Even though I’d only drunk a cup at most.

I took out the bottle from the fridge straight away, pouring it into two glasses. Mine was just enough to wet the whiskers, whereas his was filled to the brim. I placed the glass in front of him. FJy6SD

As soon as I had brought my glass to my lips, I noticed Sig did not move to take his glass. “You don’t like it?” I asked.

Upon closer inspection, his relaxed expression prior had vanished. Not only that, his complexion was pale. Didn’t he just say he drank wine as an alternative to water? So what happened to him?

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I set my glass down onto the table without taking a sip, mind whirling from confusion. Sig turned his gaze from his glass to me. As if the thud of glass meeting table brought him back to his senses.

“Won’t you drink some too?” I asked. EeDgwO

As soon as I had said those words, he flinched. Then he nodded. “Minoru, how old are you?”

Was he asking about my age? Why so sudden?” Still, I didn’t leave him hanging. “I’m twenty-five years old.”

“Twenty-five… Just barely, huh?”

Although he had mumbled, I definitely heard him saying the last part. Wasn’t it too late to worry about the drinking age now? xrQcDX

“In Jap… I mean, in my hometown, I’ve already become an adult a long time ago. So there’s no issue if I drink.”

“…I see. Then it’s rude of me to treat you as a child.” After that, Sig glanced at me as he drained his glass with one gulp.

As I drank from my glass, I noticed his strange uneasiness. Then I turned my attention to my wine. Although the aroma was refreshing, the taste was slightly more bitter than what I had expected.

I shot the hero a glance. Noticed his intense expression. In fact, it seemed he kept his eyes glued on me. Did he not like the taste of the wine? zW6gvm

There had been something weird about him since earlier. I felt like I had flipped a switch that I shouldn’t have without realizing it.

And he had been in such a good mood before noon too… What a headache.

I should probably find out why Sig acted so strange about the bridge and wine.


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